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  1. Ibbison from Ibben

    Endgame for the Kettleblacks?

    Forget the heavy symbolism. Concentrate on simple politics. in the Vale - Oswell Kettleblack All three of his sons have been arrested in KL. He will no doubt expect LF to do something about that. LF is not likely to be interested. He will have Lothor Brune kill Oswell. But remember the power dynamics of LF's people - Brune keeps an eye on Kettleblack, and Kettleblack keeps an eye on Brune. This will free Brune from constraint. He's in love with Mya Stone, and is not all that bad of a chap. He will be open for recruitment to Sansa's developing power base. Plus he's a Brune from Crackclaw Point, and all those Crackclaw Pointers are good dragon men.
  2. Ibbison from Ibben

    [TV Show Spoilers] A theory about the ending.

    Neither of these statements is actually true. Manderly tells Davos that he will pledge himself to Stannis if Davos rescues his "liege lord". Manderly's liege lord is Bran, Manderly knows that Bran survived the Sack of Winterfell, from Wex's story. Manderly knows he is sending Davos after Rickon (due to the absence of Hoder - Manderly was at Winterfell during the Harvest Festival, and is familiar with Hodor's role helping Bran.) Conclusion: Manderly has no intention of pledging himself to Stannis. He is deceiving Davos by using "exact words". We know Littlefinger told Sansa he has arranged a marriage between her and Harry. Harry is a protege of Bronze Yohn Royce, an enemy of Littlefinger. We have no reason to believe that Littlefinger intends that the marriage take place. Harry is a known lech, and Sansa is posing as a bastard. LF tells her she must win Harry over. It reeks of a date rape plot to discredit Harry. Moreover, LF's position in the Vale is as Swetrobin's stepfather and protector. To maintain his position, he needs Sweetrobin to live, or find another alliance. (Perhaps the obscure Arryns of Gulltown.) I would not count on anything from the show to be foreshadowing.
  3. Ibbison from Ibben

    Is Danys story the reason TWOW is delayed?

    I don't think the Dany storyline is the reason for the delay in ADwD. (It was, obviously, for ADwD, largely because GRRM was negligent on his timekeeping. He was hazy and lazy on all matters of time and distance because, well, he's an English major who doesn't like doing math. It came back to bite him in the ass.) Dany's storyline in the books will be fundamentally different than in the show for one simple reason - she won't go back to Meereen. D&D decided to treat Dany the same way they treated Bran - Bran would be the only Stark warg, Dany would be the only significant dragonrider. ASoIaF will have multiple dragonriders, one of which will take care of Meereen. Dany will go to Vaes Dothrak, then straight to Pentos, picking up the khalasars along the way. She will be able to coordinate with Baristan via glass candle, with the help of Quaithe and Marwin. The likely cause of delay would be Bran's storyline. He is the most difficult POV for GRRM to write, but must play a major role in TWoW, since he will need to cover both the rise of magic and the true history of the Others.
  4. Ibbison from Ibben

    Did Bran Go Back in Time in ACoK?

    I simply cannot understand why readers don't understand this issue. There is no time travel. There is no time travel. There is no time travel. (PS - There is no time travel.) In ACoK, Bran VIII (as noted above), Bran clearly states he "touched Ghost and talked to Jon." No reason to doubt this statement exists. It happened, and it happened while Bran hid in the Winterfell crypts. The only anomaly is that in Jon's POV, Jon (while inadvertently warging Ghost) sees a Bran-shaped weirwood instead of Bran. OK. That's rather odd, but we have seen so few weirwood visions at this point that we have no basis for comparison. In AGoT Bran III, we see Bran's view of his dream where the 3EC appears. Later, in ACoK, Jojen reports that he dreamed of a three-eyed crow. In ADwD Bran II, when Bran first meets Bloodraven, he asks BR if he is the 3EC. Bloodraven doesn't understand the question. Conclusion - Bloodraven is not aware that he appears as a crow with three eyes to Bran and Jojen when he contacts then via dream. Likewise, Bran shows no awareness that he appeared as a weirwood sapling to Ghost/Jon when he contacted them. Apparently this is how weirwood dreams work. Those who contact others by dream appear in those dreams as an avatar that they are not aware of. Others have referred to this as the "dream avatar hypothesis". Call it what you will. It seems to be the most parsimonious description. Time was fully linear. When Bran attempts to contact someone via dream, he just happens to appear as a weirwood tree. (See the opening of the "Mercy" chapter for another instance.)
  5. Ibbison from Ibben

    Who's the worst human being, Tywin Lannister or Roose Bolton

    Roose commits atrocities, but advocates discretion and moderation while doing so. Tywin also commits atrocities, but was one of the most effective administrators in the history of Westeros. Many commoners considered the reign of Aerys II a golden age of peace and prosperity, largely due to Tywin's actions. There are many powerful people in the series that are far worse than either Roose or Tywin, but Tywin's atrocities were calculated, while Rosse's were for pleasure. I would rather live under Tywin.
  6. Ibbison from Ibben

    the honeyed locusts...

    Strong Belwas was previously a pit fighter in Meereen. He has one rather peculiar personality trait that is amply demonstrated throughout the series - he loudly proclaims what his favorite foods are. Any native of Meereen familiar with pit fighting would likely know that Belwas loved spicy honeyed locusts. Any native of Meereen would also know that Daenerys despised Slaver's Bay cuisine. If someone was truly trying to poison Dany, locusts would be the last dish they would try. Belwas was the target of the poisoner(s). The likely perpetrators were the women of House Pahl, which is now extinct in the male line, partly due to Belwas. It is well known that poison is a woman's weapon, after all.
  7. Ibbison from Ibben

    Songs that Make Us Think of A Song of Ice and Fire

    The ultimate Sansa song - Whitney Houston's "I Wanna Dance With Somebody" And of course Elton John's "Lizard Lion Rock" for Meera Reed.
  8. Ibbison from Ibben

    ASoIaF character poll

    1 54 2. male 3. Meera Reed 4. Aeron Greyjoy
  9. Ibbison from Ibben

    POLL: Will you continue to read the books if _________

    Depends on the death, actually. If I feel that a truly valuable character got killed off cheaply, I might give up. (It's really hard to get me to give up on a series, but Malazan managed it.) I don't expect cheap deaths for major characters from GRRM, but I'm not confident he can finish the series well. If he had a good grip on his story, he would have finished by now.
  10. Ibbison from Ibben

    Poll x2: Will Sandor Slay Robert Strong? ...or Slay A Dragon?

    Q1 - No. Sandor may not be a POV character, but he is a dynamic character, one who changes throughout the story. He hit rock bottom when he begged Arya to kill him and she refused. He has begun to recover. He will never be truly at peace, but to continue his growth he must reject his vendetta against his brother. Gregor isn't worth a vendetta. Q2 - No. (for the time being) Sandor will die heroically, but he will likely be killed by ice, for the sake of irony. I will remain open-minded on this issue, though.
  11. Ibbison from Ibben

    Poll: Did Summer See a Dragon?

    No. Summer, under the influence of Bran, had a vision that referred to Meera. As to the possible presence of dragon eggs in Winterfell from the time of the Dance, I would contend that people aren't thinking things through properly. A dragon in Winterfell would be an incredibly rare (and possibly dangerous) event - Vermax would have been watched every second. Jace, however, was a teenager on his first long trip away from home. Cregan Stark undoubtedly was a properly gracious host, and provided the young prince with a bedwarmer. Dragon eggs were not left at Winterfell. Dragon seed was.
  12. You got it right with the top line. The Princess of Dragonflies - Meera Reed. (Thank you for including her in the poll. She is perhaps the most overlooked character in the series.)
  13. Ibbison from Ibben

    Predict her future: Penny

    Penny is the valonqar. The Sealord of Braavos owes her a favor. That favor will be Cersei's death.
  14. Ibbison from Ibben

    Poll. Is Bran ever leaving the cave?

    My opinion on this question is well established, and hasn't changed. Not only will Bran leave the cave, but as of the end of Dance he already has.
  15. Ibbison from Ibben

    Poll: Is Sweetrobin the Son of Littlefinger?

    No. Given Lysa's wedding night performance in Storm, if LF really was Sweetrobin's father everyone in the Red Keep and half of King's Landing would have known. The better poll question would be - is LF really that good in bed? If he is, how does that affect Sansa's story?