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  1. Ibbison from Ibben

    Shade of the evening.

    Those trees that Shade of the Evening is made from are one of the most underestimated mysteries of the series, IMO. (They need a name. I have suggested "Shadewoods" on several occasions, but it has never caught on.) Black trunks and blue leaves - complimentary and opposite to the red and white weirwoods. And who are those little mini-dwarf servitors at the HotU? Are they supposed to be complimentary and opposite to the CotF? Were the Undying themselves complimentary and opposite to the Green Men of the Isle of Faces? Many people think Bloodraven contacted Euron Greyjoy when he was a boy via dream. What if was someone from the other side - the shadewood side?
  2. Ibbison from Ibben

    TWoW Prologue POV

    Just getting a look inside Casterly Rock will be interesting. We may get a look at the Stone Garden, the Hall of Heroes, and many other places at the Rock that will help us understand House Lannister. We might lean more about Lann the Clever, and that could foreshadow future events. We may get to hear conversations with various people of Casterly Rock that will shine light on the past and current state of the Lannisters. We could get tidbits about Joanna. We might hear their opinions of Tywin, Cersei, Jaime, Tyrion, and Kervan. We could hear about the current state of the Westerlands. The Lannisters were the first to mobilize - they have been fighting longer than any other house. How exhausted are they, how many men have they lost, how much damage did Robb do to them? Are they prepared for winter? We would also get inside Sybell's head, and learn about the negotiations between her and Tywin. We could also learn about the potions she used, and perhaps about the magics her grandmother Maggy the Frog was capable of, thus giving us clues about the nature of magic in the East. A Sybell POV prologue would be chock full of juicy infodumps.
  3. Ibbison from Ibben

    TWoW Prologue POV

    The Prologue will be set at Casterly Rock, with Sybell Spicer-Westerling as POV. When she tells her daughter Jeyne Stark about the love potions she gave to her and Robb, Jeyne will push her mother over the edge of the Rock to her death.
  4. Ibbison from Ibben

    First Bran chapter in TWOW

    Sansa's Closet in Feast suggests a marriage to Patrek Mallister. That blue and silver dress would look great on her. A political marriage, like her mother's. She's in love with the Hound, who will of course die heroically. Bats are the sigil of House Whent, which was the House of her maternal grandmother. The CotF cave had a ton of giant cave bat skeletons hanging in it. House Tyrell. Although the CotF Earth Singers seem to understand the idea of balance. For life to have a chance, no single element can dominate. That's what the Old Gods religion is about. The Last hero was a Dayne. The proto-Starks and the proto-Others were one and the same. The Last Hero convinced Brandon the Builder to turn his cloak. Jon's role as The Prince Who Was Promised is not to defeat the Others. That will be a byproduct of his actions. His job is to take that vast concentration of fire magic still hovering around Valyria and that vast concentration of Ice magic in the North and get them to cancel each other out. That will heal the planet and restore the seasons to normal.
  5. Ibbison from Ibben

    First Bran chapter in TWOW

    Frankly, I disagree with you on almost every point, I'm afraid. Catelyn Stark is a Riverlands girl, and still feels out of place in the North. Euron isn't a sorcerer. He has a hostage Warlock (Pyat Pree) working for him. Although his use of Shade of the Evening allows him to mind rape people. The CotF did not practice water magic - they Sing the Song of Earth. The Ironborn are a bunch of drunken idiots, whose magic consists of intermediate level first aid. Many who their priests have "drowned" have no doubt suffered brain damage. Valyria wasn't destroyed by magical creatures from the deep. It was destroyed by a massive magical backlash when their mages lost control of their sources of power, the Fouteen Flames. It is well documented that the First Men did not originally worship the Old Gods of the CotF. They adopted the CotF's religion after the Pact .The Ironborn are a holdout. Compare them to the Sistermen and the Storm's End origin story and you get this - source----------sea deity-----wind (storm) deity-----relationship Storm's End-----male------------female---------------mates--- Three Sisters----female-----------male----------------mates--- Iron Islands------male------------male---------------enemies-- This may give us some hints as to the original religion of the First Men. You could make a sound case that the Ironborn and the Sistermen, being on the periphery of Westeros, rejected the CotF religion. Elemental forces in ASoIaF come in opposite and complementary pairs - ice and fire, earth and water, storm and sea. When Ice and Fire magics meet, they do not create water - they cancel each other out. The Rise of Valyria ( a massive seizure of fire magic by the Valyrians) enabled the Rise of the Others by freeing an equal amount of Ice magic. Don't think matter and antimatter - think positive and negative ions. In the end, this is the Song of Ice and Fire, not a story of Lovecraftian Eldritch Abominations. Euron and the Ironborn are a (rather pathetic) sideshow, tossed into the mix for the same reason time travel elements were tossed into Bran's story - because GRRM decided to add a little bit of everything. Both were probably mistakes. If Cthulu shows up, he'll just get sent back to bed.
  6. Ibbison from Ibben

    Poll: Is Quentyn, Called 'Frog', Still Alive?

    Dragons may sometimes be victorious against dragonslayers, but frogs rarely survive frogslayers. Quentyn fell to Rhaegal, a frogslayer with bronze eyes and green scales. Curiously, in Westeros there is a frogslayer with green eyes and bronze scales - Meera Reed. And the sigil of House Marsh is a field of gold with ten green frogs, 4-3-2-1. Foreshadowing, perhaps?
  7. Ibbison from Ibben

    First Bran chapter in TWOW

    In FeastDance, Arya has 5 chapters, Sansa has 3, and Bran has 3. Pretty equal. Bran doesn't spin his wheels - he becomes a greenseer who may be the most powerful human greenseer ever. His potential is massive. Arya may have had quite a few chapters in Storm, but she was merely an observer and victim. She didn't drive the story. Dany is Fire. Bran is Ice. Jon is Ice and Fire. I have no idea why you include Euron, who openly proclaims himself to be a Storm - the enemy of the Ironborn. Chapter counts don't necessarily reflect the basic elemental themes underlying the story, or the impact a character can have at the end of the story.. Tyrion cuts across all the storylines. Arya is our window into the fate of the commoners. Arya - her father a Stark (Ice), her mother a Tully (Water). She's a water dancer who hangs out in the Riverlands before relocating to a city of canals. Sansa, her sister, is her opposite. She is the little bird who hangs out with her cousin the Falcon Lord in the Eyrie. An Air elemental, reflecting her grandmother from House Whent. (Yeah, she will evenyually warg giant cave bats.) In the end, this work is the Song of Ice and Fire. Elemental factors will become more prominent as the tale reaches its climax. And Bran, the head of House Stark, represents Ice. Of course, the origins of House Stark, the life of Brandon the Builder, and their relationship to the Others is perhaps the greatest mystery in the books.
  8. Ibbison from Ibben

    For the record... and posterity!

    and fAegon is a Blackfyre.
  9. Ibbison from Ibben

    For the record... and posterity!

    I'll play. for the record 1. R+L=J 2. Tyrion is a Hillfyre, and will ride a dragon. 3. not sure 4. Mance wrote the PL, assisted by a northern lord and mailed by Whoresbane Umber. 5. The Red door is on Dragonstone - the door to the main hall. 6. The girls of the Happy Port are not related to any significant characters. 7. Theon will not be executed at all. other insights, for the record. A Dragonfly Among the Reeds is true. Mance is a Brightflame, the grandson of Maegor. (Cloaks=Identity, folks.) Ser Shadrick the Mad Mouse is the bastard son of Reynard Reyne. That will do for now,
  10. Ibbison from Ibben

    First Bran chapter in TWOW

    The Battle of Ice at the crofter's village will be told via a Theon or Asha POV. (This is confirmed. GRRM posted a pic of himself typing at his desk, and the text was readable. It was about one paragraph from early in the battle. I won't spoil the one tidbit that was revealed.) Bran may very well see what happens in Winterfell through the heart tree. It could be part of the first chapter, part of a later chapter, or could be told as part of a flashback. But we are still faced with the fact that Bran had 3 POV chapters in the first half of Dance, and none thereafter. It seems likely that GRRM did this deliberately to conceal part of Bran's story for dramatic purposes. Bran showing up at Castle Black immediately after Jon's assassination would make for one hell of an entrance, you have to admit.
  11. Ibbison from Ibben

    First Bran chapter in TWOW

    Sorry for the delay in replying. I am an infrequent visitor here anymore. But to answer your question- At the end of Clash, GRRM had published 14 Bran POV chapters. At that point, that was only 1 less than Dany or Arya, only 3 less than Jon, and only 4 less than Catelyn. Tyrion led at 24. The reasons for the dearth of Bran chapters are twofold. 1 - Bran is the toughest POV for GRRM to write, being the youngest and the most involved with magic. 2 - The abandonment of the Five Year Gap forced GRRM to put all three Stark kids on the shelf during FeastDance as they aged and trained. Not to mention that GRRM may be keeping Bran offstage for dramatic reasons during the last half of Dance. Note - Although Bran only had 3 POV chapters in Dance, his voice appears in three Theon chapters. Note Note - Songs are Power. Dany sings the Song of Fire, as all Valyrians did. Being a Stark, the former Kings of Winter, Bran will sing the Song of Ice, although he is being trained by Earth Singers. Jon will sing the Songs of both Ice and Fire, once he learns of his ancestry. He is the balance point between the two.
  12. Ibbison from Ibben

    What's going to fill the largest part in TWOW?

    In the books, Dany won't return to Meereen. Here's a quote from GRRM's June 26, 2014 interview with EW's James Hibbard. The obvious implication is that they will communicate via glass candle, courtesy of Quaithe and Marwyn. Dany had to go back to Meereen in the show because Dan and Dave made the same decision with her as they did with Bran - Bran would be the only Stark warg, Dany would be the only dragonrider. In the books, there will be other dragonriders, and one of them will take care of Meereen. Dany will meet the Dosh Khaleen, somehow take over, and head west overland, picking up khalasars as she goes. (The idea of transporting even a small khalasar for a long distance by sea is a joke to start with. Dothraki herd horses for a living, surviving off meat and milk. Each warrior owns many horses. Even a small khalasar of 10,000 would have 100,000+ horses. The shipping of the time can't handle that for a long voyage.) Tyrion, Barristan, and company will capture ships and pull out of Meereen immediately after the Battle of Fire, leaving Dany's children behind with the message of "Time to Grow Up.." They will meet Dany in Pentos. (That's the reason for the Pentos subplot.) Expect them to land on Dragonstone at the end of Winds, thus setting up the Wrong Way Dany story. To answer the OP - Winds will give us lots of angsty Jon/Ghost, lots of fast talking Tyrion, and lots of idiots in King's Landing. (Cersei, Mace, Arianne.) But in the end, ASoIaF so far has been about rulers who gain power, then fail. Game = Eddard. Clash = Tyrion. Storm = Robb and Tywin. FeastDance = Cersei, Jon, and Dany. Winds will mark the final fatal failures of Stannis and Doran.
  13. Ibbison from Ibben

    What are you least looking forward to?

    Put me down as one more vote for the Dothraki. When I read Dance for the first time, I literally groaned at the end of Dany X when the Dothraki showed up. I'm sure something magical and interesting will happen when Dany gets to Vaes Dothrak and meets the Dosh Khaleen, but other than that I have trouble caring.
  14. Ibbison from Ibben

    Euron's Plan after Oldtown

    It will be easy pickings. All the Dornish forces are concentrated in the two passes. Crows aren't picky about what corpses they feast on. Any corpse will do. Euron thinks all of Westeros is dying and wants to feast on all of it.
  15. Ibbison from Ibben

    Euron's Plan after Oldtown

    Though he will win the upcoming battle in the Redwine Straits, Euron will not attack Oldtown. Raiders like the Ironborn make use of mobility to achieve surprise and attack weakness. Oldtown is now fully alerted and prepared. Euron will attack Sunspear.