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  1. Euron seems like he wouldn't have much problem with the ladies. That bastard girl is all over him after he takes her father's castle on the Shields, and I don't imagine his bastards came from rape (why would he go back 9 months later to collect the kid after raping some random woman in a foreign land?). The Kingsmoot showed his charisma. When you consider that the woman was a "salt wife," kidnapped by big, dumb, no-game Victarion, it's not hard to see how she'd come to Euron willingly.
  2. They keep denying Roose his best lines. At this point I fear we'll never get to see "rue the day I raped your mother..." :frown5:
  3. If they poisoned the pie they would have been planning on mass murder, not just offing Joffrey
  4. But no "rue the day i raped your mother..." :crying: C'mon GRRM, quit cutting out your best material!
  5. I agree with everything here except about Bran. I think most of his scenes so far have been useless and boring
  6. Because allies beyond the Wall are useful. The NW doesn't have a responsibility to Craster's wives/daughters, only to the "realm" South of the Wall. And violating Guest Right is taboo no matter how shitty your host is
  7. Except Blackfish didn't act like such a douche in the books - he comforted Edmure for missing, and kindly offered to take the shot
  8. Anyone know what's this xbox smartglass business? Can I not watch on my Xbox's HBO GO unless i download ANOTHER app now?
  9. In the books Renly was OK with Robb calling himself "King in the North," as long as he still bent the knee and pledged his fealty to the Iron Throne once Renly won. This didn't really make sense to me (I've never heard of a historical situation where a King ruled over another King - Renly would have to be Emperor or something) but I guess they kept it the same in the show
  10. It was very good, and it illustrated the impossible situation Theon is in now. By burning it he closed the door on his connection to the Starks forever
  11. I liked that part. Theon's arrogance/cockiness seems to be toned down a bit for the show Though some of Asha's cruel remarks toward him seem forced.
  12. God, must people hate on everything new? Davos and Sall were great in this episode. Yara is a good fit as well. Warrior women shouldnt be beautiful - she was sexy, which is all that matters as far as her looks are concerned. And she played the role well
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