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  1. I was wondering ... just wondering ... if you are someone I have met before over a different series altogether who also share my taste for this series.  If you are, I would love to hear from you.  If not, no problem either and glad to meet you 

  2. i see him more as qyburn than doran but denis lawson would be a perfect doran and the two actresses who i think could be the most wonderful choices for the queen of thorns would be either maggie smith or vanessa redgrave
  3. barbara mori for arianne martell?? or one of the sand snakes...
  4. *It reminds me a little of Sansa and Sandor: I did not believe because I could not see, though you came to me in the night. When the dawn seemed forever lost, you showed me your love in the light of the stars… Cast your eyes on the ocean; cast your soul to the sea. When the dark night seems endless, please remember me… Then the mountain rose before me, by the deep well of desire. From the fountain of forgiveness, beyond the ice and the fire… Though we share this humble path...

    1. Caro99


      how fragile is the heart...

      - Part of Dante's Prayer by Loreena McKennitt. A wonderful song! :)

  5. well, i tried with gravatar but it still isn't working, so i guess i'l just have to keep on trying. still, thanks! :)
  6. i joined westeros.org last year and had kept the same avatar since. but this morning i wanted to change it, and now i can't either upload a new photo from my files nor link one from the internet! and i don't even have my old pic now :( i hope i made sense and please help. it's sad not to have an avatar...
  7. A really good episode to wrap up the season with! Even if it had some wired little details, in the end I liked it a lot! *The HotU may not have been as epic as in the books, but the visions they showed us were really cool. I love the one in the throne room best I think, and the dragons were so cute <3 I liked the KL’s scenes and the winterfell scenes the best. Such good acting in both (I was crying when luwin died and with that last shot of winterfell burning to the ground) and sansa rocked here! Sophie turner can really act! And then she smiled, and LF had to come and ruin it all, while being creepy and stealing dontos and the hound’s lines again! But aiden gillen’s performance was as good as in the 1st season, I think in this episode. *Tyrion/shae, arya/jaqen, danny/jorah, pyecelle/tyrion, brienne/Jaime, I loved them all! And even if I don’t like talisa/robb, I liked the secret wedding scene even if robb married under the 7 i guess cause it reminded me of the one from braveheart. to me it looked like the secret arturian weddings or something. *The only things that bothered me are just how different they’ve changed the relationship between cat and robb. & also 2 small thing swith jon: there was no ghost and I would have liked for him to recite the night watch’s words as he descended the cliff to make it clearer he really isn’t a turncloak. It’s so sad it’s ended so quickly! L can’t wait for next year already!!!
  8. This was just such an epic brilliant episode which surpassed my expectations!! Cheers hbo you did a beautiful job!!! And george of course wrote pure gold! The actors delivered as we all knew they would and it was just beyond greatnes x) loved cersei drunk with sansa and tommen and lancel. Loved tyrion and sandor/bronn and sansa/joff's sword, stannis, davos everyone was brilliant. Even shae and pod! But as a devoted lover of san/san I was amazed by rory's work tonight and of sophie's. Every scene they were in was fantastoc! The hound even told joff what he deserbed and got away with it! Yes!! And now about the san/san moment: sandor's face as he wants to make sansa see that men are bad was just like the sandor in the books in that scene on the rooftop before the battle. And sansa's face as she asks him if he won't harm her was making me cry (if she had just cupped his cheek then I would forgive a little the lack of song and white cloak abscence) but I liked how they put the doll ned gave her in the scene for 2 reasons. Ned wanted to marry sansa to someone who was brave and gentle and strong and sandor is all those things.. And also cause so far ned was I guess to sansa the main guy in her heart or something, and she had felt safe with her dad, but to see her sort of leaving the doll behind to follow sandor just hints at my hopefuly heart that this scenario will repeat itself in later books were alayne stone or sansa as a queen in the north sort of thing does not know who to trust only to have sandor coming back and her recalling he will never hurt her <3 I have to watch it again and write this from somewhere that's not my phone though
  9. i liked all the King's Landing scenes, and this was the first episode that made me like asha. overall it was a good episode, since i could feel the anticipation from tyrion and cersei and varys and bronn about the up.coming epic battle... is it sunday yet??!
  10. - even if he is now a kinslayer, i loved jaime here!all of his lines were perfect!! and cat, her acting was so good, but if the northmen got crazy for what jaime did to karstark, then imagine what they'll do when next episode starts. i both feel for cat then, and yet want to see brienne/jaime start!! -theon... yeah i am not symphatizing with his characater the way i did last week. tonight i really didn't like him. - dany, well, i didn't like her either that much tonight. but pyat pree was great! so spooky, and i feel so sad for ser jorah! :( - yrgitte is sooo funny! i can't wait for S3 if tonight was just a taste of what's to come between her and jon! but where is qhorin?? i'm not sure if i am liking this changes to the story. - tywin/arya, they may not be in the books, but i like this odd bond they've created. - and now to sansa and sandor!! that 1st scene with them was great!! love to see they are showing the nasty hound from the books! and it was great to hear him say that he did plan to stay and protect her in KL... until the blackwater that is. they've changed their story so much i am not sure what to hope for on that episode! and about sansa's moonblood. sophie turner is such a talented young actress, it is known! & no sure what to think of it, but i like shae now. i guess that poor sansa will have yet another reason in S3 to be miserable about when she is married to tyrion: her handmaiden going sour on her.. and though it was weird to see sandor in the room (can't imagine who was more embarrased over the situation) i like that he was the 1st man to see her after this important change cause maybe it will mean a foreshadowing for something in the following books?? the cerseri/sansa scene was as good as in the books. and even if i liked the tyrion/cersei scene, gosh they've really cahnged cersei!!!
  11. gods, i was feeling so sad with the whole taking winterfell scene and then with ser rodrik being killed- but the way alfie allen portrayed theon here made me feel even more symphatetic to him i guess cause of the whole reek business..... specially now that ramsay has been confirmed! ygritte was also wonderful- liked her better than in the books, and i was okay with the tywin opening up to his cup-bearer, i guess. i didn't mind that much about dany's story in this episode apart from the "who has the dragons now?" issue. But San/San was jsut wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! of course that watching sansa almost being raped was horrible, but the way sandor saved her- epic, and he finally said LB! oh gods, and it was great to see that we will have another moment with these two next week :D about shae/sansa... i like it cause it will mean trouble once sansa gets married to tyrion, (i'm sure their marriage won't be ignored the way san/san was up till this episode) so S3 will have some tension between these 3 people.. but i didn't like it cause sansa does not trust her maids in the books- she only comes to trust to a point both sandor and dontos, but her handmaidens! still, not that bothered about it.
  12. gave it a 10 cause they finally gave us some wonderful San/San moments!!!!!!!! but ygritte and tyrion and theon and joff helped. they were amazing!
  13. hey Maroucia, you must see the episode, it's really good! the reason why he didn't say enough i think was cause the scene in itself was just too quick. if he had, then there would've had to be a reaction of joff and the whole court as to why the Hound said that... but that's just my opinion. i do think it was a good san/san episode. of course, we would love to have more on-screen time with these two, but the show did manage to do (again, in my opinion) something better than in the book. when tyrion orders someone to give sansa something to cover herself with, instead of the Hound just throwing the white cloak at sansa as in the book, we see Sandor walk towards sansa and "casually" wrap the cloak around her. it's just seems more intimate and nice to me :) hope that satisfies your curiosity for now. there is another scene with joff and the hound alone, really quick, as well.
  14. sooo many things in this episode!! aww, well harrenhal and warth surpassed my expectations. those 1st looks were beautiful- right out of LotR and an arabic oasis(can't wait what they'll do with dorne). roose and talisa & the thirtheen were much better than what i thought they would be. stannis and renly did great and LF- poor guy: 4 episodes in & he's already been let down by Ross, whom he seemed to have favoured over the others, by the promise of having Harrenhal, Joff treating his "girls" in a horrid manner, almost killed by Cersei, and rejected yet again by Cat. i would be inclined to feel sorry for him if he hadn't helped killed Ned, but these are the consequences! B) the shadow baby and the torture of that cute man with the rat by the tickler were so sick and yet i couldn't look away. loved tyrion with lancel and tywin with arya. i like the dynamic of having her be his future cupbearer. i wonder for a moment though how will they handle arya not asking jaqen to kill tywin when he is the main lannister. i mean, she served roose bolton but that was before he betrayed Robb. joff and the prostitues was really horrid. but i guess that's what would've happened in the books once he got himself in that position. but i really felt for ross and the other girl. :frown5: but my favorite part was sansa and the hound :wub: YES, yes yes!! he may not have said "enough" but he did wrapped his cloak around her :D :bowdown: :love: considering cloak symbolism in westeros- they are bound to be together one day..! anyways... sophie and jack acted superbly here. i was so excited about this scene and then tyrion came in and then sandor went to cover poor sansa with the cloak. i supposed it is necessary, but i didn't like the impression i got of tyrion admiring sansa as she leaves the room. she certainly looked as a queen as she tried to muster her dignity, but tyrion in the books never seems to admire her (sorry, not a tyrion/sansa shipper) Rory also did a very good job in this episode. i got the impression the hound was pretending to be urging joff into the room with ross cause he must have been hoping that now joff would be directing his anger/malice to someone who wasn't his little bird :)
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