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  1. http://georgerrmartin.com/notablog/ read his last two posts... He talks about the tv show and the book... and is kinda stating Newzealand can lock him up if its not finished by their com com next year
  2. Did you see Georges new "Not a blog" post... now I'm getting excited
  3. Flightless bird

    [TV Show Spoilers] A theory about the ending.

    Brans arc is tied into the werewoods, to see the past he has to look through the werewood net... how do you suppose this would work for him and his beliefs in the south where there is no werewood trees.
  4. Flightless bird

    What binds people together (?)

    The ability to empathise... I'm not looking at people but animals what brings herds, packs, prides, pods etc etc together, it's not religion... but the ability to feel empathy, to feel compassion for each other, to be able to communicate and have understanding. It doesn't matter if it's religion, politics, sport, family these four topics are vital for every subject
  5. Flightless bird

    I really like what Drogon did but...

    In the books George mentions there being differnet strengths with Wargs, all the Starks are wargs, Sansa I think is the weakest her bond with Lady was an empathic one, sharing similar personalities and feeling emotions. All the wolves personalities reflected their masters, Wild rickon and Shaggydog. Robb could control Greywind without words. Jon, Arya and Bran being the stronger wargs all see throught their wolves eyes, they know where their wolves are, they control the wolves without words, feel each others emotions. Arya bonds with two animals Nymeria and a cat, when blind in Bravos she knows where Nymeria is, she knows about the huge pack following her, she directed the wolf to drag Catelyns body out of the river but didnt let her eat it... etc etc... When a Warg dies their sole doesn't disappear they go into their beast, eventually the human sole becomes more animalistic the longer they remain in the beast until there is very little left... I personally think this is where Jon is in the books (inside Ghost) until he gets risen again. A warged Animal can only have one master at a time.... I've often wondered about the bond between dragon and rider, is this connection similar or the same as the warg., a dragon will only take one rider (master) at a time, the same as a warg beast. Dragons are controlled mentally (like a warg animals are). Do dragons feel their riders emotions like warged beasts do? if so drogon would of known if danny was scared and why (like he did in the fighting pit in Meereen), and Jon didn't scare her he made her happy. If the bond between dragon and rider is similar to wargs and their beasts.. its very likely he knew her desires, dreams and thoughts (The Iron Throne being a big one, taking up a lot of Dannys thoughts over years). Just a curious theory
  6. And all Jons sacrifices too including his life, fighting the armies of the dead... and sacrificing Dany... Brans final words to him werejust cold, like they where just tools being manipulated. No even a mention of Jons linage... which seemed kinda important for Bran to find out in the first place
  7. This is classic!... hahahaha
  8. So the moral of the story is... those who do nothing get all the rewards... and those that fight tooth and nail and make the biggest sacrifices get punished and shunned... i think this is just tragic. Sansa did nothing to save the kingdom and become Queen... Bronn does nothing to save the kingdom and gets all the gold and highgarden... Bran did nothing but stare at people and becomes king... Sam did very little in the battle of winterfell and nothing for the battle of kinglanding and becomes Maestar of Kings landing (did his night watch vows get forgotten) ... Jon sacrifices everything including his life to save the north, he did everything in his power to stop danny being another tyrant, He gets shunned and punished for all his actions. Arya just disappears on a boat. Tyrion and Brienne had the only good finishing arcs in this story.
  9. Flightless bird

    Why was Bran looking for Drogon?

    warging creatures, seeing the memories though trees and greenseer dreams (seeing the future) are all different abilities... the greenseer ability is random dreams like jojen had, you dont really get to pick and choose the dreams
  10. Flightless bird

    Why was Bran looking for Drogon?

    Doesn't Bran need the werewood net to see... or his warged ravins.. theres no werewoods in the south it doesn't make much sense.. why did the 3eyed ravens hide in the north under werewood trees if they don't need them to see..
  11. Flightless bird

    Why was Bran looking for Drogon?

    Why do you guys think Bran was looking for Drogon?
  12. Flightless bird

    Jon & Drogon

    I think he felt Jons emotion (because hes a targ).. Jon wasn't vengeful and angry and murderous.. but heart broken, moarning and sad
  13. Flightless bird

    This ending is nothing but Bitter

    If what people are saying on this thread and Bran ends up on the thrones, that just doesn't make any sense? "I'm not the lord of Winterfell, I'm not a lord of anything" being repeatedly said by Bran. "You don't want to be me, I mainly live in the past" Didn't they cut down all the Werewood trees in the south (apart from a few mentioned in the books, which aren't relevant in the show). Why would he go south, where his powers of seeing throught the werewood net would be null and void. If Bran ends up in power thats just the worst possible ending, and a huge condradiction to his character arc.
  14. Flightless bird

    Books vs Show: How much difference?

    I would like a better understanding of the prophecys "the dragon must have three heads"... "Azor Ahai"... "To go north, you must go south...".... "The prince that was promised"... "A song of Ice and Fire"... I'm just naming a few.. these to me, feel unanswered by the tv show. The I want to see the Wargs at their full potential, and like George stated, all the Starks are Wargs to some degree, I want to see Jon, Arya, Bran and Rickon use this ability to it's full capacity. I always felt like the show gave Bran a superpower but killed it before we had the potential to see it fully used. If Jon survives, I want to see him proper bonded with a dragon, like it would be in the books.. No way would a bonded dragon head off with someone else (like Rhaegal did with Danny). I'm looking forward to how Rickon, Victorians and fAegon storylines will play out and merge with the original story. We still have the Dornish to consider and they are siding with fAegon at the moment. Rickon should be on Skagos (with the unicorn things and cannibles) about to be found by Davos. Creepy Victorian has the dragon binder horn and is just arriving at Meereen. To me I don't know who is worse out of the Greyjoy brothers Victorian or Euron. Books have a beginning, a middle and an end.. I don't read books solely for the end, its how we get there that makes a good story.. the ends might be similar.. but if we look at Georges original draftlines for the books, and how much he has changed the story since then the end might be similar but i think there is too many varibles for it to be the same.
  15. Flightless bird

    Prediction for finale

    All that archery practise Arya has been doing, I think she's taking someone out of the game, either greyworm or shooting Drogon in the eye.. I think Jon will kill Danny... I really hope Sansa (the betrayer of secrets and untrustworthy) does not end up on the throne... that would be devastating