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  1. If you did not enjoy this episode, turn off your TV and don't turn it back on. You are either a) A miserable person or B) A shill for showtime
  2. wait, wait, really? You had a problem with Arya's "other girls are stupid" comment? I just don't understand why everything needs to be viewed through some obscure, fluctuating feminist lens by some of the posters here. For one, aren't the other girls she's talking about the submissive, patriarch following "ladies". See, I would consider that a pro strong women statement.
  3. Pumped at the lil mention of Balon Swann. I was hoping they would have introduced at least him and Mandon to make the Blackwater that much more intense and interesting. To know some of the key fighters and leaders would be cool...
  4. With SOS across 2 seasons it's going to seem weird for Bran's travel from Winterfell to the wall to take 2-3 seasons after the viewers are used to characters moving from any part of the kingdoms to another in a single episode.
  5. My guess is that Littlefinger took the dragons. I mean, he's been off screen for what? 30 minutes? He's bound to turn up in Qarth or maybe Jon will have to kill him to prove himself a wildling.
  6. Good ep fer the most part. The high septon zombie thing would've made sense if they just had rocks and whatnot in their hands.
  7. Oof. A generous 6. I should rewatch all the Dany scenes, because I'm pretty sure she screams about taking back what is hers and destroying shit in every one. I wonder if show-only fans notice the ridiculousness of those statements.
  8. If they're cutting characters (which they need to a lil, at least down the line) I could see Aeron first up. By far the most boring Iron Islander, almost ruined that subplot for me. Anyway, did they recast Loras or did he just put on a lot of mass?
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