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  1. Remember, all of the builders were left behind with the vast majority of stewards along with I'm sure at least some rangers as well. And all are trained to fight in some capacity.
  2. I like this kid. Mostly.
  3. I'm disappointed that this episode wasn't word for word identical to the book. That alone could have avoided the homo scene with Renly and Loras since that wasn't in the book. Also, ew. Homo's. Also, how do you pronounce "Robb?" I thought Catelyn's accent was way off when she said 'Robb.' This shit is important. And seriously? No Hot Pie shouting "Hot Pie?" I may not even watch next week. If this television drama wasn't so damned good, I might just give up on this utter failure of an entertaining adaptation. ETA: Margarey needs bigger tits, it goes without saying. No one will fall for her bullshit otherwise.
  4. I feel you. I did much the same. Be careful, no one calls me Heather John anymore.
  5. You don't need to do anything. But it sounds like you had some negative experience here or something and I don't know how to address that under such inscrutable circumstance. Anyway, welcome!
  6. Could you expound upon this? It is very cryptic and confusing. And welcome?
  7. No towels. No bat. I wasn't home. That's why the bad guys won this time

  8. Dude, you know I love ya and missed yah these past months but broken in again? Whats up with a decent lock?

    Had this something to do with towels or a lack thereof?

  9. My picture would destroy nature as we know it. And I'm not your friend for your own protection. That, or I don't know what you're talking about, Karen. Could go either way.

  10. never mind i get it now... I think.

  11. where's your picture? and why am i not your friend?

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