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  1. While you're busy thinking about what's "obvious", ponder the fact that Jaime is never called Cersei's little brother, or younger brother. I don't think it's stated outright that he was born second. You have to put it together from the fact that he was holding her foot, and they're not described as having been a difficult birth, so the twins were presumably born head-first and not breech.
  2. Saer

    Your biggest what if?

    I'm a fan of "what if X didn't die in childbirth?"
  3. Saer

    How could we find out about Aegon

    I agree with this. It'd be cool if she found out in Pentos from Tyrion + confronting Illyrio, then goes straight across the narrow sea to King's Landing. Then challenges him, "if you're really my nephew my dragons should like you, right?" So he tries... ...and it turns out Serra was just enough of a Blackfyre that they do, in fact, like him. So they fight. And King's Landing burns green.
  4. Saer

    Gigantic AsoIaF Family Tree

    That's fun. I'd forgotten about that epithet. Fits.
  5. Saer

    R+L=J v.166

    Some kings thought it right and proper to dispatch Kingsguard to serve and defend their wives and children, siblings, aunts, uncles, and cousins of greater and lesser degree, and occasionally even their lovers, mistresses, and bastards. Hmm, no reason. And none of them did. Aegon IV is a shining example of a man who hated his wife. @Megorova Westeros isn't Essos, and what you want is an example less than two hundred years ago.
  6. Saer

    R+L=J v.166

    His family tradition doesn't involve polygamy. The last person to try was three centuries ago, was named Maegor the Cruel, and got run out of the country for it. That's not a tradition. "think themselves above the laws"—he rode Balerion, and got run out of the country. Even Aegon the Unworthy didn't try it. Even the show Also, like, Westeros doesn't have actual rule of law. If you say "Actually Rhaegar married both Elia and Lyanna" and the assembled lords of the Seven Kingdoms laugh at you and their septons frown and mutter and their maesters cite the precedent that Maegor was driven into exile and no following Targaryen married polygamously, then it doesn't even matter if they said pretty words in Gods Eye or whatever—it's not a marriage. That's not what legitimacy means.
  7. Saer

    What is up with Daenerys' memory?

    I'm not sure what you mean, so here are a bunch of quotes of Daenerys remembering things that happened before A Game of Thrones.
  8. Saer

    POVs you wished for and that you were weary of?

    Ha, that's funny—I hated him in AFFC, but then in Dance he was just hilarious.
  9. Saer

    A wild wolf and a mad king...

    He could attaint Rhaegar as a traitor. That might prevent a civil war, if he didn't disinherit Elia's children.
  10. Saer

    POVs you wished for and that you were weary of?

    Swapping Barristan for Grey Worm would make a lot of sense to me.
  11. Saer

    R+L=J v.166

    Update: I still think the marriage theory is silly, but nowhere near as silly as thinking Jon is Ned and Lyanna's son.
  12. Saer

    Master thread on what the Show means for the book plot

    The possibility I'm alluding to is that the show deviates massively from what GRRM is already planning, such that having large differences doesn't require a "rewrite", just telling the story he means to tell. Yeah, that's what I'm saying: that it came from Martin.
  13. Saer

    R+L=J v.166

  14. Saer

    Master thread on what the Show means for the book plot

    Things I think will be in the books: Bran leaving the cave and heading south of the Wall again. [Remember how everyone used to think he'd stay in place for the rest of the story? I do!] Jon's fire resurrection. [That's a gimme.] Daenerys going to Vaes Dothrak and uniting the Dothraki to her cause. [Just more, uh, consensually.] Stannis burning Shireen as a sacrifice Lots of Freys dying Brienne and Jaime survive to the endgame Jon x Dany in some form Arya going directly back to Westeros ...Jon riding a dragon? The Others being defeated Kings Landing burning down The Iron Throne melting Things I think won't be in the books: Cersei blowing up the Great Sept and holding the throne in her own right Ramsay beating Stannis's army, Brienne killing Stannis, and Sansa & Jon retaking Winterfell from the Boltons Daenerys landing on Dragonstone then spending two seasons on everything but attacking King's Landing Tyrion as stupid moral Hand of the Queen The Night King. Rhaegar and Elia's consummated marriage that produced two children being "set aside" and Rhaegar marrying Lyanna Rhaegar's other son named Aegon Targaryen C-l-e-g-a-a-a-n-e-bowl One thing in a category of its own: King Bran. I don't think they thought of that themselves: they've said as much, and they care so little about Bran they left him out of a season, and left him nothing to do otherwise. If they were picking someone random, they coulda gone for Bronn, lol. And there are king-y themes in Bran's story, especially in Clash. But... idk. Maybe it's just because I don't like it. But it feels like something where the garden could grow in a different direction that intended. Bran in King's Landing while Sansa is queen of the independent North is 0% going to happen so, like, there's a pretty obvious possibility you're skipping over.
  15. Saer

    R+L=J v.166

    Why would Kevan Lannister be an authority on Rhaegar Targaryen's inmost thoughts? And I'd assume he only started thinking his son was the promised prince after he saw the comet, so he wouldn't have been thinking of his kids as the three before that.