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  1. I think it will be an Oedipus type deal. Jon & Dany will fall in love and then find out they are Auntie and Nephew....maybe Dany makes the sacrifice in the great battle, and once again Jon is forced to kill the woman he loves, this time to bring about lightbringer and defeat the Night's King. Cut out that obsidian shard put into his heart by the COF. Holy schnikeys....poor Jon....
  2. So I think we all agree, that this episode was probably the least exciting so far, BUT, I cannot bring myself to use the word worst, because they are ALL good. Worst indicates bad, and you must admit, there is nothing bad about this show. The visuals are epic, the costuming is beautiful and the actors are simply brilliant!! This is epic television folks, that nothing on air today or in past even comes close to. This episode had a lot of housekeeping to do. That can be rather tedious, but imagine you are just a viewer not a reader. That scene between Lord Baelish and Lady Lysa, was a bombshell. I feel thankful there wasnt a sex scene though. Hey I'm a red blooded American girl who isnt afraid to admit to enjoy a good sex scene, just like most, but seeing Baelish do Lady Lysa would have damaged me. Hearing it was quite enough....and seeing Sansa hear it made me wanna jump out the moon door for her at her realization of what a effed up situation she is in YET AGAIN. Seeing Dany's scene tonight made me wonder if she will actually ever even go back to Westeros, since she already refers to herself as a queen, who intends to reign in what she has conquered and rule. Did anyone else get that vibe?? Maybe her dragons will be necessary for "the big one" and that will bring her to Westeros. Just a thought. By far my favorite part tonight was Bran, first calling for his brother Jon, then actually seeing his beloved bastard brother in full warrior mode. Longing for a reunion, but knowing he will not get it. I actually cried a bit during that part. Bran seeing Jon at least threw us a bone, as to how these children want to find each other. Brans expression as Jojen was telling him they had to leave, was heart breaking. It did at least end with ONE reunion and that was Jon and Ghost. So the last 20 min of tonight's show was an emotional rollercoaster. Not the best ride, but still damn good :-)
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