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  1. I just realized I wrote episode 8! My bad! Edited for clarity
  2. Speaking of the dragon, this is his review of episode 6.
  3. Ah, finally someone who understands us! Yes, yes, Drogon is super intelligent, we're so happy that you were able to pick up on that. Drogon is a semi-god. He can do anything. A dragon in the machine if you will. How was Cersei able to become ruling queen even though her last son died? Why didn't we get to see how the people of King's Landing reacted to her ascension to the throne? Were there rebellions? Or was the people happy with the arrangement? Even if her power depended on the strength of the Lannister army, shouldn't there have been some among them who would prefer to support Jamie over her, just on the basis of him being male (and not having blown up the sept) and plot to put him in power?
  4. Or did she just go mad? Was she mad all along, it just took this long for someone to notice? Who knows.
  5. What do you mean? Bran did did lots of important stuff. You could see in his expression that he was being extremely powerful and using his abilities to change outcomes over and over. It's all in there. It's not our fault that the audience didn't manage to perceive and interpret the nuances of the look in his eyes. Watch the episodes again and you'll realize how brilliant it all was. Question:
  6. Dany: Since powerful magic has warped time and space, as evidenced by many people's newfound ability to teleport, Drogon will not reach Volantis. Instead he continues east until he reaches Aman or the Undying Lands where he meets Frodo and the elves who travelled west from Middle Earth. Galadriel resurrects Dany. Arya: Upon reaching the Seven Isles Arya will meet prince Caspian who travelled east from Narnia. She may or may not marry him, we have yet to decide. It depends on whether the spin off series about Arya is going to be a children's series or a darker tale. Questions yet left unanswered:
  7. +1 Not just the show, but many movies too. Sometimes it feels like editors are an unknown phenomenon in the script writing world... No book editor would have let the scripts of the late seasons of GoT be published without extensive rewrites I'm sure.
  8. It wasn't a good story though. A series of random events just isn't a good story.
  9. (Bronn! I forgot about Bronn! Well, that explains why he's still alive in season 8. They needed at least one person to mingle with prostitutes...)
  10. Bran forgot to drink his Starbucks(tm) coffee which he depends on every morning, or his brain becomes mushy. Why were there so many scenes with prostitutes in the first seasons, and none in season 8?
  11. These are very good. (Although I'd prefer a different ending for Dany.) Rewriting the end of Game of Thrones, two parts.
  12. I like your version very much. I've read other versions too, and come up with several of my own. The one change I'd really like to see, because it feels like more in line with Dany's character, is whether she murders unscrupulously or whether changed to only kill innocents locked up in the Red Keep, she still feels remorse afterwards. In her vision, she doesn't touch the Iron Throne, instead she turns her back on it. I would like her to do this in the end. She gives no speech to her troops about conquering the world. When Jon enters the room, she is emotional. She tells him that she intends to leave. He hugs her, and she orders her dragon to burn the iron throne. To get the same ending, she could then walk out on the top of the stairs to give her final orders to her troops. But someone throws a knife into her back, and she falls over. The assassin runs away, and is later revealed to be Arya. (Earlier in the season, Jon would have had to be the one to kill the night king to give Jon something to do this season.) Drogon picks up Dany's body and flies away, enabling a Revan-type of story like you mention. Jon goes north willingly after naming Bran his successor.
  13. Basically yes https://awoiaf.westeros.org/index.php/Rickard_Stark#Family
  14. Apparently, the common folk don't really care who rules them, as pointed out by Jorah (9:20): But even so, someone in King's Landing should have opposed Cersei after blowing up their beloved sept. Thinking back, I have to admit the critics were right all along... There were many things that didn't seem to make much sense in earlier seasons, but I went along with it because I believed there would be some sort of payoff down the line. But usually, the questionable story lines just fizzled out into nothing, and knowing how it ends I don't think I would be as lenient if I were to watch the last few seasons over again. If they don't want their actors to be affected by the book characters, perhaps they should not try so hard to steer towards the same ending as in the books? If these are different characters, shouldn't the ending be different as well...? I didn't get the feeling that Jon loved Dany either.
  15. I agree it was bad writing. The first time I watched it though, I got the feeling that she was thinking of Tyrion's advice, and deciding it was probably bad advice. Since the first thing she says to him when she meets him after the assault is "you freed your brother", she likely knew that he betrayed her when the bells rang. Perhaps that made her do the opposite of what he wanted. But since the writing has been all over the place for so many characters, it doesn't really make sense to try to make sense of it all... My conclusion, the version I prefer to live with, is that show Dany wouldn't have done this.
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