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  1. What in the flipping seven was Brienne thinking when she just strolled up to Sansa in front of LF and his guards! As if LF would just let his lottery ticket go skipping off into the sunset with Tweedledumb and Tweedlepod. No wonder Sansa refused to go with her, talk about stooopid!
  2. I am going to declare my love for Lollys Stokeworth and screw the rest of it. Lollys for queen Hurruh!
  3. Mad Madam Mim

    [Book Spoilers] EP501 Discussion

    Given some of the previous first episode's to the season, I thought this was one of the better one's. There seemed to be less 'obligatory recap' and more setting up for this season. The Good: I liked seeing hints of vulnerable Dany, the stroppy bitch-queen persona was starting to grate. The tension when Dany went to see her dragons was good. Woah those things got big! Mance was great and I enjoyed Stannis. i still want to punch Sweetrobin, but I'm guessing that is the point. The Bad: Not a fan of Darth Sansa. Alayne from the books is supposed to be free, 'bastard brave' but here Sansa is pretty grim and miserable. I'm guessing with the hint from the trailers that Sansa is going to Winterfell that they are simplifying the Harry-Sansa, fArya-Ramsey stories by combining them. It's a shame, I would have really liked to see some of the Vale stuff. Since when did Brienne get so grouchy! They have turned my two favorite characters into sour-pusses. The Ugly: How many naked man-butts were there this episode! Is this D and D's quest for equality?
  4. Mad Madam Mim

    [TWOW Spoilers] Alayne I, v. 3

    Given Sansa's resemblance to Catelyn, I would anticipate the Blackfish would be able to recognise her reasonably easily and with him being former Knight of the Gate I would imagine that if anyone was able to infiltrate the Gate of the Moon it would be the Blackfish. I doubt Sansa would be able to recognise the Blackfish by sight, however it probably wouldn't take overly much to convince her of his identity.