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  1. And now she can add "queen of the ashes" to her tediously long list of titles... too bad Miss Sandy isn't there to introduce her anymore...
  2. And now she can add "queen of the ashes" to her tediously long list of titles... too bad Miss Sandy isn't there to introduce her anymore...
  3. BTW, IMHO the whole Melissandre/blue eyes speech is just a coincidence that they tried to exploit to make us believe that they planned the NK scene a long time ago... in fact, this was the original line from season 4, and as you can read, the sentence ends with green eyes, the emphasis is on that (the blue eyes IMHO are just a reference to Polliver or Trant, or someone with blue eyes that Arya killed during her journey): “I see a darkness in you, and in that darkness, eyes staring back at me. Brown eyes, blue eyes, green eyes, eyes you'll shut forever. We will meet again.” they wanted to produce a hold-the-door-like effect, with the only difference that the Hodor scene was actually planned very carefully by GRRM, while the whole Arya/Mel scene was just a failed attempt of sensationalism
  4. my theory (and I've also read something about it somewhere) is that Valyrian steel is steel mixed with dragonglass (and possibly forged through dragonfire); that's why it kills whights and White Walkers
  5. yes, but the same could be said about so many other characters
  6. ...was Arya! ...am I the only one who thinks that this doesn't make much sense? (even if I liked how the episode ended) and btw, if Beric was kept alive for all this time because he needed to be there to protect her (and a similar thing happened to the Hound), then why did the Lord of Light ressurect Jon, since he did next to nothing to defeat the Night King? let's discuss...
  7. Arya's reunion with the Hound and Gendry was disappointing...
  8. solid 9, best episode of the season so far being a book fan, I liked everything about it
  9. I really do not get the votes below the 6... I mean, c'mon guys! even if they messed up something, there were a lot of awesome things in the episode
  10. about the Umbers and ramsey... I think the Umbers will turn on Ramsey, they have a plan! they gave him osha and rickon as a sign of good faith, but they wont allow him to kill them. proofs? 1. the umber guy refused to swear fielity to the boltons, and you know how important these details/hints are in GOT (a solemn vow is a solemn vow, you know, old gods and so on...) 2. the head of the direwolf was too small to be one of a direwolf, it was a common wolf's head (of course I might be totally wrong!)
  11. 8 I didn't like the resurrection scene...
  12. 9/10 not as good as hardhome, but one of the best episodes this season... we could change the title into cliffhanger, since everybody ended in a ciffhanger
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