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  1. All three of my dogs came from breeders. Middle dog was a German Shepherd. They've all been pretty healthy. I lost my first boxer to cancer at around ten and a half, but he was mostly healthy prior to that. The Shepherd literally never went to the vet for anything other than check-ups and shots until he started getting sick shortly after turning eleven last year, and cancer got him shortly after as well. Current boxer similarly has only been to the vet for her vaccinations and the occasional allergy shot (cytopoint has been amazing for her) and she turned five at the end of October. I haven't fully committed yet, but I'll probably get a fourth dog in a year or so and I'm definitely leaning toward another boxer. The GSD was a fine dog, but I just don't want to ever deal with that type of shedding again. It was awful. I have no issues with adopting, but I look at a dog as a (hopefully) decade-plus commitment, and so I'd prefer to hedge my bets and get a dog from a reliable breeder. I get to raise the dog from eight weeks on. I know there's no significant trauma in their past that may randomly manifest itself as aggression. I know that the dogs come from a line of animals without serious behavioral issues. And I've so far had pretty good luck with health going the breeder route too.
  2. My first dog was a boxer (also my third dog, who is pictured to the left) and I think they're a great choice for a first dog. They're smart enough to be easily trained, although they can be a little stubborn at times. They act like idiots, though, which is amusing. They're typically good with other dogs, adults, and are well known as a breed that is good with children. I think it's because they have a high pain tolerance, and so they won't get pissy if a kid tugs on their ear or pinches them like some other breeds might, and will likely just interpret it as an invitation to play. And you get to take all sorts of ridiculous photos like this.
  3. That should also put to bed any concerns that him leaving will have a significant creative impact on Rick & Morty, as from the sound of it he stopped involving himself with the writer's room in season three. Which, in my opinion, is the strongest season of the show. Obviously they'll lose some of his off script rantings, but overall the show will likely be fine without him.
  4. The game necessarily had to throw in a bunch of prolonged combat or stealth encounters to keep players engaged. The show smartly seems to be picking its spots.
  5. Made it to the final mission. I did all the gigs and side quests. Didn't get all the police scanner shit, although I have to imagine I got most of them since I pretty much just knocked them out as I saw them while driving around. Don't care enough to search out the rest, though. I already technically finished the game once, as I offed myself on the rooftop initially, but I saved prior to talking to Misty, so after the depressing end credits stuff I reloaded and went to meet with the Nomads. Going to wrap this one up tomorrow, at least until the expansion comes out. I'm at around 80 hours, which puts this pretty close to the same length as Witcher 3 pre-expansions.
  6. Triple H seems like the guy who should be running the company because he actually cares about the product and, more importantly, knows how to book good wrestling. I've only followed it off and on the past few years, as I stopped watching wrestling pretty much entirely during covid (the lack of crowds was a killer for me), but all accounts seem to be that WWE's on screen product has improved immensely since Vince stepped aside. And given how much better NXT was than the main roster for years with Triple H in charge of that, it's not surprising.
  7. "Aw, jeez, Rick, why do we sound a little different?" "You know why."
  8. Pretty sure I’ve read that Ashley plays Ellie’s mom in flashbacks.
  9. Probably because you knew it was coming. It’s a shocker in the game because you don’t see kids killed very often in video games. Hell, you rarely see children at all in video games.
  10. I read while high all the time. It made Blood Meridian quite the trip.
  11. I think the main issue with the second game was the structure. Splitting it in half the way they did was too jarring and it made it feel like all the upgrades you'd worked toward were worthless when you promptly lost them all. It would have worked much better if they had cut back and forth imo, both in gameplay and narrative.
  12. I assumed it would be at least good because pretty much everything HBO does is at least good.
  13. Looks like I'll be taking home the title this year. That Hurts/Allen combo carried the water all year and my RBs crushed.
  14. Those people probably shouldn't be allowed within 500 feet of a school.
  15. I thought it was clever that they mentioned that episode earlier in the episode too, which made it feel less likely that they'd revisit it in the end.
  16. The Vat of Acid call back at the end of this week’s episode was amazing.
  17. My parents were visiting this weekend and I got to watch the foot fetish jerk off scene with them. That was fun.
  18. “What happened to the others?” ”Well I assume they fucked their moms.”
  19. Would have worked a lot better with more back and forth transitions. Splitting the story right down the middle just highlighted how uneven it was. The problem wasn’t playing as two characters so much as it was the way you played with one for eight hours and then abruptly got switched to the other for the next eight hours without any warning and basically got set back to zero for all your gameplay upgrades.
  20. I didn’t think the ending of the second game was on the level of the first game’s ending. But I also consider the first game to have the best ending (maybe tied with Snake Eater) of any game I’ve ever played, so that’s not the same thing as saying it wasn’t good.
  21. The only issue I had with the second game was how splitting the story in half killed the pacing and made it feel like you were starting over from scratch, which was annoying. Narratively, it was fine.
  22. It's almost as if you shouldn't trust someone who is willing to kill his own family for a promotion.
  23. Laughed out loud at Cole's face when Rhaenyra walks by him the second time when he had no idea she left her room.
  24. If we're allowed to swap guys in and out from last night, obviously I'd prefer to have Gibson in over Akers. Contracts: QB Davis Mills - $4 / 3 years RB Antonio Gibson - $5 / 3 years RB Kenneth Walker III - $9 / 4 years RB Khalil Herbert - $4 / 1 year WR Zay Jones - $2 / 1 year WR Jahan Dotson - $7 / 4 years WR Garrett Wilson - $3 / 4 years WR Treylon Burks - $5 / 4 years WR Wan'Dale Robinson - $1 / 4 years TE Kyle Pitts $16 / 4 years K Evan McPherson - $1 / 1 year D/ST Denver - $1 / 1 year
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