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  1. Sullen

    Narrative Wise, Did Robb Need to be a King?

    1. Eddard declared for Joffrey before dying, not Stannis. 2. Robb doesn't have any that Stannis is the rightful heir, as far as everyone is concerned, Joffrey is legit.
  2. Sullen

    French politics: houlala!

    I'm not sure the FN is the one that'll most profit from Macron's unpopularity. If anything, Melenchon's strong anti-Macron stance has set him as the default opposition in the eyes of most, even the right, and he's pretty much leading the fight against the Work Law Reform. If the toxicity of Hollande lingers and keeps the Socialistes down for another 5 years, I wouldn't be too surprised to see LFI potentially win the next elections.
  3. It's pretty baffling when you consider that pretty much every other party agreed proportional, or at least, having a referendum on proportional, would be the way to go. Extremely dirty and disingenuous of Trudeau, and honestly, the good PR he has here and abroad is infuriating.
  4. Nah, that's not the worst thing, the worst thing is him scrapping electoral reforms due to every other party supporting proportional while he was in favour of ranked. (Despite stating during his campaign that he'd be open to both) I still haven't forgiven him for that, and am pretty much guaranteed not to vote for him next elections now. Keystone XL was pretty bad too.
  5. Polls indicate he would have won the leadership had he not dropped out. Fortunately for Canadians everywhere, O'Leary also had the good sense that Trump lacked, he realized he was unfit for the job and dropped out.
  6. Concerning the Conservative leadership, do you people think that the Conservatives truly believe that Bernier can win Quebec by virtue of being a Francophone? It's a completely bonkers position to espouse, the guy would be poison for the province's farming industry, which is also the backbone of the province's Tory electorate outside of Quebec City. The guy's a complete joke, they can't seriously think he'll lead them to victory.
  7. Sullen

    French politics: houlala!

    As I stated earlier, the FN splitting in the following years is definitively a possibility. There's no ideological cohesion in their party beyond general nationalism and insular (read: xenophobic) sentiments. Northern (and mostly newer) electorate is working class and, economically, to the Left, while their traditional Southern base is really, really to the right as far as economic policies go. Marechal-Le Pen, representative of the party's traditional right-wing base, just left, and now Philippot, the party's VP who's seemingly trying to turn the party into a nationalist authoritarian, but left-wing party, just threatened to walk out if his policies (most specifically, the withdrawal from the Euro) are dropped. Losing both Florian and Marion means the FN would be considerably weakened, as both of them represented what its future could potentially be. Seems like its future seems to be heading towards fragmentation. - Also, Macron really dropped the ball with Bayrou. He's lucky that the Left is as divided as it is, because losing the support of the MoDem could have otherwise been catastrophic for his during the legislatives. EDIT: Also, quick correction, MMLP didn't really leave because she thought the FN wasn't nationalistic enough, she thought the party was going too far to the Left to try to broaden their electorate. There's an important distinction to be made there.
  8. Sullen

    French politics: houlala!

    Philippot's (the party's VP) vision of what the FN should be is genuinely left-wing in terms of economic and social policy. A lot of FN voters think he's moving the party away from the right and see it as a betrayal of the party's ideology. That being said, there is no ideological consistency in the FN. Their Southern backers are even further to the right than the Republicains... The party itself is only held together by xenophobia and nationalist sentiment, hence why they probably will go through a severe existential crisis soon, especially with the alliance with NDA, which is seen as an extreme vote deterrent for the FN's poorer, more working class Northern electorate.
  9. Generally in agreement with that post, I do think Bernier will take it instead of O'Leary though. Also, I'd add the Bloc to the list of parties who lost ridings due to strategic voting to keep Harper out and might make a comeback these upcoming elections. We yet have to see who the opposition parties elect as leaders before making any concrete predictions though.
  10. Sullen

    Perfumed Seneschal

    She'd be repeating herself with the mummer's dragon and the kraken then, though, considering they are both part of her visions during the House of the Undying, similarly to how Tyrion and Moqorro are both part of the Fragrant Steward.
  11. Sullen

    Perfumed Seneschal

    When she asks her to remember the Undying, she's asking her to remember her experience in the House of the Undying, more specifically the vision of the Mummer's Dragon and that of the grey-smiled corpse on the prow of a ship (Kraken).
  12. Sullen

    Perfumed Seneschal

    I do agree that it's strange, the boat itself really doesn't seem to be a danger. My best guess is that the perfumed seneschal is only a vessel for some of the dangers she'll have to face, more specifically Tyrion and Moqorro, a bit the same way that when Qaithe says "Remember the Undying" she's really only alluding to the Mummer's Dragon and Greyjoy again.
  13. Sullen

    Perfumed Seneschal

    I wouldn't know, it's not listed alongside the other characters though, so I doubt it refers to someone. The fact that the name fits pretty much perfectly points to it, but why? Perhaps she only wanted to warn her of the vessel on which her troubles will come, or maybe there is something on board of the boat we're not aware of that could pose a danger to her.
  14. Sullen

    Perfumed Seneschal

    It's likely the Selaesori Qhoran, the Fragrant Stewart, carrying on it Jorah/Tyrion/Moqorro.
  15. Sullen

    Awesome. Awesome to the max.

    A Leafs sweater... the humanity. A Habs sweater jersey is perfectly acceptable, a Nordics shirt is tastefully vintage, but only a madman would wear Maple Leafs merch.