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  1. It's pretty baffling when you consider that pretty much every other party agreed proportional, or at least, having a referendum on proportional, would be the way to go. Extremely dirty and disingenuous of Trudeau, and honestly, the good PR he has here and abroad is infuriating.
  2. Nah, that's not the worst thing, the worst thing is him scrapping electoral reforms due to every other party supporting proportional while he was in favour of ranked. (Despite stating during his campaign that he'd be open to both) I still haven't forgiven him for that, and am pretty much guaranteed not to vote for him next elections now. Keystone XL was pretty bad too.
  3. Polls indicate he would have won the leadership had he not dropped out. Fortunately for Canadians everywhere, O'Leary also had the good sense that Trump lacked, he realized he was unfit for the job and dropped out.
  4. Concerning the Conservative leadership, do you people think that the Conservatives truly believe that Bernier can win Quebec by virtue of being a Francophone? It's a completely bonkers position to espouse, the guy would be poison for the province's farming industry, which is also the backbone of the province's Tory electorate outside of Quebec City. The guy's a complete joke, they can't seriously think he'll lead them to victory.
  5. Generally in agreement with that post, I do think Bernier will take it instead of O'Leary though. Also, I'd add the Bloc to the list of parties who lost ridings due to strategic voting to keep Harper out and might make a comeback these upcoming elections. We yet have to see who the opposition parties elect as leaders before making any concrete predictions though.