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  1. Which, given the lack of clearly codified laws in Westeros, is kind of your only option.
  2. Jasta11

    [SPOILERS] What did you love about this episode?

    Gendry, actually. Especially the bit where he tells Jon that their fathers trusted each other, so they should too. Yeah, that's a nice sentiment man, but in reality your fathers weren't quite on the best of terms...
  3. Jasta11

    The burning of the Tarlys - discussion

    Dany gave them a rather weak choice. Burning Randyll makes sense, burning Dickon alongside him was stupid, especially since Tyrion gave her a way out. And if you want to avoid looking like the Mad King, burning people alive with your dragon isn't exactly the best way to go on about it. I still liked the scene for its dramatic impact and the fact that we finally get a Dany moment that it's ''rah rah Khaleesi rah''.
  4. Jasta11

    [Spoilers] EP704 Discussion

    The duel bit didn't bother me too much. Arya has learned how to fight an armored opponent, her training clearly made her extremely agile, and Brienne was holding back. I was more annoyed at Brienne basically just showing up to tell us Arya was a badass, but no big deal. Ugh, you can already feel that they're setting up Jon x Dany. At this point it's more or less inevitable, but the cringe will be real. Not looking forward to this. I did like the world building in the cave and the symbols. All the reunions! The Theon and Jon one was a bit underwhelming, but I liked the Starks a lot. Sansa continues growing on me, so does Arya. Bran's a bit annoying now with the emotionless routine but it does fit his character. Poor Meera, she goes through absolute hell for him and barely gets a thank you. And of course, dat battle. Definitely one of the show's best, hell I'd rate it only below Blackwater and Hardhome, and not far below either. Loved it in its entirely.
  5. Jasta11

    How would you rate episode 701?

    I rated it 7 but I think I was being a bit harsh. 8 is more fitting. Liked; -Euron, actually. His actor seems to have stepped it up somewhat, he was more charismatic and had some of the creepy factor in his eyes that I expect of Euron. He still needs an eyepatch however. -The Hound, all of it. I wasn't sure how they would keep the character relevant, but if we keep having great scenes like that, I say keep Sandor coming. I want more of this. -Ed and his song. I was afraid Arya would go full murder mode yet again as chance meetings always end in violence in GoT. Nice to see I was wrong. -Cercei and Jaime finally having the dynamic they should have on screen. Hopefully they develop on that rather than forgetting it yet again. -I am a simple man. I see undead giants, I like. -Nice arrival scene in Dragonstone, good atmosphere and awesome art direction with the fortress. Keeping Dany silent is always a plus too. -Jorah hype! Did not like; -Arya massacring the Freys was cringeworthy and a big reason why I didn't rate it higher. If she can perfectly emulate a 90 years old codger, how can you even stop this girl? She could literally murder anyone. Killing Walder satisfied my primal revenge boner, that was just gross overkill. -Echoing Brienne: what the hell is Littlefinger even doing now? What's his purpose apart from giving Sansa creepy looks? -Did we really need to see Sam emptying chamber pots? His side-quest is tedious enough as it is. -Sansa questioning Jon in front of his bannermen, and Jon deciding to arm even the women. I'm sorry, this is fantasy and all, but that's not how feudal societies work.
  6. Jasta11

    Rhaegar wasn't polygamous, he was dumping Elia for Lyanna

    Right then, let's assume this is actually what happened. Still doesn't tell me why it's a good plan or how Rhaegar is supposed to drum up the overwhelming support he needs to force an abdication on the reigning King when few Lords have any interest in seeing Aerys forcibly removed (quite the contrary).
  7. Jasta11

    Rhaegar was WAY better than Robert

    He wouldn't be as bad as we saw him, but I doubt he would have been that much better. On this Lyanna was right, Robert is too dominated by his passions. He loved the idea of Lyanna, but the actual person would have stood up to him and either bored or infuriated him in the end. The relationship wouldn't have been as hilariously toxic as his marriage with Cercei, but I don't think Robert was ever going to be happy with one woman. He wants to be an eternal teen/young adult, fighting all day long, drinking all evening long and fucking all night long. That's not the life of a responsible adult. As for the comparison with Rhaegar, that's hard to say since we never actually see the guy. Second-hand accounts paint him as one of the best persons ever, but his actual actions, well that's another story. Surely he was a more sensitive and learned man than Robert, that much we can say. But that's not a very high a bar, is it?
  8. Jasta11

    Rhaegar wasn't polygamous, he was dumping Elia for Lyanna

    We don't actually know that this is what happened at Harrenhall, nor do we know this was the argument advanced even if it was. Nor does it mean that people would actually rise up against Aerys just for that, because in the end nobody did. The Starks rose up because their Lord and his heir were murdered and then their current Lord was threatened. The Stormlands rose up because their Lord was threatened. The Vale rose up because Jon had ties to the two above families and disobeyed a direct order from his king and so was backed into a corner, and the Riverlands only rose up later on when Hoster got good marriages out of the deal. And Tywin only moved in for the kill when the game was already over and done. The madness alone was not a trigger, Aerys's actions and the political overtures of the rebels were. If Aerys stays in his keep to cut himself on the IT and rape his wife on the occasion, no one is going to form an armed rebellion to stop him, because none of the powerful Lords have a reason to care so long as they're left to their own devices.
  9. Jasta11

    Rhaegar wasn't polygamous, he was dumping Elia for Lyanna

    I may have worded it hastily, but my point is that despite his well-known mental state, Aerys's actions up to this moment are not enough to trigger any serious armed uprising against him, not until he starts killing Lords. So it's not a solid argument Rhaegar can make in favor of overthrowing his father. Especially since his own behavior in this whole affair is suspect at best from any observer's eye.
  10. Jasta11

    Rhaegar wasn't polygamous, he was dumping Elia for Lyanna

    The rest of your second paragraph makes your quotes a bit moot, I find, Yeah, people knew Aerys was off his rocker. And they couldn't care less so long as they profited from it, or weren't harmed by it. Aerys is a (mostly) known quantity, he's capricious and unhinged but his actual actions haven't harmed the power and interests of many important people. Aerys's madness only started being a serious problem (and even then, not to everyone) when he started to kill his vassals without reason. Rhaegar would be the one trying to up-end this broadly beneficial status quo in favor of a guy who's willing to throw his marriage, father and liege lord to the dogs if it gets him the hot chick he wants. And I can only imagine the reaction from the Lords if Rhaegar ever tries to explain the real reason why he wants Lyanna. Think most people would still prefer King Scab to King Bangs-Teens-For-Prophecy.
  11. Jasta11

    Rhaegar wasn't polygamous, he was dumping Elia for Lyanna

    What proof does Rhaegar have? That Aerys acted unhinged a few times? That's hardly enough to make the great Lords reach for their swords. If the apparent extent of Aerys's madness is being unkempt and having an attitude, no one is going to lift a finger to stop him. They were spurred into action because the King killed a Lord and called for the heads of two others; no one is going to care if he has odd habits. So Rhaegar's only argument becomes ''I want to bang this girl''. Which is not going to impress anyone but (maybe, possibly, not even sure) Rickard. And casts serious doubts as to how reliable an ally and how good of a King Rhaegar will be, if he's willing to toss aside his marriage and plunge the realm into civil war for little apparent reasons beyond lust for a 15 years old. The more I think about it, the more I think this is a Cercei-tier bad plan.
  12. Jasta11

    Rhaegar wasn't polygamous, he was dumping Elia for Lyanna

    This assumes Rickard goes through with allying with Rhaegar. And assumes Hoster and Jon still want a piece of this extremely risky alliance, without the incentive of ''the King really is bonkers and is executing his Lords''. And even IF that happens (which, I stress, is a big if) you're still left with a weaker alliance than Robert and Ned had, with one more enemy since the Martells are far more likely to fight against the one that wants to depose Elia. So the only course of action is, again, civil war, one that's even riskier than Robert's and has no further foundation than ''I want to bang this girl, oh and my dad is kind of unhinged sometimes''. And neither Tywin nor the Reach backed Robert during most of the Rebellion, when the rebels had a bigger chance to win than Rhagar does. To say nothing of the fact Aerys has Rhaegar's family. So unless James Targaryan 007 manages to save them from under Aerys's nose, Ray-Man is putting even more at risk with open defiance, unless one assumes he's callous enough to just throw away their lives which seems very unlikely to me. If that is Rhaegar's plan, it's a pretty shitty plan if you ask me. So yeah, it is close to a political suicide. So his idea is still stupid. His only hope at a coup is a quiet one, and that hope vanished after Harrenhall if it was ever there.
  13. Jasta11

    Rhaegar wasn't polygamous, he was dumping Elia for Lyanna

    Who's going to support his bid to overthrow Aerys? First, Rhaegar won't marry any noble-born lady, being already taken, so that's already a vital bargaining chip he throws into the garbage bin. The Martells are right out for obvious reasons. Tywin doesn't gain anything apart from getting back at Aerys (which is tempting for him, but not enough to spur him into action for sure, as we saw how late he joins the bandwagon in the Rebellion). The Tyrells do nothing without adequate compensation, and Rhaegar cannot offer much. The Tullys are loyalists so they could go either way, but will likely back up the legimimate King. The Vale is an unknown, but like the Tyrells will want something in return. The North might support Rhaegar, and that's not guaranteed. So one region might support one, one definitely won't, another is highly unlikely to to, and the rest will require either a damn good reason, or something in return. Rhaegar has none of these things on hand. So any contestation of Aerys's authority is going to be extremely hazardous and unlikely to even get off the ground. And even if it does get off the ground, Ray-Man is highly, highly likely to cause a civil war. Because he loves/ thinks he needs to impregnate a 15 years old girl. That supposed to make me feel better about the guy?
  14. Jasta11

    Rhaegar wasn't polygamous, he was dumping Elia for Lyanna

    1) Rhaegar was not King. 2) The entire Rebellion kind of puts a damper on this perspective that the King does as he pleases, doesn't it?
  15. Jasta11

    Least favourite POV character per book

    AGoT: Sansa, she's so naive and annoying. Yes, it makes sense, no that doesn't mean I like it either way. ACoK: Dany. Nothing happens, then a giant foreshadowing dump chapter. ASoS: erm, don't really have any that stands out as bad. I guess Sam isn't a great read. Bran's journey is a bit boring, but we get lots of stories and foreshadowing to make up for it IMO. AFfC: ye gods, lots of choices here. I'd go with Brienne. We literally know her quest is pointless before it even begins. Yes, Septon Meribald makes a good speech, no it doesn't excuse the bloated bore that are Brienne's chapters. ADwD: Quentyn. Uninteresting character, his story is introduced and resolved too quickly.