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  1. WolfOfWinter

    So, how well will the Northern lords take

    I'm just as curious to see how they'll react to discovering that Lyanna willingly ran away with Rhaegar, which set off a chain of events that resulted in a war that cost them their friends and family. They're already pissed at Robb for doing something similar, and now it turns out Jon has willingly bent the knee because he's in love Daenerys. There's some serious dramatic potential. Unfortunately, I don't expect much from this show anymore.
  2. He's the one who persuaded Dany to let Jon mine the dragonglass this season. So even though he's fucked up 9/10 this season, this is the one thing he got right. The problem is that D&D and their writing team can't write anyone smarter than themselves, so previously intelligent characters like Tyrion, Varys and LF have all become idiots.
  3. Episode 3 Scene 1: Jon refuses to pledge to Dany, Jon wants dragonglass without offering something in return, Dany insults Robb by ignoring his claim, insults Ned after saying they aren't responsible for their parents' actions, ignores the reasoning behind Robert's Rebellion and holds Jon and Davos prisoner. Episode 3 Scene 2: Dany allows Jon to mine dragonglass to keep him distracted, and both eyefuck each other. Episode 4 Scene 1: Jon tells Dany about the threat beyond the Wall, Dany says she believes him but won't help unless he bends the knee. If not, then his people can die for all she cares. Jon talks about Dany's good heart after this and Davos points out he's noticed his infatuation. Episode 4 Scene 2: Dany for some reason asks for Jon's advice and she listens to him. Episode 5: Jon pets Drogon. Dany says she won't fight the NK unless Cersei does as well. Jorah wants to head North, Dany barely has a reaction. Jon wants to head North and Dany gets super worried and doesn't want him to go. Episode 6: Tyrion talks about Dany being in love with Jon, Dany abandons her conquest to save Jon's life. Dany is more broken up about Jon's possible death than her dragon's. Jon calls Daenerys Dany out of the blue and gives away his kingdom against the will of his family and people because "my people will come to realize how special you are like I have" after she's already agreed to fight the WWs. It's a joke and I'm convinced they're rushing this because it's gonna end in heartbreak next season once Jon finds out about R+L=J.
  4. WolfOfWinter

    So what if Sansa DID tell Jon?

    Nothing would have changed. Jon didn't want to go around asking other Northerners for help because of the weather. For Jon to wait around for the Valesmen to arrive it would have had to be a certainty and it wasn't. They had no idea LF and the Vale would respond to their call and I don't see Jon trusting LF to come through after he betrayed Sansa. I think Jon would have seriously questioned Sansa's judgment if she'd told him she'd written LF. I think the the writers/showrunners messed up by having Sansa stand beside LF during the battle because it led people to assume she knew exactly when they'd come, but there's nothing that indicates it was some devious plan on her part since the start or that it was an act of betrayal.
  5. WolfOfWinter

    Breaking the Wheel

    I don't think breaking the wheel means anything specific or that Dany's put much thought into it. I think it's a throwaway line she uses to justify her own actions because she can't stand the thought of her being in the wrong.
  6. WolfOfWinter

    [Spoilers] Rant and Rave Without Repercussion

    Dany spent a few weeks on Dragonstone as a newborn baby before spending the rest of her life in Essos. She is a foreigner. Cersei did kill all those people, and Randyll clearly didn't care for her, but Dany and her allies don't have a better reputation than Cersei, and the devil you know is better than the devil you don't, especially when the latter is bringing 100.000 Dothraki to Westeros. Randyll didn't join the side he thought had the best chance of winning, he joined the side he thought would be better for his people.
  7. WolfOfWinter

    [Spoilers] Rant and Rave Without Repercussion

    They don't need her, but Dany refuses to fight the NK unless Cersei does the same because she still wants the Iron Throne, so they have to venture on the dumbest mission in the entire series. How was it daft? She was a foreigner who was spouting her usual "I am the messiah" crap while being backed by people who have such wonderful cultural traditions such as a khal sharing his khaleesi with his bloodriders and killing at least three of their own at weddings for fun. The Dothraki were unambiguously evil when Dany burned them alive, but now that Randyll doesn't want them as his neighbors, he's being xenophobic?
  8. I wish it was the NK, but I think it's more likely that it'll be Cersei, even though the whole point of the series is that humanity ignores the real threat for way too long because they're too busy with their stupid games. I don't know how they're gonna solve this in six episodes, but I don't have much faith it'll be well-written.
  9. WolfOfWinter

    Do you think the show is better or worse for not including Young Griff?

    With the latest episode establishing that R+L=J being dragged out across two seasons, , I think a Jon vs. Dany or The North vs. Dany conflict is inevitable. Jon and Dany will definitely hook up, but I think people are living in fanfic land if they believe these two will have a happy ending.
  10. WolfOfWinter

    [Spoilers] EP705 Discussion

    I have never bought into the "Dany is mad" theory, and I still don't, but Dany IS straight up delusional. She seems to genuinely believe that she's in Westeros to end the wheel of oppression or what the fuck ever, while initially keeping a king prisoner because his people chose him to lead them, refusing t aid the North against a mythical threat for not bending the knee to her and burning people alive for not pledging to her. She buys into her own propaganda and is incapable of seeing the difference between what she's saying and what she's doing. She is unstable as shown on the show, just not the way her father was. Ellaria and the Sand Snakes were traitors, Yara and Theon are traitors, Olenna became a traitor the day she poisoned Joffrey at his own wedding. For a woman who goes on about her birthright, she sure as shit doesn't care about the right of succession unless she benefits from it. Dany is a hypocrite through and through.
  11. WolfOfWinter

    [Spoilers] Rant and Rave Without Repercussion

    Because he's worried that Jon's pulling a Robb. Remember, he's the guy who said Robb lost them the North because of a "foreign whore", and now Jon's possibly following in his brother's footsteps.
  12. WolfOfWinter

    [Spoilers] EP705 Discussion

    Get ready for endless "that's not how annulments work/Rhaegar was removed from the line of succession/Dany is still the rightful ruler" discussions, despite the show literally spelling it out for us.
  13. WolfOfWinter

    Do you think the show is better or worse for not including Young Griff?

    Sure. I think Varys' monologue in episode two is setting up a future betrayal on his part (not a spoiler, just speculation) and that news of Jon being Rhaegar's son is what will cause Varys to jump ship, so Jon could possibly end up with some of Aegon's story.
  14. WolfOfWinter

    Do you think the show is better or worse for not including Young Griff?

    The exclusion of (f)Aegon has affected too many plots negatively, but
  15. I think Bran is still processing everything he's seen and making sense of it. I don't think he's seen the events linearly and that everything must be out of context to him. So it's not until LF actually comes up to him that Bran starts going over some of the stuff LF has done in the past. But even then, he kinda just blurted it out and didn't seem to be all there when he said it. I don't know if this will be different in the books, but I'm beginning to believe it. Since there's no Howland Reed in the show, Bran seems to have taken over his role in confirming R+L=J. But Bran is also so powerful at this point that he renders a lot of storylines pointless e.g. LF being involved in the downfall of House Stark. So they've decided to have him be "absent" to stop him from intervening. It wouldn't surprise me if Bran came close to being normal next season.