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  1. WolfOfWinter

    The purpose of Dany's fireproofness?

    Having her cow the Dothraki into submission by burning them with Drogon would make her look bad, but having her only gather the evilest Dothraki in one place and burning them herself made her look good and empowered for not relying on her dragon at all times. Plus it mirrored her season one ending with the Dothraki thinking she was special and what not instead of fearing her.
  2. WolfOfWinter

    The North is finally independent

    Would that be the Sansa who accepted her bastard brother being crowned instead of her, Ned Stark's legitimate daughter, after she asked the man who sold her to a monster for help and saved the day during the Battle of the Bastards because Jon couldn't be bothered to ask more Northern houses for help? Who only agreed to marry Ramsay because she thought it would help House Stark get the North back? Who then ruled in her absent king's stead for several months with no contact with him, only to learn that he'd bent the knee to a woman who'd imprisoned him on Dragonstone, and against every Northerner's desire, because he was in love with her? The man who then marched his exhausted and traumatized army south because their new ruler couldn't be bothered to wait a few weeks for Cersei's own people to turn against her? And Sansa, who, despite all this, still marched the remaining, exhausted army south to free her brother and then expressed genuine regret that the North would be absent their king? Sansa already stepped aside for Jon when she had both the better claim and had the whole North and the Vale ready to crown her in season seven. Meanwhile, Dany who haughtily denounced Robert Baratheon as a usurper for disposing of her family, and who constantly stressed how Westeros was hers because she had the rightful claim, went against her own principles and abandoned her own logic the moment she found out about Jon's claim, thus proving that she herself was a usurper. Ironic. The ending more than anything has made me excited about the books.
  3. WolfOfWinter

    Your biggest what if?

    It would have been perfectly safe to have him fostered at Greywater Watch with Howland Reed. Not only does he know of Jon's parentage, but Lyanna was also his friend and he'd do right by her son. Besides, the crannogmen mostly keep to themselves so it wouldn't even be an issue where the rest of the North is concerned because they don't spare them much thought as it is. As to the OP, I like wondering about how small changes could have major ramifications for the story. Like if Sansa hadn't gone to Cersei then her and Arya would have possibly gotten home (unless LF interfered), but then they'd be at WF once Theon took it, and I think Ramsay would have ensured Theon keep Sansa under watch 24/7 so he could marry her himself later on. Or if Ned had allowed Loras to go after the Mountain, then he'd most certainly be dead and the Tyrells would never side with the Lannisters following Renly's death which would be great for Robb.
  4. WolfOfWinter

    Big Little Lies: Throwing Shade with Style [season 2 spoilers]

    The woman in the supermarket is married to the man Madeline had an affair with, which she discovered at the end of last season. I thought as funny as that scene was in its awkwardness, it was also super sad to see how she'd been affected by her husband's extramarital affair to the point of changing her own body. It's also a possibility that she's looking to get back at Madeline by trying to seduce her husband.
  5. WolfOfWinter

    Why aren’t people intimidated by the dragons?

    No one's going to be rolling over for the dragons in the books either. Especially not with the fear of Dany being just like her father looming over everyone's heads. We saw how effective Cersei was with her propaganda in the show, and she made it pretty clear that Dany's army, especially the Dothraki, threatened the safety of the entire realm. In their minds, letting Dany sit the throne would have doomed them anyway while fighting against her at least provided them some chance of winning. Keep in mind that the dragons during Aegon's conquest were massive and complete strange creatures none of the Westerosi had experienced, yet many initially fought the Targaryens anyway. By comparison, Dany's dragons are much smaller and history has already proven that dragons aren't undefeatable.
  6. WolfOfWinter

    Red Flags: Dany = Meereen Nobles

    On the contrary, Mirri, Jorah and Dany all acknowledge that Mirri didn't deliberately kill her kid but was a victim of Jorah carrying her into the tent. So Dany knows that Mirri, a slave Dany commanded to perform the ritual to begin with, didn't actually kill her kid, and yet she burned her alive anyway because it was easier to direct her anger at a stranger than her beloved Jorah, and because she needed to wake dragons from stone. For someone who calls herself the Breaker of Chains, burning a slave alive and continuing to vilify her sure comes easy to Dany. Dany is very good at vilifying her opponents and seeing herself as the ultimate hero. That's been the point of her entire journey, and something they sacrificed in the show in favor of turning her into a feminist warrior instead.
  7. WolfOfWinter

    Cutest moments

    Pretty much anything to do with Tommen. Also Rickon trying to say hi to Jon during the feast and almost ruining the procession. The way Arya says "you stupid." Most of the kids in the books are adorable.
  8. I think it's truly interesting that Jon gets a pass for bending the knee after Dany had already agreed to fight the NK. Sansa had the right of it when she asked him whether he did it out of duty or love, something Jon couldn't answer because he knew the truth. "They'll come to see you for what you are," he told Dany when she pointed out that his people wouldn't be happy. He went against his own family and people to please someone he barely knew because he was infatuated, and somehow Sansa is still made out to be the spiteful, back-stabbing bitch in this whole situation. Imagine the hate she'd get if she'd done something similar out of infatuation. Sansa sees right through Jon. She knows he's blinded by love and that it's getting in the way of his duty to his own people. And she knows better than most people how infatuation can make you blind to someone's nature. At every turn, she's proven that she values her family and people above everything. She didn't want Jon to go to Dragonstone last season because she feared he'd be harmed, and she once again didn't like the thought of him going to King's Landing because her male relatives never make it back. So yeah, she broke her word, not because she's a treacherous bitch but because she's willing to be dishonorable if it means saving her loved ones. Speaking of being supposedly dishonorable, where's the honor in Jon letting the realm believe his father was a rapist and his mother a rape victim just so Dany can sit on the throne based on a lie? People say he's just like Ned, but Ned went behind Robert's back and waged war against the Iron Throne because he refused to sit anyone but the rightful heir on the Iron Throne. It's amazing the standard Sansa is held to by the fandom.
  9. WolfOfWinter

    Season 8: News, Spoilers And Leaks

    The first six seasons focused on male villains. It's only in the final season that we're getting two female villains and Euron. Since these past two seasons have had mostly women in positions of power, it makes sense that they'd be the ones in a position to do what other men have done in the show. The North and the Iron Islands will be ruled by women at the end of the series which is historically unprecedented. Arya, a woman, killed the NK and saved humanity. Brienne just became the first female knight in Westeros. King's Landing won't have a singular ruler and the leaks about Bran being king are dubious at best since others suggest there won't be a King or Queen of the Seven Kingdoms at the end. These leaks also claim that Bronn of all people will be on the council. The show has made plenty of misogynistic choices, but I don't see how these, in particular, are misogynistic when we've had like two dozen male villains in the show. The only outright villain who happens to be a woman is Cersei. Lysa was just insane.
  10. WolfOfWinter

    Why do the smallfolk support Cersei?

    Well, it's not entirely logical, but when the enemy's the daughter of Mad King Aerys with the kinslaying/kingslaying abomination as her Hand, the foreign eunuch as another advisor, allied with two Greyjoys and the women who killed their own lord and kin along with a southern child in cold blood, an army of foreign slavers and rapists and three dragons, then well, Cersei doesn't seem that bad in comparison.
  11. WolfOfWinter

    [Spoilers] EP705 Discussion

    I have never bought into the "Dany is mad" theory, and I still don't, but Dany IS straight up delusional. She seems to genuinely believe that she's in Westeros to end the wheel of oppression or what the fuck ever, while initially keeping a king prisoner because his people chose him to lead them, refusing t aid the North against a mythical threat for not bending the knee to her and burning people alive for not pledging to her. She buys into her own propaganda and is incapable of seeing the difference between what she's saying and what she's doing. She is unstable as shown on the show, just not the way her father was. Ellaria and the Sand Snakes were traitors, Yara and Theon are traitors, Olenna became a traitor the day she poisoned Joffrey at his own wedding. For a woman who goes on about her birthright, she sure as shit doesn't care about the right of succession unless she benefits from it. Dany is a hypocrite through and through.
  12. WolfOfWinter

    [Spoilers] EP705 Discussion

    Get ready for endless "that's not how annulments work/Rhaegar was removed from the line of succession/Dany is still the rightful ruler" discussions, despite the show literally spelling it out for us.
  13. WolfOfWinter

    [Spoilers] EP702 Discussion

    My bet, they're keeping Jon's parentage a secret until after Jon and Dany get close to create drama next season.
  14. WolfOfWinter

    [Spoilers] EP607

    None of the Northerners are rallying around the Starks except a few hundred men because they prefer the rule of a psychopathic kinslayer who just killed his own father and brother, flayed the Cerwyns and threatened the Night's Watch. Before that they prefered the rule of a man who collaborated with the Lannisters and killed their kin and soldiers at a wedding. From a purely pragmatic standpoint, this seems like one of the worst decisions anyone's made on the show, especially taking into account that they could easily defeat the Boltons if they untied against them. The Starks and the Northerners have been ruined so others can shine. The Umbers refused to aid the NW when they called for help when the Wall was under attack, but handed their King to the Boltons because Rickon's bastard brother, who doesn't represent House Stark and who he hasn't spoken to since he was six, let the wildlings pass as a last measure. Jon and Sansa were both made incompetent when faced with a 10-year-old kid so Davos could save the day. The Glovers outright refused to join the Starks even though the lord's brother was killed at the Twins. The wildlings had to be convinced by Tormund to join Jon when he literally died for them and proved himself time and again. The Starks got fucked big time so the Valesmen can have a significant role in the battle. No doubt Rickon will die as well because the Starks suffering is practically iconic now. This is absolutely cheating to have the villains win, even if it's momentarily.
  15. WolfOfWinter

    [Spoilers] EP607

    Looks like The North Forgot. Not just their fealty to the Starks but that their family members and men were killed at the Twins. They're making the Northerners look like assholes so LF can save the day. "The reason bad things happen on GoT has changed. GoT has gone from being a show that wouldn't cheat to help the good guys to a show that will cheat to help the bad guys." Literally everyone is show wants revenge except the Northerners. Huh.