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  1. I'm certain all the endgames for the major characters will be the same, although the details may differ. Tyrion will definitely be Hand in the end. Podrick on the Kingsguard? Less sure about that one. D&D have never cared all that much about Bran as a character, so I have no doubt that King Bran is 100% GRRM. I think a lot of the storytelling choices make sense now that we know the character endgames. Sansa's storyline was retooled to focus her on the North instead of the Vale, because she ends up ruling it. Tyrion's negative traits were downplayed in the show because he has a heroic arc and ends up as Hand. Arya's comment about west of Westeros in S6 was indeed a nod to her endgame. And so on.
  2. Oh, I agree, as I've said, but this idea that Book Sansa hates or "despises" Tyrion and TV Sansa's appreciation of Tyrion's kindness is some sort of unforgivable violation of the source material is garbage. And although it's neither here nor there, I also agree that the wedding kneeling scene was changed so that TV Sansa wouldn't look like an asshole.
  3. I meant after their separation after the PW. I don't think the less awkward relationship before the Red Wedding news in the show counts, since that effectively "reset" their relationship to what it was in the books (strained, stiff, etc.). After Sansa gets out of KL in the books, she thinks a few times of Tyrion's kindness but is relieved to be free of her marriage. That's pretty much my read of TV Sansa post-KL where Tyrion is concerned as well.
  4. LOL Again, I really don't see that the validity of their marriage is relevant. If it turns out that Sansa and Tyrion's marriage is binding until properly annulled, that won't matter unless they actually want to be married. And if it turns out that their marriage is void for non-consummation, that won't matter if they decide they want to be married, since they can just get remarried. Who's going to force them to stay married if they don't want to be? Who's going to stop them from remarrying in the face of a void previous marriage if it's what they want? Jon has already made it clear that he considers Sansa and Tyrion's marriage to be none of his business. ...Of course, with S8 being the final season, it's possible that one of them could die and end all ambiguity whatsoever. The status of their marriage hardly matters if one or both are doomed.
  5. TV Sansa doesn't want any man at this point, and who could blame her? That's very unlikely to change within the span of six episodes. Nah. The show has all but ruled out SanSan. I'd argue that Book Sansa's view of Tyrion is pretty much the same as TV Sansa's: appreciates his kindness, but she has no inclination to be married to him (unless the alternative is someone like Sweetrobin). It's TV Tyrion and Book Tyrion's views of Sansa diverge: TV Tyrion thinks well of her and doesn't hold the PW against her, Book Tyrion is salty as hell about the fact that she framed him for murder and left him to die.
  6. I don't really know that it matters either way. If D&D are going to have Sansa and Tyrion get back together, the characters will either decide they're still married or remarry. If not, they'll remain unmarried and no more will be said on the subject.
  7. Sansa doesn't despise Tyrion in the books or in the show. She likes him well enough, probably as much as Jon likes Tyrion, she just doesn't want to be married to him. To be fair, I don't think Tyrion particularly wants to be married to Sansa, either.
  8. We'll likely get clarification in Season 8, with the inevitable Tyrion/Sansa meeting that seems to be on its way (with Tyrion, Jon and Dany all headed to Winterfell). I wouldn't be surprised if Tyrion straight-up wondered whether he and Sansa are still married.
  9. Show universe: consummation, er, "completes" the marriage. No consummation, the marriage is automatically void. As LF says, because the marriage was unconsummated, by law Sansa is no one's wife (and no one questions this statement or the validity of Ramsay and Sansa's marriage). Tyrion and Sansa are not married. Book universe: non-consummation renders the marriage voidable, but it doesn't void it automatically. Thus Tywin warns Tyrion that an unconsummated marriage can be set aside by the High Septon. Tyrion and Sansa are married until their marriage is annulled. Now, there is a possible argument that if somehow Tyrion and Sansa have sex in the show, the original marriage will become valid and they don't need to remarry, since they will have "completed" that marriage through consummation, but that doesn't make them any more married until that happens.
  10. In the show, annulment is defined as a husband setting aside his "lawful wife." In the show universe, Sansa was never Tyrion's lawful wife since they never consummated the marriage. The book universe has different rules about annulment, but the marriage was undone in the show, so there's no reason to believe it won't be undone in the books. They could still remarry, of course, but that's not likely.
  11. Eh, the GRRM-written episodes 3x07 and 4x02 have a lot of Tyrion/Sansa stuff. GRRM even made sure to include a Tyrion/Sansa scene in 2x09, even though God knows what else was cut. The show has also played up Tyrion and Sansa's relationship to the point where Tyrion is the only non-relative male Sansa has anything nice to say about. In the show, they certainly don't like-like each other, but all indications are that they like and appreciate each other: Tyrion asks after Sansa and praises her intelligence, Sansa insists that Tyrion was always kind to her and is different from the other Lannisters. They seem positioned to be at least good friends in Season 8, even if that's all that comes of it, and that would probably be good for both of them: Sansa would appreciate conversation with someone who can appreciate her political insight (as opposed to ignoring her like Jon), and Tyrion would benefit from being friends with a woman (something he's never managed before). I doubt marriage is in the cards for either of them, much less to each other, but it's not true that there's nothing in the show or the books to support that outcome.
  12. Sansa ships: Jon/Dany went from sniping to heart eyes in four episodes. To be fair, though, neither went through what Sansa went through with Ramsay--Michele Clapton even indicated that Sansa's costuming in S7 reflected the fact that she was trying to ensure that no one could touch her--so there's that. It would be unrealistic for Sansa to go from traumatized rape survivor physically closing herself off from others to single and ready to mingle, let alone deeply in love and willing to be vulnerable, over the space of a few episodes. Going strictly off S7, I'd be surprised if Sansa wound up with anyone; her destiny seems to be to be the single Lady of Winterfell. With all that said, you never know with D&D. Theon vs. Euron: Theon thinks Euron is heading back to Pyke, though. Will he miss Euron altogether or get better information to intercept Euron when he comes back from Essos? And if he does manage to defeat Euron, what will happen with the Golden Company? Euron/Cersei: I had been assuming that Euron betrays Cersei using the GC and Cersei flees to Casterly Rock, where some combination of Jaime/Brienne/Tyrion/Sandor/Sansa/Arya have a final confrontation with her. Then we have our Scouring of the Shire bit where whoever's left over from the war against the WWs evicts Euron from KL.
  13. The multiple mentions of Dany getting hit by an arrow are troubling, given that the far greater and more obvious threat to Dany would be getting thrown off or crushed by an injured Drogon. In the DOTD, I think the riders died when they were thrown off or when their dragons crashed. On the other hand, if Dany does get knocked up, it seems likely that she'll live long enough to carry the child to term, which means she's probably safe for Season 8 unless there's a time jump. I don't think D&D hate SanSan so much as GRRM didn't tell them Sandor's endgame and/or told them that Sansa's endgame doesn't include Sandor, so they may have figured "Why bother?"
  14. A poster on another board made the very good point that now that Jon has fallen in love with Dany and will likely realize that they're related, the writers are extremely unlikely to do the same thing with Tyrion (who is in love with Dany in the show and who would be her brother if AJT is correct).
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