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  1. I'm certain all the endgames for the major characters will be the same, although the details may differ. Tyrion will definitely be Hand in the end. Podrick on the Kingsguard? Less sure about that one. D&D have never cared all that much about Bran as a character, so I have no doubt that King Bran is 100% GRRM. I think a lot of the storytelling choices make sense now that we know the character endgames. Sansa's storyline was retooled to focus her on the North instead of the Vale, because she ends up ruling it. Tyrion's negative traits were downplayed in the show because he has a heroic arc and ends up as Hand. Arya's comment about west of Westeros in S6 was indeed a nod to her endgame. And so on.
  2. RIP, Shaggydog. You were as pointless as the Shaggy dog story trope you were probably named after.
  3. RIP, Shaggydog. You were as pointless as the Shaggy dog story trope you were probably named after.
  4. "Ser Gregor" and "trial by combat" in the same sentence = CLEGANEBOWL CONFIRMED GET HYPE.
  5. I like the actress playing the head Dothraki widow.
  6.   Sansa was raped in Season 5 because she was parachuted into Book Jeyne's plot and Book Jeyne was raped.   When the Hound is wailing about all his sins to Arya, he says that he meant to rape Sansa and that he should have raped her, which seems to be pretty clear confirmation that he didn't:   "I took the bloody song, she never gave it. I meant to take her, too. I should have. I should have fucked her bloody and ripped her heart out before leaving her for that dwarf."   Sansa might have a hazy memory of what happened, but the Hound seems pretty clear on not raping her. And if he had raped her, surely he would have mentioned it, since he was trying to goad Arya into killing him at the time.   GRRM's an old hand at TV, and he did write the Blackwater episode. If he'd wanted to imply that Sansa had been raped during the Hound and Sansa's confrontation in Blackwater, he would have done so using the typical TV tricks for implying sexual abuse of minors without depicting the actual abuse (cutaways, that sort of thing).   Also, the show had similar lines when the Hound is trying to get Arya to kill him--"I should have fucked her bloody. At least I'd have one happy memory"--so both the show and the books are consistent on this point.
  7. I cannot imagine a scenario where Sansa would choose to remain married to Tyrion. Even if we assume she would choose to remain married to someone she found physically repulsive--and it's not like ADWD Tyrion's personality is all that great, either--for purely political or material reasons, what does he have to offer her? He's a universally reviled kinslayer, kingslayer, and attainted traitor. He's so hated that people are writing plays starring him as the villain in Essos. Moreover, the Lannister name is officially mud, and all her allies--Tullys, Arryns, Starks, etc.--would want nothing to do with any of the Lannisters. By aligning herself with him, she'd be turning her back on the allies she needed most and spitting in the face of those able to provide her with real support and backing (men, resources, etc.). It's not just that he repulses her; he's absolutely useless to her. Even assuming that Sansa adopts a coolly pragmatic view of marriage, Tyrion has nothing to recommend himself as a husband. Even if she could overcome her hatred of the Lannisters, House Lannister is in freefall; why would she choose to get dragged down with them? As for Tyrion, I do think he is bitter, angry and resentful towards Sansa, and my impression in ADWD is that he doesn't want anything to do with her. I don't know that he would go out of his way to get revenge on her--although he might seize the opportunity if presented with it--but I can't see him ever lifting a finger to help her. Even if a continuation of their marriage would be in some way helpful to Sansa and she sought that continuation, I am certain that absent some change of heart, he would withhold anything that might be useful to her just to spite her. ...On the other hand, the relationship is weirdly shippy in the show, so who knows? *Kanye shrug*
  8. Have they, though? GRRM went to the trouble of setting out an annulment procedure, which seems like an odd thing to do unless that procedure was going to be used at some point. Also, Tywin warned Tyrion back in ASOS that an unconsummated marriage could be annulled by the High Septon, and Tyrion retorted that the High Septon was a trained seal who barked on command, something that's no longer true. I do agree that the marriage would be very difficult to break now. It would be difficult to secure an annulment now, since Sansa can't request an annulment from the High Septon without revealing her location, as GRRM noted when asked about this, and she can't marry Harry the Heir until she either secures an annulment or Tyrion dies. That doesn't mean anything about the long-term prospects of the marriage, though; that just means that it will be difficult for Book Sansa to remarry at present, not that she'll never be able to get an annulment. Also, in the show, Sansa's marriage to Tyrion was pretty much handwaved; they changed the rules so that non-consummation voids a marriage to enable the Ramsay/Sansa marriage to happen in the show. Even though that was done to graft Sansa on to Jeyne's plot, I wonder if Littlefinger will handwave the marriage similarly in the books, maybe not by securing an annulment, but by faking Tyrion's death. Assumes facts not in evidence. You shouldn't make authoritative statements as to things you don't know; it's never a good look. Just because the Vale is a place where she can accumulate real political influence, doesn't mean that she necessarily will. Certainly, her track record to date in the books is not promising. Nor can we assume her story's orientation is northward; the TV Jeyne plotline could have been a mere stopover for her, and there's a decent argument that Sansa has unfinished business in KL. Also, since you don't actually know what Sansa's story is, only your notion of what it is, you have no notion of what will or won't serve it. Instead of weighing in as if you're the expert as to what Sansa's story is or isn't and discounting theories out of hand on that basis--which you're hopelessly ill-qualified to do, seeing as how you're not GRRM--why don't you deal with the theories on their own merits? You might actually learn something. "X can't happen because it doesn't fit with my understanding of what the character's arc is" isn't an argument.
  9. I agree that something's going to go wrong, but this chapter set up so many potential ticking time bombs--Lyn's anger, Myranda's resentment, Sweetrobin's jealousy, Ser Shadrich's insinuations, Harry's involvement in a dangerous tournament, etc.--that it's hard to know which one's going to go off first. Sansa was so pleased with herself for coming up with the whole Winged Knight business that I suspect that in particular will blow up in her face, although I doubt that will take the form of Harry the Heir dying in the tourney.
  10. This seems unlikely, although I admit that Littlefinger's in a bit of a pickle with the annulment, as he can't secure one without effectively outing Sansa, and he doesn't want to out Sansa until she marries, which she can't do until she gets an annulment. I think it is possible that Littlefinger decides to speed up the Harry marriage for whatever reason and marries Sansa off notwithstanding her marriage to Tyrion, gambling that Tyrion is indeed dead (or producing fake proof of Tyrion's death, who knows?). He'd have to persuade the Waynwoods that Tyrion is dead, but given that no one's heard of him for months, it shouldn't be that hard, and if Harry is indeed entranced with Sansa, he wouldn't need much convincing. As dangerous as it is to use the show as a basis to argue for future events in the books, the show changed the rules to do away with TV Sansa's marriage by stating that non-consummation automatically voids a marriage. I suspect that in the books, Sansa's marriage may also be ignored by Littlefinger in spite of the different annulment rules in the books, if Littlefinger is in a hurry for Sansa to remarry. Book Sansa could indeed wind up an unintentional bigamist.
  11. I'm guessing from the "If I'm going to die, let it happen while there's still some of me left" from the 5x10 promo, that Brienne and Pod finally arrive at Winterfell to rescue Sansa, and Sansa refuses their aid in favour of some sort of suicide mission, maybe to kill Ramsay or Roose or both, thus Chekhov's corkscrew.
  12. D&D never claimed that Sansa married Ramsay in the books. They have said why they chose to have Sansa marry Ramsay, and it had nothing to do with book spoilers. Not sure what point you're trying to make.
  13. LOL, I think if anything the takeaway from Benioff's reveal is that Stannis fans who claimed that BOOK STANNIS WOULD NEVAH "didn't understand the books." Oh, well.
  14. Yes, we've got some unadulterated TWOW spoilers up in here, although if you seriously thought Shireen was making it out of the books alive or that she wasn't going to die by burning, you haven't been paying attention.
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