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  1. We have a new Wardeness of the North. That is all I really care about. Some of the episode was really bland, but generally could be worse.
  2. You remind me of me pre-episode 6. Sansa lit the candle, and it was all for nothing. I guess one more ridiculous plotline paying off.
  3. Maybe they're merging Jon's plot with Ramsay. Sounds exactly like something they would do, to be honest. Ramsay's AAR
  4. At least her magic serves a purpose! She teleports to Castle Black and she changes dresses! I'm almost betting on show Melisandre becoming the green priestress next year! Oh, the possibilities!
  5. It's just a plot point. Why have characters when you can have walking plot points?
  6. They decided not worth the effort. No Aegon, no point in doing that. Cas, I guess Dead Stannis is worst. Jeynsa will be retconned with her book plot next year, so there's that.
  8. I laughed out loud. So much for Sansa agency. Great fun.
  9. You just described the entirety of Sansa's arc this season, JonCon. Simply plot-device characterization and actions. In both cases, in detriment to their characterization, to make them act stupid for demands of the plot. Like Sansa choosing to go to Winterfell, this was just a pretty poor plot-device.
  10. Stannis is worse than Selyse. We've come to this. Also, Sansa won't become LS. There have been spoilers saying she and Ramsay have a relationship change. So I'm betting she kills him whilst Stannis invades Winterfell?
  11. Well, I'm aure that Stannis doesn't die next week but in Episode 10. I don't think he necessarily dies next week. I think it'll just push him or Selyse into burning Shireen.
  12. I'm more and more sure Stannis dies this year and Sansa takes Winterfell from within. I just can't see her as of now doing the jump and apparently, Ramsay's going to attack Stannis directly, so...
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