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  1. Republican strategists are better than their Democratic (and democratic) counterparts. If they're pivoting to bring more attention to abortion I suspect they have a good plan. Rubio and Graham are two of the smarter ones. Mock your enemy at your own peril.
  2. Lies on the cover itself. Everyone knows Trump is The Son of Orangutan
  3. I'm not gonna tell you I told you so then so I'm telling you now that I'm telling you now that when then comes around you're gonna feel even stoopider for how quickly you let that poison called hope bloat your dreams past their proper placement in slumber. Hope belongs in the bottom of a well with unwanted children. Cast yours away sooner and you'll be better for it.
  4. I've never seen such a thing. It was like they crossed the fifty and thought they'd taken the lead, just had to drain the clock... ... ... So that they could kick a FG... ... ... From the OTHER SIDE of the fifty!
  5. In broad daylight they make their plots against us Democracy doesn't die in darkness, it dies in apathetic impotence
  6. Welp, it was fun while it lasted. Pack up the pitchforks and torches, folks. Ain't gonna be no justice here, hear?
  7. Yo Geno looks like Russ out there! Playing fantastic! One of the handsomest QBs, I think. Too many of the QBs are inexplicably baby faced (Stafford, Russ, Mahomes). Geno has a man's face, like Lamar or Brady.
  8. Let Russia punch back. Mobile war favors the proximate.
  9. Um, no. Both of you are wrong because you love each other and James won't destroy that no matter how handsome he is or how scarce his trade value!
  10. I think I've cracked this galaxy case... Bill never appointed a new OC because he thinks McDaniels will be back by Thanksgiving.
  11. Someone who didn't know Jace very well has been shocked at my gleeful yaaying at Coltish misfortune. My Phillip Seymour Hoffman-esque chants of "LOSER!" at the terrible offense have been a particular delight. Football is family!
  12. Matt Ryan's career ended in quarter 1 of week 1 2022. He took off on a 3rd and 1. Got it but the cornerback got a really nice hit right to his throwing shoulder (perfectly clean hit). Matty's next pass came out like I'd thrown it. Zero velocity. He's gonna get more sore as today wears on and by tomorrow they'll be talking about how the plan was always for Matty to take days off from throwing during the week.
  13. I haven't even looked at my roster. One year deals, all of em
  14. QBs: Lamar Jackson, Josh Allen (Dak Prescott, Mac Jones, Trevor Lawrence) WRs: Terry McLaurin, Allen Robinson, Rashod Bateman, Jerry Jeudy (DeAndre Hopkins, DK Metcalf, Alec Pierce, Parris Campbell) RBs: Rahmondre Stevenson, Nyheim Hines, Tony Pollard (Kenyon Drake) TEs: TJ Hockenson, Dalton Schultz (Mo-Alie Cox) K: Evan McPhearson Def: New Orleans, Philly, Pittsburgh
  15. I'd almost find that reassuring. I wasn't sure they'd seen a TV program after last year, let alone a fantasy expedition.
  16. This ill conceived invasion has gotta be the most expensive military hardware demo in history right? Vlad, just go home brah You don't want this in your life
  17. What I take from Mr. Ripponet's Chomsky-ing is that Ukraine must become a nuclear armed state so that its territorial sovereignty is not considered a small cost to pay for future peaces by the rest of the world. In fact every state of every size must recognize this necessity, for the sake of their own existence in the face of naked aggressions future and present. Congratulations, your angst over nuclear war has left you arguing for outcomes that make nuclear proliferation a prerequisite of state security.
  18. I can't say who gave it to me, but I have come into possession of footage of Matt Stafford being treated by the training staff after the game. Be aware. It is... Disturbing...
  19. I'm glad he got that SB. He deserves it. But this is as far as he goes, I think. He will never be what he was
  20. I got caught up at work. Had to choose between making dinner and drafting from phone. Sorry, I know autodraft sucks I accept whatever judgement the council deems appropriate.
  21. Put a bolt behind Stafford's ear. He's done.
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