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  1. Yo, not to go on and stuff in a thread for historical pet theories... On the first day she asked us to call her Goddess This wasn't someone on the internet having funzies with their name and title. This was an 'authority' on the subject matter. Am I doing well? Is this what I'm supposed to do, btw?
  2. At the kind of colleges I got to go to we spent like two weeks on Andrew Carnegie and FordFuckFistmyself or whomever and then blizted through WW1 (to say nothing of, like, the causes or aftermaths or FUCKING LESSONS) in a day with -I shit you not- a "professor" who said "Um, like, it like totally ended on Armistice day. Because then the Allies went and captured the Capital and it was over! Hooray!" (I added the "like" part, but she literally mentioned Armistice Day, then didn't know what that meant or how WW1 ended. A HISTORY """"""PROFESSOR"""""!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) Anyways... Yo. Dudes. And bros and bras Irene didn't blind her son. Are you kidding me with that shit? Really? Really? We're just, like, -letting- that go unchallenged in the historical record? Where are all these feminists and historians and historian feminists acting like Gustaf Kossina's in skirts when they could, like, actually STUDY some of the few systems and circumstances that actually allowed women to hold real power on the world stage and leave real records to prove it. Yo, cut out everything else. Irene is a shrewd political operator. Stop reading and go smoke out of an active exhaust pipe if you disagree. Her son is her future. I end my case. ------------------------------------------------- There are only 2 options if you accept what I've proven beyond a fuckstick's conception of a "reasonable doubt" 1) Irene realized her son is the anti-christ. Like for real. She came home to the royal apartments, SAW him floating on the ceiling speaking in tongues. Then he ate, ATE, the Patriarch. Yeah, that's her boy. But by assuming title of Basileus (yes, Basileus) your future is more than your baby. It's your state as well. He ATE the Patriarch. Kid had to go. 2) Yo, has nobody writing history read Game of Thrones? It was a scheme! It was a scheme! A fait accompli! Those stupid boys couldn't let a girl WIN being EMPRESS. Gotta just worldfuck her on her way out the door. Think of the precedent
  3. So howdus this work you just blah and blah and blah or what? Who blahs first or should you only blah to blah back- in order to avoid being blahsupmtuous? I don't understand what you people are accomplishing
  4. Ain't no question about it. Ukraine got all the answers
  5. DO IT!!!!! Go for it babe! Carpe diem and all that.
  6. So I've been working through some stuff or something Anyways, I gave Cyberpunk another (another) shot. This time I'm seein' it. Long way to go
  7. Why should they? Work, I mean? I agree wholeheartedly with the giving of all superfluous arms to Ukraine as rapidly as possible. Tanks are not superfluous They are commercial-sized coffins created at industrial scale with a comical (as in "ha ha, like, why?... Oh... HEY DON'T PUT PEOPLE IN THAT THING!!!!") amount of gun+armor=scrap for MiC to turn into new "tank"
  8. Like if the Federal court is allowed to make up laws that they can say that buildings with certain classes of names on them are legally like people, can a state court make up laws (and even currency?) to just make a better, more functional, state-within-the-state? Isn't that what the supposed good sides of localized dependency systems is supposed to produce anyway? I have no idea what I'm talking about, btw
  9. Is it, like, legally allowed (to say nothing of financially/structurally feasible) to recruit residents from one state to move to another state? Like a straight-up not-fucking-nazis Good States Good Policies sorta program where California just announces "Hey, you like beaches? You like beaches that don't have garbage in the water? You like weekends that are 4 days every week, guaranteed, instead of some days every year maybe? Come on down to GetTheFuckOuttaRedLand.com Fill out your name. Your current residence. Critical information pertaining to citizenship status- need help interpreting gobbledygook? CLICK HERE before continuing. Do you wanna help save the ocean right now, practically, in ways that matter? Get a wet suit, a bucket, and a sea scooper. You're gonna be hauling garbage outta the Pacific by the metric ton(ne?) on a 3-days-out and 4-days-home rotation for as long as you want! And as long as you're putting in a good faith effort to that effect, the State of California will give you a clean, safe, and private residence at no cost beyond basic maintenance/cleaning services if required, and an adjustable stipend so that your services to the planet and all its people can be rewarded with well-earned respite in all the gorgeous California clich├ęs! Oh, and you don't have any experience on boats? Or you've an ocea-phobia? Maybe it isn't phobic at all. Maybe your feer of the deep dark is totally rational, I mean, if these stupid doubters had been in the tent that night like you were... to here the sear speak so freely as to fear... No matter what your qualifications are, physical or mental handicaps may be, or stupid self-loathing confidence issues come from: The New California Deal is for YOU!!!! If you like folding laundry and watching shows, well you miiight have to work 3.5 days if there's an overflow on laundry. But you're saving the planet, and being well rewarded for your efforts. You can fold those towels and rewatch those episodes. I know you can. Just one more after the next one, eh?" (If EcoState manifestos aren't allowed you can just delete it and I'll get the message) (But also the question is an earnest one. Silly indulgences in phraseology aside. Can a state do that?)
  10. "But it was so... artistically done." - whomever (Like, as if I couldn't do better)
  11. So are any of these games allowed to be played with friends?
  12. More of a game of chicken, really. At really high speeds and for all of the steaks steaks
  13. That version of Darth Vader showing up and Turning on his RED LIGHTSABER was pretty fucking dope
  14. I agree. I couldn't take any more Star Wars. Luke showing up at the end of the Mando season felt like a good enough place to leave it be at the time. If I wasn't such a pothead I probably would have reread a bunch of the old EU by now
  15. I have never seen Willow or Andor. I'm assuming by your recommendation that they are of high quality
  16. I got very very anxious playing video games. And particularly when playing on my PC with my headphones on. I felt like there were skips in the sound
  17. I just mean that, with Cyberpunk, I felt like there were parts... missing. Like smash-cuts that just made no sense Perhaps I will play it again
  18. I have. Cal Kestus I like Evil Sister. She was my favorite.
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