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  1. Wicked Woodpecker of West

    Why is Jon's name Aegon?

    Ah, yeah and then in another incest round Firegon and Icegon would both make sweet sweet love to their older sister Rhaenys producing ultimate three-parented Targaryen - Songon Icerys Fireor. Do we even have any data proving that children conceived during annuled marriage are reduced to bastard status? Because it's not obvious - for instance Catholic Church considers kids concieved during such illusionary marriage to be legitimate.
  2. Wicked Woodpecker of West

    Game of Thrones - first print.

    Wait what?
  3. Wicked Woodpecker of West

    Game of Thrones - first print.

    Hello Does anybody on this boards owns first edition of AGoT from 1996 and could check one detail for me? In scene of Ned killing Lady is there additional sentence between: "Shortly, Jory brought him Ice." and "When it was over, he said, “Choose four men and have them take the body north. Bury her at Winterfell.”" Particulary any sentence claiming it was hardest thing to do in Ned's life?
  4. Wicked Woodpecker of West

    A Game of Thrones old editions and Polish translation problem

    Well in fact using half-archaic Polish would be just fine for it. If "miesiąc" was consequently used for "księżyc" - people would get used to it after some time. True. I'd personally translate places probably, because unlike names they are almost always translatable. But then after skimming through first 1/3 of Paul Raven's ( ) translation I turned to original and HERE I STAND.
  5. Wicked Woodpecker of West

    A Game of Thrones old editions and Polish translation problem

    BTW - this one should be easily translated from the beginning as Małypalec or just Paluszek.
  6. Wicked Woodpecker of West

    A Game of Thrones old editions and Polish translation problem

    It's not even translation just transliteration of English crannog, so no I would not count it as a Polish word. And 99% of people never heard it. Maybe some variant of "ostrow" would pass, although "ostrow" is a river island.
  7. Wicked Woodpecker of West

    A Game of Thrones old editions and Polish translation problem

    Indeed. IIRC I also give some examples there few years ago. ^^' My thread was inspired by discussion on DaeL's site. But HBO tie-in edition is still Kruk's. Jakuszewski was allowed to correct some elements, but as he admited on last year Kapitularz convent the publishers did not give him enough time to make true correct or his own translation. Others are his own from beginning. Also I'm quite sure there were no Zimopad in Kruk's book. XD BTW the question whether to translate castle's names is quite valid in my opinion with King's Landing or Highgarden being translated, while Casterly Rock or Winterfell left in original form.
  8. Well OK, so I've got this problem. I'm a reader of Polish AGoT re-read problem and authors took some time to show differences between original text and Polish translation. And while some are blatant mistakes - like Waymar Royce who's house change from having "too many heirs" to "too many ancestors", some are more puzzling like terrifying amount of numeric mistakes or whole sections of text moved or removed from Jaime and Cersei's talk in Bran II. Polish translation by Pawel Kruk was made in 1998, while A Game of Thrones was published in 1996, so it seems Kruk should have proper novel as printed to translate not some half-assed manuscripts (which could happen with TWoW now, but then there was no such pressure on a Martin publishers in Poland.). So my question is - are there any differences between 1996 printed edition of A Game of Thrones and later editions? Like moving people's age around (Ned from 32 to 35, Viserys from 20 to 22, reducing numbers of Dareon I army in story about his conquest). For instance is there a mention of Cersei having some vision-dreams and taking faith in them?
  9. Wicked Woodpecker of West

    Marvel Netflix - Sweet Christmas!

    I really hope they will make something interesting with The Hand in Iron Fist but I'm not sure because IMHO Hand and ninja stuff totally ruined DD season 2
  10. Wicked Woodpecker of West

    Christian Discussion II: We are an Advent people

    Being continental conservative Catholic obviously I cannot share your joy, but I can share some Polish Advent hymnes as well. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H3gzag3cHN8
  11. Wicked Woodpecker of West

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 506

    1. You know what. I don't really care. Canon raped left me cold and indifferent, I didn't even laugh of Dornish Power Rangers. The only thing I liked in this show is Wall/Stannis scenes. And really it's only like... meh, like.
  12. Wicked Woodpecker of West

    Pratchett II: The Wrath of Om

    Pity that he abandoned Raising Taxes idea. Polish translator was really getting ready for this one. Because litteral translation of "Going Postal" would sound a little bit dull he translated it into "Postal Hell", Making Money was "Business World", and obviously third part would be "Tax paradise" (which is "Tax haven" in Poland). Poor little guy.