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  1. I must say I sort of accidentally joined Official Terry Goodkind & Sword of Truth Book Club on Facebook, and I have to say, I lurk them, snarked maybe one or two times, without major accidents, and it's sort of terrifing, how nice this group is. Like it's one of least shitposting, quarrelsome and so groups I've ever seen on FB. That's just weird and unsettling.
  2. From previous thread: Or you know - Ragnarok, utter destruction of Valhalla, Odin is eaten by a Wolf (Drakul) and bascially remaining Einehneh-Dead!Marines are not bound by rules. Or... who only knows what kind of rules Dresden gonna break. For all I know in last books he can rewrite realities like madman, TBH I see no reason to make Murphy Dead!Marine other than her return... and all wars broke loose. I mean why would she even agree to join Dead!Marines? I mean sure she wanted to keep fighting and keep fighting but... Vadderung is being of dubious morality. I mean for all she knows she can spend all her job after waiting 100 years in service or vampires, occult gangsters and wicked fae, it's not like joining Dead!Marines is joining Host of Parousia lead by Michael the Archangel. (Unless Vadderung is Michael and all Valhalla is ruse to build some nice army here) Well maybe that is to show, that Marcone is really evil man. And evil corrupts even if it's calm and collected evil, who pretends to be professional. For all masks and pose, Marcone had to know - he is quite squishy for the game, and there is no certainity he'd not be just sucker punched by some random asshole. Like really you ask why Devil - ancient spirit of corruption managed to corrupt power-hungry gangster? You thought he was beyond such things. Ha. I agree He Who Walks Beside (I sort of guessed Nemesis is Walker in CD and presumed He Who Walks Between but this is way better) as mind controler is bit meh. It was much funnier with Maeve, when he sort of gave her freedom to finally overcome her mantle. But I really doubt Cowl is Outsider crony. He rather tries to god!himself up because he knows BAT is coming. Though he is shown as something else than Black Court and I think WOJ is that he is something else, some really bad shit in human body - I assume Starborn Drakul tried to empower his star-powers in bad way as well. So far I dunno - but as books suggested if I remember that Dracula has been shanked, I think his dad probably just took his new Vampire friends from him, in Lord Raith style, and become de facto Black King without becoming vampire at all. But I agree his appearance is bit meh, though in the end lot of Ettniu supporters are new to story. The thing I'm really annoyed is that really we should get Justine-hunt book now, but as always Harry would spend year doing nothing until his Mirror-Mirror-White-Wedding-Jumping-Between-Realities starts. And I really hope it gonna that Darth Harry reality will be like... fake reality, some serious ruse, shadows-of-things-to-be, because Lord, for some reason I really wanted alt-reality in Spider-Man 2 and Mysterio being not a bad guy, but here... I really despise the idea.
  3. Thomas tried to not feed at all, or feed in very limited notions (like his hairdresser job). That's bit different thing. White Court Vampire can just hold your hand and cause wave of emotion of his preference to overcome you, which will allow him to consume your life-energy for you. Also from previous thread: It seems quite clear that Corpsetaker had a knowledge and skill to turn himself from mortal wizard to mind-swapping parasite, while retaining most of his/her powers by some mix of necromancy and enthralling and mind magic ergo breaking Wizard Laws as anarchist prima-sort. She probably had not put her victims quite comfy in their new bodies. And as wizards are using will and lifeforce, then new body without preparation is a problem.
  4. Weirdly enough he died 13 years and 1 day after Jordan.
  5. According to his Facebook profile: "Terry Goodkind This morning, Thursday, September 17th, we lost Terry Goodkind. It is a great loss. An unimaginable loss. It is impossible to put into few words just how amazing of a man, a husband, a writer, a friend, and a human, Terry Goodkind truly was. He is already desperately missed. We are forever grateful for him having shared his life’s work with all of us, as he was always grateful to be held in our hearts. “To exist in this vast universe for a speck of time is the great gift of life. It is our only life. The universe will go on, indifferent to our brief existence, but while we are here, we touch not just part of that vastness, but also the lives around us. Life is the gift each of us has been given. Each life is our own and no one else's. It is precious beyond all counting. It is the greatest value we can have. Cherish it for what it truly is . . . Your life is yours alone. Rise up and live it.” - Terry Goodkind We love you, Terry."
  6. 1. You know what. I don't really care. Canon raped left me cold and indifferent, I didn't even laugh of Dornish Power Rangers. The only thing I liked in this show is Wall/Stannis scenes. And really it's only like... meh, like.
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