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  1. Warlocks have ability to see into the future. Anybody think the warlocks who casted blood magic on Samwell (under the guise of making him braver), did it because they forsaw Euron capturing the warlocks and wanted to aid Sam against Euron ?
  2. Who was the talking KG ? Jaime, Trant and an unnamed KG who left with Myrcella (as seen in S2 boat scene) are not in KG, and we have 5 KG with Tommen ?
  3. I imagine having the flaying as a deep Bolton tradition will do that to you.
  4. Did anybody else like Sansa's err crow dress ? It looks nice and all but when she did that Maleficent-esque performance of "shall we go ?" I just couldn't help but laugh.
  5. Why would Tyrion comtemplate why people seem to hate him (aka the beetle scene)? Shae hates him because he dumped her for a younger women. Blount hates him because he threatened him. Pycelle hates him because he had him thrown in jail. Cersei and Joff hate him because Tyrion threatened Joff. Tywin hates him for his whoring. Justified or not Tyrion has done things that he knows has angered people.
  6. Can somebody explain the Barry/Jorah/Dany scene ? Barry knew a long time ago that Jorah was sending report, so why does he bring it up now ? Also the pardon was for Jorah but it was given to Barry, so why didn't Barry get suspicious about that ? And surely Barry should have probably known about Robert giving Jorah a pardon since Barry was on the council.
  7. I was hoping for the trial scene where Oberyn declares himself as the champion. Also Sansa should consider entering in one of those sand castle building competitions.
  8. I think what happened was Shae was gonna leave, but Tywin ordered all ships to be seized afterJoff's death, and then Shae gets found.
  9. If Tyrion controlled his temper earlier on, (aka not threatening the King) his trials wouldn't have been anywhere near humiliating.
  10. Cersei and Marge wore black and green respecrively, was that a nod to tPatQ ?
  11. What anout those archers constantly having their bows drawn ? They probably get tired from constanting holding a drawn bow.
  12. Not broke just not as rich as they used to be. Robert needed the Lannisters to take the Throne, and now the Lannisters need the Tyrells to hold the Throne.
  13. I was looking forward to a Jon Bran reunion but oh well, I think Jojen's words on the matter made more sense thpugh.
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