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  1. Ha it was a reference to the movie Lily mentioned and in that context the answer looks a lot (exactly) like this... http://www.imdb.com/name/nm7621162/ Although tbh I can also see the appeal in your explanation
  2. Ugh and that feeling when you just KNOW the reason they are asking is because they are getting off on imagining it... I want to come and yell at them for you
  3. And a neat $2 appliance that opens all the jars. So in actual relevant to this thread news earlier this week I had the realisation that after a lifetime of feeling "not bi enough" and like I have not enough experience/no idea what I am doing with girls (a feeling unrelated to actual levels of experience) I now get exactly the same thing with boys (but still with women too). Internalized biphobia sure is a hell of a thing
  4. <3 I love you Jumping late but had to laugh at the "guys have dicks" as if that was a selling point and not at best an interesting (& not universal!) detail & at worst an inconvenience. This particular bisexual view is that (on average, not all men etc) men are worse at sex, relationships, and being interesting human beings than women but they do come with the advantage of being much harder to fall in love with.
  5. Are we going to have to start asking for your Autograph?
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