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  1. Ha ha oh please get started! There is nothing she needs more than to have someone else supplement my regular “why David Elliott is the worst politician in NSW” rants. Good news is that after much messing around I get my kids back today. I fully expect NSW to announce tighter restrictions and probably hotel quarantine tomorrow (definitely by the end of the week) so I’ll be a lot less anxious once they are on that plane.
  2. I am sure they will. It’s just the complete lack of info makes it impossible to plan and means I can’t bring them back earlier so they can start isolation now & avoid missing too much school.
  3. Gladys is now saying information will be available “hopefully today” Days ago Gladys was saying she would not shut the borders. Yesterday this was something she had been “considering for some time” - although apparently without considering the need to provide people with clear and honest information. It’s the start of the NSW school holidays which means my kids are now with their dad in melbourne (and as long as NSW was saying the borders would remain open I would have been legally obligated to send then aside from the fact that time with their dad is important for them emotionally) and the government has provided absolutely no information about how I can get them back. I understand the reasons for the closure and if they had been actually honest and provided clear information I’d be happy to work with whatever restrictions are in place but this is an absolute nightmare and one they should have foreseen. If they hadn’t explicitly ruled out closing the borders on Friday the kids would have still been with me because their father and I were still discussing the options right up until that point.
  4. This is the sort of obscene grift only the Catholic church could pull off. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-06-17/catholic-church-asks-priests-getting-jobkeeper-to-donate-back/12359600
  5. I would absolutely complain endlessly about physical training. As far as public transport goes ours is a horrendous mix of public and privately but the prices are standard across the network and have a daily and weekly cap (I think it’s around $15 a day or $50 a week but I have a student card & never go near it so not sure). The only exception is the airport line with is horrendously expensive. If you have more than one person you’re way better off getting an uber for that reason.
  6. Thank you for making sure I never complain about PT costs again.
  7. A lot of the discussion in this thread has left me confused when it seems as if suburbia is treated as completely distinct from the city itself. I’m not familiar enough with the US to know if it because there is a difference between the structure of out cities or just how we think about them. Like I would describe where I live as medium density suburbia, but I would also say I live in a large city and am reasonably close to the cbd. If I moved further out I wouldn’t see that as “abandoning city living” (especially when if I did so my preference would be an apartment in parramatta which is hardly low-density!). As much as the sea/tree change stuff gets hyped up by the media I certainly can’t imagine most Australian’s wanting to move to country towns.
  8. Yeah I don’t know what happened there
  9. If anything this year has only made me more convinced that the ungodly amount of rent we pay is more than worth it to be somewhere where everything I need and most things I want are within a 5 minute walk from my house.
  10. This is true. Australian police officers are terrible people who face almost no consequences for brutalising minorities and children.
  11. My experiences in cross faculty courses with politics students just left me wishing someone had taught them to shut up
  12. I completed the vast majority of my undergraduate degree as an online/external student at a time when it would have been absolutely impossible for me to study any other way. While the risk of cheating can never be eliminated entirely I think most of my assessment was designed in a way that would make it far less profitable. This was especially the case in the more advanced units where assessments were usually multi-stage projects rather than traditional essays or exams. The unit I’m tutoring now is a pretty good example of that. The students are asked to design and conduct an interview. Do some basic thematic analysis and submit a report and finish with a presentation/reflection. We workshop their interview questions in the tutorials and they have to include their interview schedule and a partial transcript with the report. I certainly don’t think cheating is impossible but it isn’t as easy as just buying an essay.
  13. I also agree with Pax and would add the fact that most of the areas we are seeing massive job losses are characterized by a low paid and often precarious workforce. Raiding your super is a bad idea for anyone but seems like it is an even worse idea when you already have less than you should.
  14. The best figure I could find with a quick google was approximately 200k Australians returning home since mid-march. Anyone returning from overseas since the travel bans have been held in isolation (mostly in hotels) and so haven’t been a major source of community spread. Before that people were asked to do home isolation and there were reports of cases linked to people breaking that but I have no idea how significant that would be. I did see that over 10% of Australia’s known cases have been linked to the Ruby Princess so I guess our national obsession with blaming everything on boats finally has some kind of justification.
  15. A third of NSW deaths have come from two nursing homes but they are the only cases of it getting into aged care that I am aware of so far. I think Australia was just lucky enough to have never seen much community transmission in the first place. A large proportion of the initial spike in cases which caused people to take it seriously came from a handful of cruise ships which (despite a massive screw up involving one) were a lot easier to trace and manage.
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