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  1. On the Daeron the Drunken page: http://awoiaf.westeros.org/index.php/Daeron_Targaryen_(son_of_Maekar_I) appears the following line: "He also told Ser Duncan about a dream he had. A great red dragon would fall on Ser Duncan, dead, but the knight would walk off alive." The word "red" should be removed. Daeron's dream did not specify a color for the dragon, and that makes it seem like some sort of red/black dragon (i.e Blackfyre) reference. GRRM doesn't seem to have even invented (or fully invented) the idea of the Blackfyre Rebellions until after the Hedge Knight.
  2. Working on Weirwoods Part 2, a tour through every known weirwood in Westeros.

  3. Shavepate can't pull that off because Barristan left 3k Unsullied inside the city.
  4. GRRM once said, (and it wasn't that long ago so I could probably find it if necessary) that Barristan and Arthur Dayne, both in their primes and equally armed, would be too close to call. If Dayne gets to use Dawn then he'd win. So Barristan was as good as it gets. Now of course he's just very very good, it seems.
  5. Victarion's POV screams and begs for an epic one-on-one fight. He's already had one excellent one, but it was short and Serry wasn't really his match. Now he has his special burned hand and he specifically yearns to fight the best of the best: He would give half his teeth for the chance to try his axe against the Kingslayer or the Knight of Flowers. That was the sort of battle that he understood. and the Company of the Cat seem to be the fighting the Ironborn (perhaps with the Long Lances), so if he aims to seek out the best of theirs, no doubt he will notice this large red bearded man: Bloodbeard, the savage commander of the Cats, was a roaring giant with a ferocious appetite for slaughter. I'm calling it now, Victarion vs. Bloodbeard in single combat. Vic wins.
  6. The Crusader Kings II mod is probably the best Game of Thrones game out there, which is pretty funny yet somewhat predictable. Various game studious tried to make a good GoT game, and the best is an unofficial fan made mod. I have played it a *lot*. It's a dynasty/bloodlines game (genetics, titles, intrigue), rather than a war game, though obviously there is plenty of war.
  7. No, another that fits is "unMelisandre," or even "unMoqorro." There is plenty of evidence that one or both of those two are undead. Or it could be someone we haven't figured out. There is zero evidence that Brienne is undead. Literally zero. It's a guess, and I won't say it's impossible, but you should call a spade a spade.
  8. thanks for the add.. I didn't even know this feature existed. You're my first friend, lol.

  9. Since there are exactly 10 "tendrils/tentacles", and squids/krakens have 10 tentacles, it's extremely likely we're talking about Euron.
  10. The answers here are very straightforward. They didn't save Rhaenys because there was no way to do so without it being known. If you save them both, Robert etc know they are alive, and thus there is danger. If you save Aegon and not Rhaenys, then no one is likely to suspect Aegon is still alive. It's pretty easy to get one baby to pass for another (especially with a smashed head). Also, Varys' motivations to save Aegon may have nothing to do with Rhaegar. And as another posted pointed out, sadly Rhaenys is not nearly as important as Aegon. Aegon is/was the real heir.
  11. Also, Martin planned the red wedding before starting the series, so when you suggest that he wrote Robb's death because he couldn't think of a better way.. You're wrong. :) That said, I hope there are fewer POV's in tWoW.
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