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  1. Just started watching this Sunday and I'm done already, loved the show and is definitely a binge worthy type of show. Read a couple pages of this thread and was glad to see I wasn't the only one who thought Adam was Javy. As to the animals, not every area has a lot of wild life and these aren't exactly experienced hunters, watch a season of Alone and you'll see what I mean (and those people are survivalists) unlike humans animals don't over populate. Fishing is likely to be more consistent but fish don't exactly live in one spot, you have to know where to catch them at that time of year. Eventually they could find some but you have to have hooks, line and bait. Plus there are a lot of people to feed...need to weed some of them out! Looking forward to S2 in March
  2. Is that all? Jameson Williams of the Lions is averaging 41 ypc and a touchdown every catch he makes, 100% of them!
  3. Finished Yellow jackets today and was disappointed, because I thought there was eleven episodes not ten, thought I still had one more to watch! Really enjoyed this series. The good thing about me coming to this late is I only have to wait until March for S2
  4. For me it was a few things. Nostalgia factor was high, I remember loving Top Gun as a teen so that helps. I saw Maverick in an "Epic" theater so biggest screen and sound system that rumbled your guts. Lastly the fact that I knew going into it that most of the flight sequences were real, that added a lot for me. Aside from that it was the Star Wars attack on the Death Star with lamer characters.
  5. Got a couple more episodes into Yellow jackets. Some suspicions were correct, now have more. This show is definitely fun and interesting, I see why so many here were watching it when it came out. @Tywin et al. I just got access to showtime recently, thats why I missed out when it was the cool show to watch!
  6. Started Yellow Jackets this week, about 5 episodes in right now. Had no idea what the show was about going into it so that first scene, first couple scenes kinda caught me off guard. Had no clue that was Crisitna Ricci as the nurse, I knew she looked a little familiar but couldn't place her.
  7. Looks like Murray has a serious knee injury, non contact and they play on grass for anyone keeping track of that stuff.
  8. Dallas played like crap today and were lucky to get a win. Jax will be tougher next week. Hopefully we can get our O-line settled by then. Looked bad after RT Steele went out w knee injury.
  9. Dammit Baker, costs me 8 points in pick em! Jerk
  10. This could set back the NFL trade market going forward. It was at first seen as something that was going to make Denver a SB contender and after 11 games they look worse than when Drew Lock was the QB. They have to fire the coach and hire another QB friendly one just to see if they can salvage Wilson. Locally Detroit fans want to run Goff out of town and draft any rookie to replace him. You never know how that new QB is going to mesh with the coaches, players and most importantly the WR's. Now, I wouldn't give Goff a big contract but you never know what you have til it's gone. They have a top 5 offense with him, change that out and who knows what will happen.
  11. Well it's been a nice 3-4 week run for me and I'm now back to respectability. Those first couple weeks just killed me. Can't help but wonder if the shortened preseason had a part in it? Some teams just seemed to be asleep for the first month.
  12. I tend to agree that Michigan looks better this year. They shouldn't have that deer in the head lights look like last year. Losing Corum could haunt them against Georgia. Having him and Edwards is like Dallas having Zeke and Pollard. Pollard is more explosive and a better catcher but you need that bell cow to balance it out.
  13. During the B1G championship the announcers talked about Brohm and Louisville and said he turned them down once already to stay at Purdue.
  14. The Colts decided to give Dallas the ball and then nicely step aside so they could score. Very midwestern polite of them I think.
  15. So tired of seeing Dak throw the ball too high, going to get his receivers killed.
  16. Hate to say it but I remember asking back in like week5 what SF was going to do when Jimmy G got his annual injury... Mr. Irrelevant to the rescue! Hey you guys are loose with draft picks, want Cooper Rush??? just a 1st rd pick, cmon! Or is this where A-ron Rodgers or Jordan Love gets traded too?
  17. Wrapped up Andor, and yes IMO it's the best of the Disney SW series by far. Better than most of the Pre and Sequel movies also. If they can make stuff like this for us adult fans then I can find some of the other stuff aimed at kids more tolerable. Also watched Peaky Blinders S6. Yeah, it was mostly garbage, maybe not hot garbage but garbage just the same. Glad it's over. If I had to watch one more scene where he was walking toward the camera with music playing I may have barfed.
  18. Hey at least let us Michigan fans enjoy the pregame activities! Realistically, Michigan has a shot but only if its like a 7-10 gap at halftime. They have proven all year to be able to make in game adjustments, but yeah, I don't have urge to bet on them. If Michigan has to play osu again at least it will have been earned on their part.
  19. I hate pick em this year. I had Titans and changed it to GB after all the reports of Titans injured players.
  20. I just want to go on record, I do not want Dallas to sign OBJ if it includes multiple years or guarantees. Two big knee injuries. Rent for this season, sure why not.
  21. Since the evolution to soccer style kicking and $$ getting paid to them it has been getting better and better, crazy good in some cases. These guys can get multi million dollar deals and only kick 4-5 times a game, kick off, extra point and FG's. Pretty nice gig considering no one can touch you either.
  22. I plan to watch this on the big screen and heard the exact same thing from a friend who saw it, was a long movie and felt even longer than it really is.
  23. Bizarre enough for a Lions vs Texans SB~~~~!!! The math says it's still possible
  24. My prediction, he won't do any worse than they have been doing.
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