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  1. They didn't get tight at all, they did the opposite. Hell they had one drive where Sewell was basically a TE the whole drive. That's not getting tight, going for it on 4th down multiple times isn't getting tight. The "dumb shit" they did was the same shit they did all season. What happened is that a receiver dropped two very catchable 4th down passes and a ball bounced off a face mask on a 51 yard pass and the receiver made a one in a million catch. I do think they should have kicked a FG on the first drive of the second half though. Something he has to learn to do, take the points sometimes.
  2. 1st bold, well the bar was set pretty low with those two seasons! Underline, I think it's just the amount of sexuality, in just 3 episodes we see her have sex with her boss, she says she is on Tinder, then it's implied that she had sex with the young cop, hence Mrs. Robinson reference. 2nd bold, when I hear that term I reference it to the SE part of the US. Hearing it in Alaska seems odd, unless they are trying to tie those people in with season 1? Unless that's a common term used in Alaska?
  3. Thinking I am gonna skip next weeks and then binge two at a time, maybe it will work better for me. Also I clearly should've rewatched S1 because I missed the tie ins. Only watched S1 once and that was as it aired so none of it is fresh to me.
  4. This doesn't hold water. I liked Gump, still do and I've been given the nickname Liberal Dave.
  5. I also forgot cynicism but luckily for all of us we have you for that!
  6. Don't need to make dumb lazy jokes. You clearly haven't been near Detroit in a while.
  7. I was actually believing that Detroit was going to win. That first half was everything Detroit has done well all year. The second half, well that's how Detroit falls apart. All that was missing was some obscure penalty call against them. Had the Lions +7.5 points, Gibbs anytime TD and Gibbs 50 yards rushing. At half I was up 24.5 points, Gibbs had 40+/- yards rushing and a TD and I still lose because Gibbs can't get 10 yards in entire 2nd half, hell they barely got the 7.5 spread. It wasn't a lot of money but damn!
  8. Man the Ravens just can't get out of their own way. Clowney takes two steps and lowers his helmet and hits Mahomes in the helmet.
  9. And let Flowers know that this is the championship game and not to do dumb shit that hurts the team.
  10. Wow, amazing play by Jackson, avoids the sack then throws a dime for a TD.
  11. And just like that Swift haters united "I wish they would stop showing her, blah blah blah. He hasn't been good since he started dating her blah blah blah."
  12. I liked her in this, she didn't hold back. Seems to be who she is as a person. The movie, eh, was ok at best but she was good in it. Stop using logic to ruin Reacher for me!!! I wanna shut my brain off and just enjoy!
  13. Mahomes can wait, he isn't there yet. Lets not forget a few things. Mahomes took over a team that went 10-6, 12-4, and 11-5 the previous three seasons. That team had Tyreek Hill, Kareem Hunt, and Travis Kelce, all three had over 1000 yards the previous season without him, all top level pro bowl talent. Brady took over a team that was 0-2, previous years were 5-11, and 8-8. Brady didn't walk into the same situation as Mahomes did and yet he took them to the SB and won it, along with SIX others. Until Mahomes at least gets to four or five lets not be talking goat shit. There have been plenty of the next Michael Jordans.
  14. Belichik has 8 rings, Brady has 7. Yes 2 were as def coordinator but he still has 8.
  15. I'd say it's time for him to ride off in the sunset. Will be tough though since he made it known he wants to continue coaching, hard for someone with that much success to go out that way.
  16. I can't read this thread until tomorrow since I only watched Ep 1 so far but I couldn't hold this comment back. Wow that performance by Foster was bad. The scene in the truck when the drunk girl hits the sign. Foster acting like a badass was absolutely laughable and hard to watch. My wife (we watched it different days) said the same thing when we talked about the show last night. Will watch Ep 2 tonight so I can read this. Hopefully her acting like a badass dies down a bit.
  17. Well, they run very well and Goff makes minimal mistakes. The def will be the issue, and the draft is how they made the final 4! I hope they revisit the draft before the game. Show clips of all the experts who mocked Detroit for taking the players they took in rounds 1-2. Gibbs, explosive runner and catcher. I desperately wanted him in Dallas before the draft. Told my Lions obsessed co-workers about him before the draft and they ended up with him, bastards. Campbell, rotating in the game and will be starting next year, makes sound plays every week. LaPorta, best rookie season ever for a TE Branch, playmaker on defense, solid against the run, lost middle of season for an injury but his talent still shows weekly. "Who the hell is Mel Kiper anyway!?!?!"
  18. That was the shot gun scene I was thinking of. The scene that I didn't like was the stairs. Seemed to go on forever.
  19. Wow bad decision on that throw and games over.
  20. Yeah I don't understand letting the clock run. Call timeout and even look at the spot on the Purdy scramble, looked like a bad spot.
  21. I have a strong dislike for GB and SF so my rooting interest is for GB to win only so that if Detroit wins tomorrow they would host the Conf champ game here. Don't have to say how crazy this town would go if that happened.
  22. Well the Detroit Red Wings fans have a history of throwing octopuses on the ice during the playoffs, does that count? The octopus has 8 tentacles symbolizing the 8 wins it used to take to win the Stanley cup . Imagine how you have to sneak that into the arena. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b-qQ-E2vX9w
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