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  1. How about this, Cinnci best three Madden players vs Buffalos three best, battle royal using their teams in Madden and winner gets to claim the victory from last weeks. Stream it live and money made from advertising goes to the injured player
  2. Really? I don't remember liking this at all. Maybe my memory is clouded.
  3. I've been watching Tulsa King. Not very good but not horrible either, as long as you can suspend belief on how fast some things happen and that one huge coincidence. One episode left and I'll forget all about the show until a second season drops, if it gets one.
  4. I enjoyed the first two Bourne (especially the original) movies more than any Bond. Also enjoyed a couple of the MI movies more than Bond movies. That said, I also liked most of the Bond movies, just at different levels.
  5. If it's fundraising and for fun take prop bets from the major betting sites, write them on slips of paper and charge people to draw out of a hat at random. If you have 20 prop bets purchased and 3 hit they split half the money, other half goes to charity. If none hit then all $$ to charity and so on. It's a fun way to root for silly stuff and people are willing to pay $5-10-20 for stuff like that because they don't have to be a betting person or know a lot about the sport.
  6. I think this has been the best Disney series by far, but like you I didn't really care for the characters too much. Another season and I'm sure they will grow on me.
  7. Same here. Hadn't thought of it since then and also don't want to ruin the old memories!
  8. My introduction to him was in Victory, the POW movie. Still the only soccer movie I have ever seen, not my sport.
  9. Had some time off recently and ate some popcorn Avatar water world... It was pretty much as I expected and also not. Babylon if you have a small interest in how movies are made this would be entertaining to you, also if you do cocaine before the movie it probably would be better because it's a frantic movie. The movie won't be for most people but I really liked it minus one bit. Jack Ryan S3 Much much better than S2. This felt more like S1 and now I hope they do another season. The Glass Onion ehh... I think I liked it, I know I liked some performances, but that's about all I have to say? X The horror movie set on a porn production shoot. Dear lord give me back that 90 min or so that I wasted on this. Jenna Ortega was pretty good in the limited role she had, Kid Cudi and Brittany Snow also did good but the rest of it was just utter shit to me.
  10. Without giving any spoilers, is this a good movie even if I didn't get the hype over the original?
  11. Biggest surprise for me was Turpin making it. I spend a considerable amount of time messaging during the game when he tries to run back every damn kick off and doesn't even get to the 20 yard line. I'm wanting to bench his ass and he makes pro bowl? Shows why I don't do this for a living.
  12. I'd say the NFC is now a two team race, Philly and SF. Dallas is losing players every week. 5 def starters are out. The def had depth but now those guys are having to be the man instead of the guy that gives the man a break.
  13. Well that sucked. Dallas def has lost so many starters that it's really showing up now, 2 corners, 2-3 def lineman and middle LB. Pretty sure that philly is going to lay down the boom this Saturday and kill what little spirit they have left.
  14. How do you recycle soap? Was it pressing together slivers of bars of soap to make a bigger one?
  15. My take on the bear scene is that it is in fact a bear. Going to take that scene at face value, they were all sobered up by then. The bear as I watched it, clearly knelt before her and offered it's neck up to her. There have been too many clues at some type of super natural events taking place for it to not be true. That said, it's probably all a dream and none of it happened. As to Tai's bite on her hand, my first thought was that her son did it. I could see there being a division of the survivors ala LotF and the one group hunting down the others. Problem is Nat has the gun and is clearly not one of the crew that we would suspect as being the killers. Not sure how I feel about the cult crew busting in at the end like that. I mean it does set us up for next season but it just felt a little off.
  16. Just started watching this Sunday and I'm done already, loved the show and is definitely a binge worthy type of show. Read a couple pages of this thread and was glad to see I wasn't the only one who thought Adam was Javy. As to the animals, not every area has a lot of wild life and these aren't exactly experienced hunters, watch a season of Alone and you'll see what I mean (and those people are survivalists) unlike humans animals don't over populate. Fishing is likely to be more consistent but fish don't exactly live in one spot, you have to know where to catch them at that time of year. Eventually they could find some but you have to have hooks, line and bait. Plus there are a lot of people to feed...need to weed some of them out! Looking forward to S2 in March
  17. Is that all? Jameson Williams of the Lions is averaging 41 ypc and a touchdown every catch he makes, 100% of them!
  18. Finished Yellow jackets today and was disappointed, because I thought there was eleven episodes not ten, thought I still had one more to watch! Really enjoyed this series. The good thing about me coming to this late is I only have to wait until March for S2
  19. For me it was a few things. Nostalgia factor was high, I remember loving Top Gun as a teen so that helps. I saw Maverick in an "Epic" theater so biggest screen and sound system that rumbled your guts. Lastly the fact that I knew going into it that most of the flight sequences were real, that added a lot for me. Aside from that it was the Star Wars attack on the Death Star with lamer characters.
  20. Got a couple more episodes into Yellow jackets. Some suspicions were correct, now have more. This show is definitely fun and interesting, I see why so many here were watching it when it came out. @Tywin et al. I just got access to showtime recently, thats why I missed out when it was the cool show to watch!
  21. Started Yellow Jackets this week, about 5 episodes in right now. Had no idea what the show was about going into it so that first scene, first couple scenes kinda caught me off guard. Had no clue that was Crisitna Ricci as the nurse, I knew she looked a little familiar but couldn't place her.
  22. Looks like Murray has a serious knee injury, non contact and they play on grass for anyone keeping track of that stuff.
  23. Dallas played like crap today and were lucky to get a win. Jax will be tougher next week. Hopefully we can get our O-line settled by then. Looked bad after RT Steele went out w knee injury.
  24. Dammit Baker, costs me 8 points in pick em! Jerk
  25. This could set back the NFL trade market going forward. It was at first seen as something that was going to make Denver a SB contender and after 11 games they look worse than when Drew Lock was the QB. They have to fire the coach and hire another QB friendly one just to see if they can salvage Wilson. Locally Detroit fans want to run Goff out of town and draft any rookie to replace him. You never know how that new QB is going to mesh with the coaches, players and most importantly the WR's. Now, I wouldn't give Goff a big contract but you never know what you have til it's gone. They have a top 5 offense with him, change that out and who knows what will happen.
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