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  1. I accidently deleted my genius response and don't feel like typing it again! One thing, the screening I went to was maybe 20% full. Same day and time of the week for Dr. Strange and it was 80% full and yet Top Gun set records? The night showings must have been selling out
  2. I think she did good, I just think they gave her too much of a spotlight. I had more of an issue with the inquisitors. 3rd sister is clearly ambitious and gets chastised for it, but isn't ambition and personal glory a part of the dark side? Why act like she is doing something unexpected. Also, do we know her(3rd sister) backstory in the animated series or books? I am assuming she is one of the children we see in the opening Order 66 sequence, a couple of those kids were black females.
  3. I don't know the minutia of Star Wars, never read the books or watched the animated shows so maybe this has been covered. If Obi-Wan is concerned about Lukes safety then shouldn't he be on a different planet? I mean if the Inquisitors find him on the same planet, same "neighborhood", as Uncle Owen Skywalker shouldn't they wonder if that was a coincidence. The inquisitors may not know Uncle Owen is there but Darth Vader has to know. So him even being there puts Luke at more of a risk while he is being hunted. If they weren't hunting Jedi then yeah ok he should be ok.
  4. Also watched it today, on a large screen, which enhances the movie. Pretty good for a almost 40 year old sequel. I read a review with 3 former Top Gun graduates who said its pretty accurate. They of course recognized flaws like Maverick riding the elevator with the jets but overall spot on. The other major flaw was call signs, the said most of them are not flattering like Cougar and Wolf...usually its a nickname you don't like based on something you screwed up.
  5. Watched Top Gun Maverick today and there were no where near the same amount of people at it as there was for Dr. Strange a few weeks ago. I liked the movie, plenty of action and the story worked well enough. There were a few too many sequences that mirrored the original but that was expected. Still recommend to see this on the biggest loudest screen you can. Some movies just need it. This isn't going to win an oscar for best picture but it was a good enjoyable movie. One other note, related to the movie
  6. In fairness the boy dying was an unforseen incident. They were in the middle of no where, what are the odds of him showing up? So yes, that was a heist you could root for. Even your comment about helping destroy lives, people who are addicts are going to find a way to get their fix, if not the blue then some other drug.
  7. Survivor finished last night, I liked the season, thought there were some really good players in it. But.. Good season but ugh.
  8. Ray Liotta died, may have to watch some of his work again in remembrance. The man was a narrator almost on par with Morgan Freeman, well maybe not on par but damn good in his own right.
  9. Goodfellas is one of my all time favorites and he was perfect in the role. Field of Dreams was another one, Cop Land, he was also good in the recent Shades of Blue, tv cop series. He will always be Henry Hill though.
  10. To be fair, I'm invested in 3 pages worth and I just want to see how it ends!
  11. Ok, I remember something from his deposition leaked, that he acknowledged one session ended with the girl crying. He texted her after it apologizing and asking if there was a way she would be comfortable working on him again! But yeah, he is innocent and all 22 accusers are lying. Just when we thought the Browns were on the way up they find a way to out Brown the Browns.
  12. Get ready to enjoy Meg Ryan at her maximum cuteness. Also, keep a white hand towel nearby since everyone sweating in the movie may induce you to sweat too.
  13. Did I miss something new or is this the general fuck them since they signed the person potentially responsible for sexual misconduct with over 20 women, even before that issue was settled, to record setting deal?
  14. Well I guess I'll bite on this. I didn't hate the ending of GOT. I thought they had a better way to end it, my personal choice would have been Jon Snow getting beheaded in the same square that Ned did. Beginning and end. I think this and many other forums dedicated to ASOIAF are not fair representations of the general viewing public because we read the books and were heavily invested in it. We had years to build up what WE thought should happen and how WE thought it should end, so when it doesn't happen our way it seems worse than it maybe really was. And one other thing. KEEP THE BIG BANG THEORY OUT OF YOUR MOUTH!
  15. I was surprised Howard died but as soon as I saw the candle flicker the first time I knew Lalo was there. I guess he sees Saul as a cockroach since he appears to have decided to go after him when he saw it scurrying in the sewer. My guess is Kim's conscience kicks in and she can't handle the guilt and splits. Either the vacuum cleaner route or just leaves Saul the old fashioned way. I can't see them killing her, IMO that would destroy Saul and he wouldn't be the Saul we know in BB. Will be interesting to see how they handle the Howard mess. Does he just disappear? Not sure how they can explain him being killed there without exposing Lalo.
  16. Re watching Top Gun right now, first time in years. Man, I forgot just how many scenes there are where people are sweating
  17. This definitely fits into the "see it on as big of a screen as possible" category. Talk to me Goose
  18. The first movie I ever remember watching was Star Wars at a drive in, laying on a blanket on top of a van, think I was 5. I can remember the scene where the Death Star blew up and it looked like the whole sky was the movie screen because of all the stars in the sky, they kind of blended in with the scene on the screen. Star Wars has always been my favorite since then. Another I remember because it would never happen in this day and age. Return of the Jedi. I as was around 11/12 and my sister was 7. We walked alone about a mile to downtown, smallish town, 20,000 or so population. When we got there it was sold out so we stood in line for an hour until the next showing. Nowadays people would call the police if kids were alone like that!
  19. I finished The Shield and have to say I quite liked it. The first season and maybe part of season 2 were pretty weak, actors kind of shaky but it got better as it went on. It felt like Kurt Sutter from Sons of Anarchy for sure, with the try to do good but it never works out theme. I did like the ending in that everyone pays for their sins. Definitely worth a watch. Side note, I don't think I have ever watched an American basic cable tv show with so much naked ass, swearing and racist language. FX was pushing the limits for sure.
  20. I remember watching this in the 80's and enjoying it. It was quite different from other movies and definitely a different topic for me since cycling to me was a bmx to my friends and back!
  21. Have to agree with most here, this plot doesn't feel right. I thought for a second that this dream job was going to be their explanation for Kim's absence in Saul's life in BB. I guess it still could be but it's looking more and more like she will screw that up. Was her holding the Vacuum cleaner business card a sign that she may use it to escape or just letting us know that this is where Saul gets his contacts from?
  22. There is a place for movies like this, but I don't think big budget is it. This needs smaller budget, less expectations and pressure from industry. I knew going into it that it wasn't a typical action/adventure movie but I still didn't like some of what they did in the last 30 min or so.
  23. If only he could have made a movie that mode more sense. It's like he got lost in authenticity and forgot about the plot.
  24. Loved that movie, just the right amount of schlock. Poor Fred is now buried underground, the worms win in the end.
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