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  1. hodorisfaclessman

    What was Tywin's original plan?

    If robert was still alive hed still be married to tywins daughter so has some leverage there on top of considerable debt owed
  2. hodorisfaclessman

    Did Tywin waste his legendary wealth?

    Bear in mind as a lord getting deep into commerce and worrying over funds is seen as beneath them ( see freys) plus like all the debtors the crown owed he was prob getting some nice interest anyway on top of his already seemingly limitless wealth 1) traders are already comming into lannisport to sell all manner of items for gold or trade goods for westerlands metals etc ....increasing the westerlands military and merchant navy isnt gonna massively alter that . If was gonna go down that path investing in essosi buissness through the iron bank would prob be an easier and more productive shout 2)its the 2nd largest force and probably tied with the reach for best equiped and best % heavy cavalry etc . Tywin also added an elite loyal force of footsmen to protect lannisters after witnessing abductions and raised up house clegane to give him 2 of westeros best warriors.......cant do much better than that. 3) not many great lords do 4) theres very little lords would do but theres no indication its in any great need of it either Jamies rage at someone attacking near casterly rock ( tyrions first wife) would strongly hint at a well patroled area where incidents of crime near the rock are rare.
  3. hodorisfaclessman

    Hilarious in Hindsight

    Jon telling ser patrek how wildling women need to be abducted if you want one as yours Then telling wun wun to guard the princess
  4. hodorisfaclessman

    Who's the worst human being, Tywin Lannister or Roose Bolton

    Roose by far Tywin did what he did to, he drove a powerful family into the ground to stop people mocking the lannisters so people would fear him again and then his already mocked wilful son marries a commoner. He tried to break tyrion of his rebellious ways hurting the lannister family name and also cut him loose of a useless marriage ...dwarf or not his 2nd name could secure an alliance Roose by contrast is just a monster by his own admission his actions will prob ruin his house so they are utterly short sighted for his own gain
  5. hodorisfaclessman

    How to improve the north economically?

    Id say beggining with a secure natural harbour then building upthe fleet slowly , the ib cant attack en mase without declaring war on the 5 kingdoms , just slowly build up a fleet at first itd just patrols to remove the threat of surprise raids on the west coast Overall though until the wot5k the wildlings seems like the more pressing issue to the norths growth
  6. hodorisfaclessman

    How to improve the north economically?

    Itd be a start towards a navy yes but given the nature of warfare unless a stray arrow or someone bests them one on one the sword will stay with their living owners , itd be hard to justify siezing the blades just for money if the iron islands king honourably bends the knee Besides all this assumes the north wages a naval war and wins vs westeros top tier naval power , then follows up with total war at land. ...the costs of which would massively outweigh the gains even if sucessfull at war.
  7. hodorisfaclessman

    How to improve the north economically?

    Id doubt youd get a colossal amount not the kind of cash needed to sustain a navy Plus given they are in the hands of the knight and the house whos champ is abdrik the unsmiling...so getting them is easier said that done
  8. hodorisfaclessman

    How to improve the north economically?

    Dunno if 2 swords even val steel would go for that much The bravossi captains are already heading there for their own money,you could send brave northern sailors but thats always a gamble in such a dangerous seass I agree with increasing trade ,maybe even plead with yi ti etc to offer all its criminals the black as alternative to deatg or prison
  9. hodorisfaclessman

    How to improve the north economically?

    Hmmm slaving their peasants wouldnt sit well with the north if ur soo keen on slaves though unsullied to patrol the wall seems a good investment As for the dromonds idea the wiki states the ironfleet ships while a little smaller are a match for the larger galleys and dromminds of the mainland whereas the other longboats are a matxh for the smaller war galleys that make up the bulk of most fleets,to truely wreck the iron isles id make weapons and arm the thralls for an uprising
  10. hodorisfaclessman

    How to improve the north economically?

    Shes not gonna be though and the north should get their own western fleet that way they arent reliant on ironborn goodwill No you cant exterminate the wildlings but a well defended wall to largely stop most raids would do wonders for the northmost lords and the gift areas.
  11. hodorisfaclessman

    How to improve the north economically?

    Good ideas id say solving the wildling and ironborn raids would be the first step though, the gift area and the stoney shore are both descrived as lush and full of potential. As soon as people feel safe there it can all be developed The mines ,fishing ,extra farnland and towns etc would all follow once the population starts to boom there again
  12. hodorisfaclessman

    How to improve the north economically?

    I assume this is with no walkers comming.? -Call the bannermen lords for a meeting , to ease in the tax increase and spell out what il be doing witth the cash to reduce tension -Slowly Rebuild a western navy to reduce piracy along that coast (increasing settlers there) and bring in fish to help with the winters -bring the banners north to clear wildlings back from the wall for a wide area, have the men cut down all trees for miles near the wall and set them to fixing castles too. Then the tricky part......each bannerman will arrange tocycle a few hundred of his men to patrol sections of the wall each month to properly seal off the gift and northernmost lords from wildling raids. The area is described as a huge waste due to peoples fear of raiders keeping it virtualy unpopulated so once thats fixed it should boom -begin to slowly clear back forrests for more farmland
  13. hodorisfaclessman

    Riverlands house and military

    They do but the population of that city isnt subject to them with any obligations of military service, it will provide wealth and volunteers though making it very strong The starks even before they won overlordship of the north were powerful too dont forget with many sworn lords and 'knights' ,they will be able to raise at least as many forces as the boltons or more ,they held the norths strongest holdfast and most importanly no one wants war with them in winter...their unique holdfast means they arent as badly touched by the norths intense winters. (May be key to why they became kings in the north) Plus the warm winter town means many of the minor lords stannis recruits feel obliged to winterfell adding another 3k of potential killers to their ranks on top of their blood ties to the karstarks and the mormonts owing them their island. No for all the power the white harbour brings etc theres a reason former rebellions with lords there were broken and why winterfell not white harbour emerged as lords of the north long before the maderlys moved up The hightowers are one of the richest familes and have oldtown to add to their coffers and recruit from ...but we have 0 idea how large the gardner /tyrell land holdings are ,we know highgarden is formidable but not thought of often as one of the toughest holds to break into . The land holdings surrounding it however are probably lush and large allowing a large force of minor lordlings and their foot and knights to be raised from it ...id say the tyrell forces alone could be on a rough par with most of their bannermen!
  14. hodorisfaclessman

    Riverlands house and military

    Maybe true One has to wonder how the wot5k woulda gone if the blackfish had have stayed at the trident with his brother and the been given comand instead of edmure in hosters place when the war began
  15. hodorisfaclessman

    Riverlands house and military

    Id doubt the starks are weaker than the manderlys they have dug out the owners of that area for rebellion a few times now before establishing the fleeing manderlys ,the starks have bled to control the north as have the lannisters ,arryns,baratheons etc to control their respective areas ! The tullys and tyrells are exceptions who were handed their overlordship by others ,but that doesnt preclude the ides that they are now as at least as powerful or on rough par as any bannermen due to the lands and keeps they were handed! The martells we are told specifaly were weaker than some others in dorne before nymeria joined them but they stilll achieved dominance of dorner with her