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  1. hodorisfaclessman

    What was Tywin's original plan?

    If robert was still alive hed still be married to tywins daughter so has some leverage there on top of considerable debt owed
  2. hodorisfaclessman

    Did Tywin waste his legendary wealth?

    Bear in mind as a lord getting deep into commerce and worrying over funds is seen as beneath them ( see freys) plus like all the debtors the crown owed he was prob getting some nice interest anyway on top of his already seemingly limitless wealth 1) traders are already comming into lannisport to sell all manner of items for gold or trade goods for westerlands metals etc ....increasing the westerlands military and merchant navy isnt gonna massively alter that . If was gonna go down that path investing in essosi buissness through the iron bank would prob be an easier and more productive shout 2)its the 2nd largest force and probably tied with the reach for best equiped and best % heavy cavalry etc . Tywin also added an elite loyal force of footsmen to protect lannisters after witnessing abductions and raised up house clegane to give him 2 of westeros best warriors.......cant do much better than that. 3) not many great lords do 4) theres very little lords would do but theres no indication its in any great need of it either Jamies rage at someone attacking near casterly rock ( tyrions first wife) would strongly hint at a well patroled area where incidents of crime near the rock are rare.
  3. hodorisfaclessman

    Hilarious in Hindsight

    Jon telling ser patrek how wildling women need to be abducted if you want one as yours Then telling wun wun to guard the princess
  4. hodorisfaclessman

    Who's the worst human being, Tywin Lannister or Roose Bolton

    Roose by far Tywin did what he did to, he drove a powerful family into the ground to stop people mocking the lannisters so people would fear him again and then his already mocked wilful son marries a commoner. He tried to break tyrion of his rebellious ways hurting the lannister family name and also cut him loose of a useless marriage ...dwarf or not his 2nd name could secure an alliance Roose by contrast is just a monster by his own admission his actions will prob ruin his house so they are utterly short sighted for his own gain
  5. hodorisfaclessman

    Would Robert have been Happier in Stannis’ Position?

    Stannis would be miserable as always but an highly effective leader and westeros wouldnt be the same mess Robert would be free to whore and dedicate himself utterly to warfare ,hed never grow fat hed remain a badass into middle age ,a pitbull to be set on his kings enemies Renly with stannis as head of the kingdom and family would have to not be such a shallow dude hed have to actualy be of worth to the kingdom ,hed still love loras so would need to be married off to margery to be with loras and stop a scandal
  6. hodorisfaclessman

    What if Tywin joined Robert's Rebellion (properly)

    The combined forces would mean the rebellion would have been over quicker , less lords would be less willing to side vs tywin plus his family frey links woulda prob helped swing lord frey to the much larger rebellion forces. Thex factor question would be jamie , seeing the way the wind was blowing and knowing his fathers reaction rhaeggar prob would have moved to send him away before the mad king had him captured.
  7. hodorisfaclessman

    Why didn’t Hoster Tully warn Jon about Littlefinger?

    I think lysa being 'soiled goods' was an open secret hoster insisted jon take her as part of the pact for his support in the rebellion ,jon himself may have known but not have known exactly who had been having his wife to be! Hoster prob wasnt worrried about peter as once sent back to the fingers he was of 0 threat to anyone and never expected to rise so high let alone be close to lysa again The boasting part prob came much later and never openly said to jon arryn
  8. hodorisfaclessman

    Why is Doran making terrible mistakes concerning his kids?

    Its strength varies one day its around the north the next its iron islands level ,and distance travelled over dessert isnt easy going ..the north is far far bigger yes but outsode of winter is as easy to traverse as anywhere else Hes not a mind reader and again that would put him in the same category as most westeros lords ,her screwing around seems the norm for dornish ladies He had a plam with viserys that ended and soon after the viper who he worked alongside went to kl...coincidence?no He virtualy spells it out for his daughter and the snakes if you re read ...what did you think he was talking about with all the grass and snake talk? It couldnt be clearer their entire thing was a good cop-bad cop routine
  9. hodorisfaclessman

    Why is Doran making terrible mistakes concerning his kids?

    Heat is just as harsh as cold , dornes bannermen must rally in areas cut off by dessert which cant be crossed quickly On the grasslands he was outta varys reach They clearly had a joint plan man thats the entire point of dorans big reveal about a snake and the grass She found that by fluke .....and by your measure then all lords are failures as most hhave unruly kids even ned He had the authority to arrange a bethrothal but brynden had the right to refuse (but be cut off from family wealth) outside of marriage who they bed is their own buisness...hes not tywin
  10. hodorisfaclessman

    Why is Doran making terrible mistakes concerning his kids?

    After kl fall it was all over itd have been 4- 5 kingdoms vs 2 What makes you think they take massively less time ? Their lands are dessert its not easily crossed quickly Again varys had them covered ,they were never in any real danger only their pride That was a hope as anyone would wish on their enemies but not his plan ,his plan clearly involved letting the viper wreck havoc at kl Nope she and her entourage are clearly unstable (hence coup and coup leaks and whatever darkstars plan is) bear in mind the coup only comes about due to a complete fluke of arianne seeing private corresepondence too Nonsense he has some.control as lord but hes not all powerful,its a feudal system remember not some modern dictatorship (or somewhere inbetween ala tywin) ,his brother is free to bed who he pleases and his bannerman was well within his rights to demand combat after catching his woman with the viper Craven and caution are 2 sides of the same coin,so far his main plan was seconds away from an incredble victory that woulda left lannisters in chaos! He is now moving pieces into place again through the sandsnakes could all bear fruit
  11. hodorisfaclessman

    Why is Doran making terrible mistakes concerning his kids?

    Do we realy know he has many more ? Plus like robb it might have been as much as he could muster quickly He didnt but any overt support could have tipped off others and with varys viserys was never in any real danger His plan during the wot5k was to strike tywin and gregor precisely not their armies alone ,thats what the viper had obviously prepped for Why would he ? until he humbled her she was a huge liability ,look at who she brings into her coup! As hotah correctly said ''some one talked....someone always talks'' His wife leaves him yes but it was a short lived marriage of passion The viper going to kl was the plan, he failed to execute it correctly yes but bear in mind he was seconds from a victory that might have torn lannisters apart! And may have posioned tywin already if you believe that theory As lord he doesnt have that much control vassals and kin will fight duels of honour as is their right ...as their lord he has no right to interfere,feudalism doesnt give him that much power to interfere in personal matters between lords. Once killed he needed that bannerman as ally not enemy so sent his son away....fine the son would normaly be fostered at a strong bannermans household anyway! Overall his story seems.to be of best laid plans alter with time and circumstance but that doesnt mean hes a failure or that he wasnt close to suceeding
  12. Still no slurce for the figures for essos?
  13. Where do these numbers come from?
  14. Id highly doubt any of them would be so stupid. Both have spent most of their life in essos and are well aware of the ib power,its not an enemy anyone wants
  15. hodorisfaclessman

    Viserys’ plan makes no sense.

    Bear in mind hes a moron •he doesnt fully understand them no he prob thinks that drogo will assign a force that will follow him as payment for his sister •i think plan wasnt for battle right away ....make landfall on friendly soil first •he doesnt know that he still thinks half the realm has his back, reach and dorne at least