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  1. Thanks, Ran and Linda, for everything you do for ASOIAF fans. It is seen, noted, and appreciated!
  2. Definitely a 10/10! Yes, because isn't it amazing how epic this show can be when it doesn't go for cheap and easy exploitative scenes? Not exactly funny for the readers and viewers who are survivors of assault, but yes, we all do have quite a bit invested, thanks. To both of you: "I told you so" is never a good look.
  3. Great ep. Still processing everything. There was some fire being used. But you have to remember it was wights in Castle Black. I think with the Walkers, the extreme cold they bring could perhaps douse a normal fire (think about the series first scene). They probably can't douse dragonfire, or even (maybe) wildfire, because both are magical. Sounds like a good theory to me.
  4. You mean the brother who hit her, manhandled her, tried to rape her (book AND show canon), and threatened her life and the life of her baby? That brother? Funnily enough, one of the people Dany admires most in the world is her other brother, the one she never had the opportunity to meet. As for her skill and hard work, here's what Tyrion (GRRM's doppelgänger in canon) has to say about Dany in the last book: Unsullied viewers love their Khaleesi for a reason. There are other criticisms of her character to be made. The idea that she didn't earn her position is not one of them.
  5. :rolleyes: It's called "being the Queen." This is her moving more toward her "fire and blood" side, which she's been doing for a while and which Martin confirmed will happen in her arc. Actually, I liked that scene, and judging from my Twitter, the Unsullied loved it. :agree: Can't wait to rewatch each scene. I greatly prefer the stuff in the North, at the Wall, and in Essos to the intrigue of King's Landing. The only character I missed was my Arya. :lmao: I mean, what exactly do people want Sansa to do? Loved this summary of the ep. These were many of my takes on things, too. I was frustrated that they merged the Rhoyne with Valyria, though.
  6. Yet another new fan here! I'm Liz, and I live in Philly. I'm a longtime fantasy reader (and wannabe writer) with experience in other fandoms. A good friend gave me AGoT many years ago, but at the time I was deep into other series. I've always loved the Starks but was content to just remain an Unsullied HBO TV show viewer... that is, until recently. I've always loved the Starks but was content to remain Unsullied. I confess that I'm more drawn to fantasy novels that focuses more on romance and/or retellings of traditional ballads, fairytales, and legends. However, because of the cross-pollination between fandoms I've been spoiled about many of the major main characters' story lines (Dany and her dragons, Red Wedding), which I didn't mind much. I've always been one of those awful readers who will sometimes flip to the last chapter, read that first, and go back. That's because I generally care more about processes than outcomes. Knowing what happened is a small part of the reading experience. I love stories that unfold brilliantly, showing the reader why and how something happened. Anyway, it wasn't until this season that I was inspired to try reading the books again. Oberyn Martell and Ellaria Sand fascinated me, because until they popped up, I'd forgot all about Dorne and the fact that the former princess who was killed by the Mountain was Dornish. I began to wonder more about the backstory that the TV show isn't giving us. Finished AGoT a few weeks ago and Ned's chapters made me suspect something was up. I kept reading, but contacted my ASoIaF loving friends with my inklings about Ned's sister being a certain character's ---. Of course, they grinned and were like, "Oh boy. You have no idea how deep that rabbit hole goes... do you want spoilers?" My response was that they could spoil anything up through where the show is. They sat me down, and shared with me R+L=J. And I was hooked! (OK, maybe "obsessed" is the proper word. :cool4: ) Since then, I've gorged myself on the remaining books, and TPatQ. Can't wait to get into Dunk and Egg. Waiting alongside everyone else for TWoIaF and TWoW. Probably won't post much (I'm a new professor on the tenure track), but I just wanted to introduce myself and express thanks to the admins and mods for such an amazing site and Wiki.
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