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  1. You seem to be missing the point entirely. This show has had many obvious girl power moments between women, that's just fact.
  2. Dude you need to do a rewatch or something. Brienne and Arya both have a talk about their swords and how theirs dads/society feel about women.
  3. No? It happened with Brienne and Arya too. And Arya and Lady Crane I guess.
  4. my spidey sense is tingling.....dick joke incoming.
  5. Jon.....the greatest swordsman to ever walk.....
  6. Yeah, I'm the same, conflicted. Not a fan of Lily's female "mastery" plan, but also totally enraged by the men kidnapping her to make her subservient. What do you think is going to happen with Jekyll/Hyde? How many episodes do we have left anyway? Maybe he'll show up next season.
  7. I'm watching Episode 7 now and Lol at Lily completely taking over Dorian's place. And her little radfem army. Still feeling annoyed at Victor, tbh. I never liked him, he's just whiny and mean. Edit: Finished the episode and when Victor said he was making Lily into a "proper woman" I was seething at my TV. I can't wait for his death.
  8. Same!!! I'm only on Ep 2 of Season 3, but I hope they see each other again soon! I don't want a romance between them now, since the Vanessa/Ethan thing is still going on, but I'd really like to see Ethan's reaction to "Lily".
  9. Ok, but personally I still consider it to be incest since they're related by blood.
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