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  1. Depends on what you mean by 'At the time of the first book' Jon Arryn who was managing the Kingdom for Robert anyway. His downside is his heir being breastfed, did he not know about that? Tywin is effective but he's monstrous. He has a strong heir (as King he releases him of his vows) but Jaime is in the lure of Cersei. Hoster Tully would have been a good candidate as he connects 3 of the Kingdoms of Westeros to his line, but again, Edmure is perhaps a weak heir. And he was on the verge of death, Doran Martell would be a decent shot at the time of the first book, 2 sons as his heirs. Both seems OK. While he isn't in the first book, this was still true of him at the time of the first book.
  2. Sure but that doesn't have to be the case for every character, Arya as a character was written to be completely insignificant to Westeros after episode 3. All the other surviving characters either had their death to come, or like Jon their final significant act, or were important in the new setup of Westeros. Arya had none of those things. People who get wound up about her killing the NK don't seem to realise, that is all Arya had, If she hadn't had that moment her character would have been completely pointless to the story's conclusion. Which makes us wonder about what the hell Arya is for in a book series with no Night King.
  3. Her story was completed in The Long Night. That doesn't mean she was intended to die, just that her final conclusion was reached sooner in the story than other characters. All that comes after it was her explicit dropping of the kill list and choosing life. But that is muddled by sending her off in a boat to nowhere which has previously been considered a suicide mission, never to see the people she loves again. Its a weird one. She was only in King's Landing to provide a point of view for the commonfolk as Daenerys inflicted terror on them.
  4. The knife drop is in slow motion. He only has time to look down by which point she's caught it. The fake out works by making it look like you've dropped your weapon to the floor. Not that you are making a move.
  5. The Targs believe their own hype. They think they are above the laws of Gods and Men. Therefore they can't get ill like mortal man. Its all a con
  6. Something is off with those Uncle/Niece marriages though. We don't have that full story. First, they follow Cregan who lived a very long time and had multiple wives with multiple issue. This made the girls and their uncles only 'half' related. They share only Cregan as an ancestor. This may be why it was allowed. I may be off here, but I wonder if it was an Alys Karstark situation. Cregan died and these girls were the heirs to House Stark. The two half uncles married them to consolidate power in the House. It never happened again and seems an extraordinary circumstance with these two brothers and two sisters. Cousins are common though. Tywin and Joanna were cousins. Had things been more out in the open Jon could have easily married one of the Stark girls.
  7. Yeah, she's pretty but that doesn't make people love you. GRRM has that beauty and the beast thing going on. Ygritte isn't gorgeous, Jon is plain. Brienne is beautiful of soul and Jaime is beautiful of face. Cersei is gorgeous but rotten inside. Robert was a young god of a man and then got drunk and fat. Danaerys is the most beautiful woman in the world and the biggest monster inside. As Arya becomes more deadly she becomes prettier. Beware the pretty ones seems to be a message in George's work. I can totally see Sansa, proclaimed as gorgeous die alone.
  8. I don't even think its a nice idea but I've been through it 10 times and I don't want to dredge it back up. Suffice to say, I don't like that Arya, the unconventional character is cast out of Westeros rather than forcing Westeros to change. Nymeria would roll in her grave.
  9. I saw that coming in the books. Sansa dreams of love but no one has ever really loved her besides familiarly. Everyone is using her. She is really the lone wolf, surrounded by predators. This was a key reason I thought the sisters would invert their world views.
  10. She doesn't need it though. That is a good contrast between her and Danaerys. Both began saying that they wanted the love of the people as Queen. In the end Sansa doesn't need love. One of her brother's died for it, one was destroyed by it, her sister seems to have broken someone with it. Daenerys on the other hand can't cope without being loved. It gives her validation. When she doesn't have it, we saw what happened. Summed up by this quite aptly
  11. Elizabeth didn't die a virgin she just appeared so to her people. She married her country. In those days if she married then her husband would be King, a King outranks a Queen. She would lose her power. As for Sansa not getting what she wants, she did, 'I'd be queen someday, its the only thing I've ever wanted', she had to endure the sacrifices to get what she wanted. Some things, she will never have.
  12. I can kind of understand Bran just shrugging but the Crown is Bankrupt. Littlefinger, Cersei and the wars have drained the treasury. Plus one of the few cities in Westeros has been destroyed. Bran is not rolling in it. The North similarly has lost pretty much its whole army and food supplies. In the books it cost Farman 3 priceless dragon eggs to get a crew and a ship. How would Arya know what ship to get? How would she know who to hire? The end of the show is her with maps, picking up a telescope. Arya does not know how to navigate at sea. And if it were the case she hired someone, well why isn't she with this person in the map room? Why is she at the prow as if she's in control. If that voyage goes badly, how exactly can she command the boat? I wonder if the Farman stuff was George's version of the GOT ending done more realistically. This woman spent her whole life sailing, she sailed around Westeros and to the free cities. West of westeros was her dream. Arya had a passing thought and no skill to undertake the endeavour. I highly doubt he would give Arya a second hand ending.
  13. This doesn't ring true to me because of how her arc with the Faceless men ended. 'I am Arya Stark of Winterfell and I am going home'. Her journey to becoming no one only reinforced who she was. Its why she couldn't let go of Needle. There never seemed to me to be any question of self discovery, her proclamation was so powerful. What was the point of it otherwise? Yet the story ends with her completely rejecting that and disappearing. How did we get there? I have no clue. The script for 6 confirms my suspicions that she's never intended to come back. I mean, she said that in episode 4. It feels to me like her whole arc was made worthless. She leaves home, her dad is killed and she embarks on a long journey to get back. She gets back, decides she doesn't actually care and pisses off god knows were. What was the journey for? Why have we watched this? Where is the resolution?
  14. Kind of. I despise my favourite character's ending so I'm less excited about the journey to get there. Although, has to be said we still don't know what Arya is for in the books, there is no Night King. She doesn't seem to have a role after the war. So out of the core 5 she is still a massive question mark.
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