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  1. Why do you say Jon did not get a happy ending? I mean lets keep it real, if Jon was never sent to the wall as punishment what would he have done? He never wanted to rule. He doesnt care for that. He probably would have still rode to the "real north" and join his wildling friends
  2. D2procon

    Destiny of Jon Snow

    The question is, if he was never sent to the wall and Bran actually forgave him. What would Jon have done then? He made it clear he never wanted the throne. He would have probably still went back to the " real north" with his wildling friends. He spent a good part of his life there.
  3. Sansa ruling a brexited winterfell, Bran sitting on his wheelchair as the king of Westeros, Jon sent back to the wall and Arya becoming fucking Magellan..? Give me shit I wouldve never guessed for 500 Alex
  4. And why does Bran need a master of whisperers?
  5. Brienne the halfwit closing the book before the ink dried
  6. It’s upsetting to me that Davos offered The Reach to the Unsullied to start a lineage BECAUSE THEY DONT HAVE PENISES.
  7. I dont get it, the honorable Jon Snow refused to take the throne because he was loyal but then stabs his queen?
  8. D2procon

    Arya and the Horse

    Funny thing is everyone dissecting this horse like it has a meaning and purpose. With the way D&D writting has been, they probably threw the horse in there for no reason other than to get Arya home
  9. D2procon

    Unpopular opinion

    I dont care if they did 15 episodes, youre missing the point, there are higher up in HBO executive offices that will want some adjustments to tailor to fan's expectations
  10. D2procon

    Unpopular opinion

    Its not soley on D&D there are people high in rankings in HBO that tailor to what fans want to see. George martin even said so himself.
  11. D2procon

    What is left to be told?

    Bronn wants his castle. Im guessing Danerys imprisons tyrion awaiting death trial. He will demand a trial by combat chosing bronn who will gladly accept as he still needs his castle from tyrion. It will be Greyworm vs Bronn that would be a nice showdown
  12. Mg guess is Jon will get captured by cersei demands trial of combat. Cersei refuses him to fight and to look for a champion. He will choose arya to fight the mountain
  13. D2procon

    Not Buying it! Cersi, Hound, Bronn

    Cersei knew if she killed danerys everyone would turn on her. Instead she killed missandei as to provoke team Danerys to wnter and kill innocent people making it easier for cersei to gain support of westeros
  14. I see a lot of people complaining about Cersei not attacking Danny and her mini crew Qyburn tells Cersei she has the support of the common people in Kings Landing. They support her claim, even though the Targaryen should have the stronger claim, they see Dany as an outsider and invader. Cersei doesn't just want the support of the common people, she wants the support of the Seven Kingdoms and all the important Lords that hold power throughout the land. So she proceeds to tell Qyburn "open the gates to the Red Keep, if [Daenerys] wants the Iron Throne, she'll have to burn thousands of innocents on her way here" (not an exact quote as I don't remember the exact phrasing, but go watch the scene yourself) She certainly could've ballistae'd them down when they were there to parlay, it's not like morality is holding her back. It's that she'll be able to solidify the support of the common people and inspire the support of the powerful Lords throughout the land if she gets Dany to kill innocents first. This is important. The Crown is severely in debt, and even after killing "the invaders", one needs to build allies in order to survive. This may be her best shot at improving her own image and the positioning of the Crown relative to the Iron Bank and other powers within Westeros. This is also why she executed Missandei in that scene. Other than the fact that Cersei's just evil and cruel, that move was intended to provoke Dany into ruining her reputation in Kings Landing while rebranding Cersei as the saviour of the people by having her go on a blood-thirsty rampage (which is what everything is pointing to in Episode 5) before killing her off.
  15. D2procon

    Discussing Jaime and Brienne

    I see a lot of people talking about how Jaime is just going off back to be with Cersei despite having found something with Brienne. I think what he said and did is being misinterpreted. He found love with Brienne, someone who came to love him for who he is as a person with no expectations from him. This in turn causes him to realize just how evil Cersei is because he now has a completely different side to view from. It was this that made him decide to go back to kings landing.... but not to be with Cersei. When he told Brienne the things he has done in order to be with Cersei, he was telling someone he came to realize he can trust with his dark past the fucked up shit he has done to be with her, hes showing her the type of trust you show a lover, but from a very dark place. When he said "She's hateful, but so am I." I genuinely believe the hatred he was speaking of was directed straight at Cersei. He has done evil things for her, for what he perceived as love, but it wasn't love. He has now seen love, actual love, and hatred is begotten from love. Cersei is the source of his evil, and that evil must be elimited.