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  1. Sansa ruling a brexited winterfell, Bran sitting on his wheelchair as the king of Westeros, Jon sent back to the wall and Arya becoming fucking Magellan..? Give me shit I wouldve never guessed for 500 Alex
  2. And why does Bran need a master of whisperers?
  3. Brienne the halfwit closing the book before the ink dried
  4. It’s upsetting to me that Davos offered The Reach to the Unsullied to start a lineage BECAUSE THEY DONT HAVE PENISES.
  5. I dont get it, the honorable Jon Snow refused to take the throne because he was loyal but then stabs his queen?
  6. I see a lot of people complaining about Cersei not attacking Danny and her mini crew Qyburn tells Cersei she has the support of the common people in Kings Landing. They support her claim, even though the Targaryen should have the stronger claim, they see Dany as an outsider and invader. Cersei doesn't just want the support of the common people, she wants the support of the Seven Kingdoms and all the important Lords that hold power throughout the land. So she proceeds to tell Qyburn "open the gates to the Red Keep, if [Daenerys] wants the Iron Throne, she'll have to burn thousands of innocents on her way here" (not an exact quote as I don't remember the exact phrasing, but go watch the scene yourself) She certainly could've ballistae'd them down when they were there to parlay, it's not like morality is holding her back. It's that she'll be able to solidify the support of the common people and inspire the support of the powerful Lords throughout the land if she gets Dany to kill innocents first. This is important. The Crown is severely in debt, and even after killing "the invaders", one needs to build allies in order to survive. This may be her best shot at improving her own image and the positioning of the Crown relative to the Iron Bank and other powers within Westeros. This is also why she executed Missandei in that scene. Other than the fact that Cersei's just evil and cruel, that move was intended to provoke Dany into ruining her reputation in Kings Landing while rebranding Cersei as the saviour of the people by having her go on a blood-thirsty rampage (which is what everything is pointing to in Episode 5) before killing her off.
  7. What bothers me more than the ending is episode 4 preview. The north cheering Danerys on and rallying by her side like she defeated the night king. I hope arya gets appropriate credit
  8. That was a big redeeming moment for Brienne because the last time she was with a group of boys she was being a big joke, which is why she was hesitant being called over to kneel. And now she is being honored and praised. She got what she wanted. Respect.
  9. Now it got me thinking. I wonder if Night King has visions of his own and he can see westeros the way Bran can. How else did he know the Umber boy was of relavance that he had him pinned to the wall as a message. I mean that boy could have been a random boy who was caught in the middle when the white walkers attacked last Hearth...
  10. Why are people mad that Starks are not in a scene together? I mean lets be real guys since when were they ever together at any point? There was never ever a scene even from the beginning when the starks were ever 'together' Theyre bound by family and thats about it. There was still some disconnect between them. Sansa was never ever close to Jon. Sansa and Arya disliked each other as children and even had their moments when arya returned to Winterfel. Catelyn Stark hated Jon Snow. Rob was neutral with the Bastard. The only real close relationship was Jon Arya and Bran. Bran is weirded out so them sitting together wont mean much
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