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An alternative name with a hint in the text for Jon would be "Daeron", given his fondness for the book about the Dornish campaign by King Daeron I "the young dragon".

That is what I thought as well, and think of the irony.

But, of all the names Ned could have chosen to change it to, he named him after a Stark king.

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Though I don't see how that part of the interview indicates that Mance is a secret Stark. The line "Mance's blood is no more royal than mine" was always a hint towards Jon's parentage to me. Mance is a King-beyond-the-Wall, meaning he is a King, and thus, has royal blood. Jon descends from Kings and princes, making his blood royal as well.

I don't agree with the first part of your quote, but I totally 100% support the second part :D

Oh I mean not a 'secret' Stark, just has some Stark blood. That's what I gather from the quote;

If I had to speculate on Mance's origins, I might suspect he had a little Stark and a little bit of Bael........

Or maybe that was a hint to Mance being descendant from the Stark baby that Bael left behind at Winterfell.....

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So "Jon" is over determined, being as well the name of the Lord to whom Eddard owed his life after Aerys called for Eddard's head. Just what the mad King thought would happen after he burned Lord Robert and the next Stark heir is a mystery. It is conceivable that he intended to hold them as hostages. Probably not, but like Macbeth believed he had waded too far in blood to go back.

I still would like to know what Rhaegar, after he returned to Kings Landing, had to say to his father.

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