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How would you rate episode 408?

How would you rate episode 408?  

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Tyrion don't laugh, shittin'out another blasfemy/pray to the lord of Death: The Stranger...

And... why they still mess around with poor Aryia?!

True, I would have LOVED Tyrion's hysterical laugh and the "snakes don't have hands"-quote.

A great episode all around, highlight's of the episode were: Sansa's transformation to a player and of course the trial by combat. The Missandrei & Grey Worm thing was time wasting and useless, we could have got so much more instead of that scene!

A solid 9

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Nope. Read my post again.

I said that Vikings and Spartacus beats GoT in sheer escapism and pure entertainment value, while The Wire, Sopranos, and BB beat GoT in narrative, character development, dialogue, and plot development. I value the latter traits far more than the former, so clearly I put the latter shows in much higher regard than the former. However, if I were either mentally exhausted or completely wasted off my ass and wanted some quick show to let loose, I might pick the former shows just out of the fact that they're fun and entertaining, and aren't too thought provoking.

The Vikings is interesting but is thin on production value.

Spartacus was a disaster, the first season's story was sort of interesting, the '300' moronic comic book splatter action ... well one time through on that junk idea was enough to hold one for a lifetime.

The rest of the seasons and half season were endless loops of stage bound looping , waste of some good actors too.

That was the most wimpy representation of ancient ROME, the city, I have ever seen.

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10 just for the delicious shot of oberyns head being splatted....for some of the mistakes i personally feel D&D make with the changes i was so happy the fight and oberyns death was so close to the book....that being said the epicness of ep8 final scene may have ruined the last two eppisodes for me as i felt let down after both and the only reason i can think it the peak for me was ep8's final scene.

Sansa and Littlefingers creepy come to bed eyes.....no no no! That almost dropped it down to an 9 but her bad ass dress made up for it

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What is up with that beetle story?! I was waiting and trying to figure out what the moral of the story is...None.

loved the fight scene great moves for the viper, but no mention of how he got this nickname or how he applied poison on his spear before that fight. I also loved that sansa scene where she explains to the vale lords how lysa fell. :cool4: Sansa joined the game baby!

I give this ep an 8

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Gave it an 8.

Like others have said, nothing really happens for most of the episode til the duel.

I liked the duel, it wasn't perfect but it sufficed plus that ending with Gregor crushing Oberyn's head was gold.

Some of the things I disliked were Arya laughing after hearing that her aunt had passed, I know it was mostly directed at Sandor but it did still look like they were trying too hard to make her badass.

The beetle crusher scene was tedious and could have been handled better IMO.

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There are many good things in the book so putting in the beetles conversation is a bit of a let down for me. The whole fight was a let down too. Gregor Clegane supposed to be a beast in full armor,instead we get a baby faced guy who might be big but way too slow. They could have done a better job with a very tall agile guy, a basketball player for example, put him in full armor face covered and have a voice actor. I love the show but this is a strong 6 .

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