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I think the only thing getting destroyed along with the WW & AotD, is the Iron Throne. 

Dany already sowed the seeds of democracy in The Bay of Dragons.....

My question is... what about the Old Gods & The New? Are the religions real? If so, which ones?

And will they assist in The Great War? If so how? 

so many questions.... 

It's got to be Bran who tells Jon and everyone else who he is.. right? Do we have to wait until the last episode of season 8 for that to happen? 

When does Bran realize he just broke the Wall?

Moat Calin or Winterfell gets iced? Or... ??????? WHATSHAPPENING???? I think my TV seatbelt is already broken.

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On 7/20/2017 at 4:55 PM, fire&blood said:

It's definitely him. The profile, the voice and the opening credits as others have mentioned. My thoughts are that his hand looks burned because the maesters are trying to prevent it from spreading. Fire has been used before to prevent the spread of disease or infection.


On 7/20/2017 at 8:14 PM, Shmedricko said:

Also, the subtitles say it's Jorah: http://i.imgur.com/wDLQKav.jpg

Lol, yes it is. 

Probably my less than enthusiastic love of Jorah, and a hope for more twists and turns that are actually exciting that were driving that notion.

But of course the show barely addresses Rhaegar much less his birth at Summerhall, so it would be lost on the casual audience.

Thanks for responding! :D

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