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TWoW Cover

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Just wondering if anyone knows whether the cover of tWoW that is pictured all over the Internet lately is the actual cover. It depicts a twisted horn with some bands and runes on it. (Sorry, I tried to paste it, but it didn't take. At least not in the Create New Topic window.)


If so, what might this say about the various horns that are floating about the story: Victarion's, Sam's, the original HoJ?

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It's a weird one. When that cover first appeared - years and years ago - it was posted as a fan image. Then a bit later on George was interviewed and said it was an early mock-up but might not be the final cover for TWoW (ADWD had cover art prepared for it in 2007 which was then revamped several times before the book finally came out). So whether it was a fan image that got adopted officially (which actually occasionally happens, and in other mediums, like where the BBC adopted a fan CG trailer for Doctor Who as the title sequence for two seasons because they liked it) or it was the real art that got leaked is unclear.

I suspect, given the amount of time that's passed, the publishers will be tempted to do a full refresh of the entire series and change all the cover art. Who knows at this point?

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