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Anthony Appleyard

The use of House symbols

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Book story matter mentions people displaying the Targaryen 3-headed dragon symbol, as a flag or otherwise. But there are two meanings for a heraldic symbol.

With real-world Scotland, there are two symbols:

(1) The white-on-blue saltire (X-shaped St.Andrew cross), it correctly heraldically means "I belong to Scotland" or similar.

(2) The red-on-gold rampant lion in a double ornamental frame, it correctly heraldically means "I am the king of Scotland", although Scottish football fans often display it nowadays.

Are there two versions of the Targaryen symbol, for these two meanings?


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The seven pointed star might be considered to represent Westeros in a similar manner. 
Though I don't think there is any sort of official symbol on a national scale. 

The power of the Houses seems to keep things like national pride from gaining too much traction. 

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