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  1. Anthony Appleyard

    Fire and Blood; Winds of Winter

    Is there any idea when the book Winds of Winter will come out? If GRRM is reading this, if it is going to be very big, please publish it as two volumes. My copy of Fire and Blood is one big volume, and due to its physical size and weight it is starting to show signs of damage due to having to hold itself together at that size (spraining the binding; dust-jacket becoming torn), and it is causing problems to me handling it due to its weight and bulk. This also, if Fire and Blood is reprinted, please publish it as two volumes.
  2. Anthony Appleyard

    Queries about dragons

    The dragon name Balerion may (in the real world) have been inspired by Belerion, which is a Greek name used by Diodorus Siculus for Cornwall (in England), or for its western end (Penwith). https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cornwall
  3. Anthony Appleyard

    Amusing A Song of Ice and Fire reference

    There is an amusing A Song of Ice and Fire reference at time 2.11 as a text comment on screen in this Youtube video about cats: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QB6Iz0VCQ_E&t=134s (with apologies if it sends you to an advertisement first instead).
  4. Anthony Appleyard

    House of the Dragons Likely to Air 2022

    If House of the Dragons starts properly at the beginning, they should for example keep track of how big Balerion is at various times. I read that he is the youngest (and thus likely the smallest) of the 5 dragons that the Targaryens brought across from Valyria. "Even Balerion once rode on someone's shoulder." (i.e. when he was still a hatchling), it could be said, literally, and also to mean "Many things known of as being big, started off small".,
  5. Anthony Appleyard


    In India, domesticated elephants were often let wander into the jungle overnight to feed and each morning were tracked and found and brought back to work.
  6. Anthony Appleyard


    They can feed themselves on tree twigs and tundra vegetation and such like. Mammoth tusks are like they are for brushing snow aside to reach vegetation.
  7. Anthony Appleyard


    The books say that there were still a few hundred living mammoths.
  8. Anthony Appleyard

    Official Valyrian Steel GoT swords for sale UK

    How are they made? Do you use multi-layering, like the Valyrians did?
  9. Anthony Appleyard


    Since mammoths lived in The North, it is to be wondered why the old Kings of the North, or GRRM, did not see the potentials of riding mammoths, for travel, or in ceremonial parades, as with elephants in India in the real world.
  10. Anthony Appleyard

    Queries about dragons

    Game of Thrones dragons are drawn or CGI'ed as impressively spiky, but would that spikyness be an advantage? Spikes may snag on things. A rough skin would cause much aerodynamic drag in flying.
  11. King Aegon I was crowned hastily on Dragonstone, then later formally properly at Oldtown, under the Faith of the Seven; his family living before that a century or so on Dragonstone was likely for long enough for them to drop the Valyrian gods and adopt the gods of Westeros. It seems that Oldtown was the headquarters of the Faith of the Seven. But where were the kings of the old separate seven (or earlier, many more) kingdoms crowned?: likelier, each inside or in front of his home castle, given the hazards and difficulties of long-distance travel (without dragons to fly on safely high above the heads of robbers and suchlike). Was Aegon I the first king in Westeros to go to Oldtown to be crowned? To me it seems likely that the old Stark Kings of The North were crowned in front of a heart tree. In the North, mammoths, if available and domesticatable, may have played a part in royal parades, as with elephants in real-world Indian kingdoms. Before Aegon I came, the Sons of the Warrior would have been needed to protect Faith property and personnel from local rulers and warring groups.
  12. Anthony Appleyard

    Prequel Pilot Filming Begins

    I have noticed this :: Tolkien wrote as if he was omniscient within his fictional world, but GRRM writes as if, like many real historians, for information he depends on miscellaneous and sometimes contradictory old sources.
  13. Anthony Appleyard

    House of the Dragons Likely to Air 2022

    > At the least, he sidesteps the core issue: he says House of the Dragon has more book material > to be based on, with Fire & Blood, while Long Night had no prequel novellas That is why :: film matter set in the Time of Heroes would have to be composed from scratch, but matter describing the early Targaryen kings can follow the book. I hope that House of the Dragons starts not with the Dance of the Dragons, but at the proper beginning with Aegon I landing on Westeros, or even earlier showing the Targaryens still home on Valyria, andDaenys's dream starting it all off, and then the evacuation to Dragonstone. And please do not kill off dragons (as I suspect is why Rhaegal died in the Game of Thrones movies) merely to save on CGI expenses. A dragon, or a human, can be kept alive but out of camera view and could come back later. And, thank the Seven for the Melisandre character, as a way to bring killed-off important characters back (but preferably sparingly). I would like to see the Targaryen dynasty restored under Jon married to Daenerys; they would both be claimants to the throne; both could reign at the same time as king and queen, as happened in Britain in the real world with William and Mary (see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/William_and_Mary). Any fault in Daenerys's mental attitude could be cured and recovered from. And they could have plenty of children. Another discovery of dragon eggs in Essos, this time genuinely from the far east, could get badly-needed fresh blood into the Westeros dragon breeding stock.
  14. So far I have found these Game of Thrones / World of Ice and Fire -related forums :- (1) A Forum of Ice and Fire ( https://asoiaf.westeros.org/index.php?/forum/8-objects-of-ice-and-fire ) :: This forum :: I have joined it successfully. (2) www.fanforum.com/f364/ A fan forum, which has a forum for each of many scenarios, including a "Game of Thrones Forum" (3) https://forum.watchersonthewall.com/ A forum. My attempt to join (2) and (3) seem to be stalled. Are these two forums still manned? What is happening there?