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  1. Is there anywhere a list of how WoIaF / GoT placenames and personal names are handled in translation? For example, in a French-language fan-fiction story at https://www.fanfiction.net/s/13281199/1/Une-part-de-lui-m%C3%AAme King's Landing appears named as Port-RĂ©al; I do not know whether that follows usage in official French translations of the WoIaF books.
  2. See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cryodrakon :; Cryodrakon borealis ("northern ice dragon") is a species of big pterosaur found in Alberta in Canada, declared in year 2019. Before that name was declared, there was an idea to call it Cryodrakon viserion , after one of Danaerys's dragons in the book stories.
  3. If Fire and Blood is reprinted, PLEASE print it as 2 volumes. My (hardback) copy due to its text-length and weight is too heavy for the strength of its bindings, and its covers have broken off.
  4. Likewise there should be no disgrace in sending off a Kingsguard member for incapacity caused by severe injury or advancing age e.g. arthritis.
  5. As long as he gets on with The Winds of Winter and A Dream of Spring. As long as he does not kill off too many good-side characters, Jon Snow gets stabbed fatally in A Dance with Dragons, but there has been talk of Melisandre reviving him. I would like to see Dany cured of any madness that she develops, and cured of the effects of Mirri Maz Duur's curse; and then she and Jon Snow marry and become king and queen of Westeros, and raise a family. Jon's mixture of Stark blood should cure inbreeding, and the movie showed that he can ride a dragon. "he's not going to wrap every little thing'" :: that leaves plenty of opportunity for fan-fiction writers.
  6. A Dance with Dragons, chapter Daenerys IX, when Daenerys claims Drogon and rides him to escape from Meereen, shows something about the metabolism of dragons. Someone throws a spear into Drogon. When Dany pulls the spear out, the spear's head is shown to be half-melted. It seems that living dragon flesh can emit foundry-like heat while remaining as living flesh functioning as part of the dragon. It seems that a living tradition of knowing how to tame and ride a dragon, had come down continuously from Aegon I's ancestors, but had been broken when the last dragons died in the Dance of the Dragons and then the last dragon-rider died; and much later, Dany had to learn from scratch by trial-and-error and odd bits of information passed on in old stories or written.
  7. It seems that those 3 eggs were stolen from the hatcheries on Dragonstone in Jaehaerys I's reign. https://awoiaf.westeros.org/index.php/Dreamfyre says that: * Before 43 AD: the dragon Dreamfyre laid two clutches of eggs. * In 49-50 AC, Dreamfyre laid a third clutch of 3 eggs at Fair Isle, but they soon hatched and thus are not the eggs stolen by Elissa Farman. *In 54 AC, Rhaena discovered that Elissa Farman, had stolen three dragon eggs from the Dragonstone hatcheries and fled to Pentos. As to whether Elissa Farman's 3 eggs are Daenerys's 3 eggs, see Megorova's message above. Are there any dragon eggs where is it known BOTH who laid it AND who hatched from it? To what extent were the Dragonkeepers able to keep track of what the dragons were doing, and thus to keep track of maternity and paternity of their eggs? At any rate, the biological mother of Dany's 3 eggs was long dead when they hatched in Khal Drogo's funeral pyre, and that is why their 3 hatchlings imprinted on Dany as their mother. That is likely added to her "claiming" Drogon in the usual way.
  8. See https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DcfeygptQ2M for a Youtube video by a Youtuber called Aegon Targaryen, "George R. R. Martin on Sothoryos" showing an interview with GRRM. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQvScLIHA1O_wRBwA0nzZ5A/videos is a list of Youtube videos by Aegon Targaryen. "George R. R. Martin on Sothoryos" is 3rd-from-end in that list. If "George R. R. Martin on Sothoryos" is started by clicking on its entry in that list, it shows an image split between GRRM's face and a map of Sothoryos, showing east and west coasts, but running off the south end of the map. It is not stated who made that map or whether it can be treated as canon. That image shows, larger, as the first frame in the video, if the video is started by clicking in that list of videos.
  9. To keep the building 7-rotational symmetrical, plus allowing adequate public access, it could have 7 doors, each between 2 of the god-images.
  10. In the real world, Herodotus recorded the Phoenician circumnavigation, and he wrote that to him that expedition's story lost credibility because on returning they reported that the sun went north at midday as they rounded the south end of Africa. (But in June/July 1984 I was 18 nights under a northward-culminating sun in NSW in Australia.) (in Sydney and Coonabarabran)
  11. In "A Storm of Swords" yesterday I found a statement that a festering battle wound was treated with "bread mold". It seems that Alexander Fleming was not the first to use an antibiotic.
  12. "Giant apes - There is giant apes dwarfing giants in Sothoryos. " :: Gigantopithecus?
  13. Advertisements for the videogame https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Game_of_Thrones:_Winter_Is_Coming often intrude into Youtube videos. In them I have seen two ideas of what a sept loks like: (1) A 7-sided building, presumably with one of the Seven at each corner or in the middle of each side. (One of the GRRM text stories mentions a seven-sided foundation where a sept had been.) That raises the question of where an adequate-sized public entrance is to be. Sometimes I think in terms of 8-sided, for 7 gods, and the eighth position is for the entrance. (2) Recently, a battle scene in a Youtube advertisement for that videogame shows a big tall sept with a roughly-circular central part with various buildings attached to it including a large parallel-sided nave for the congregation like in a real-world cathedral; the nave presumably ends in the central part in a large apse which presumably contains the images of the Seven arranged in a semicircle.
  14. Monsters kept in the Lord of Braavos's menagerie are listed on p512 (softback version) of the book "Game of Thrones". I can recognize most of them from the text descriptions, but not the "hairy mouse-pigs as big as cows". Has anyone got an idea what these are meant to be?
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