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  1. We may need to know how far a weirwood tree (of each size) can extend its roots to meet another weirwood tree's roots. And what sorts of country and climate weirwoods can grow in. Likely a full weirwood connection from Westeros to Essos would need ability for weirwoods to grow in the Prince's Pass, or e.g. in the apparent higher pass by Yronwood; and further east along the wetter land all along the lower south slopes of the Red Mountains, and then the (then unbroken) Arm of Dorne to where Tyrosh is now. And after the Arm broke, whether a full connection could survive underwater.
  2. Likely "bisexual" can have 2 meanings: (1) Normal anatomy and variations in mental sexual choice. (2) True hermaphroditism, e.g. the Essos slave named Sweets, and one of the books mentioned someone who had "the parts of man and woman both".
  3. In the real world in settled communities, mounts for young children to start to learn to horse-ride seem to be usually small ponies. But with a nomad tribe, small ponies may not be able to keep up with tribal migrations. I have seen no mention of Dothraki children riding small ponies . I heard once of among Mongols in the real world, toddlers being mounted on horse foals a few months old, and the two grow up together. I heard on Youtube of an old Roman or Greek source that spoke of a horse-riding nomad tribe in central Asia where very young children learned to ride by riding sheep.,
  4. Doom of Valyria. One real-world civilization destroyed by a volcano was the first (Hindu) kingdom of Mataram, which was destroyed in 1006 by a big eruption of the Merapi volcano in Java. One future real-world disaster will be if the huge fast-expanding magma chamber under the Iwo Jima volcano explodes full-power and blows its insides out.
  5. I thought again: with a big (cathedral-sized) sept, as in a city, if the 7 images are at corners of a heptagonal room, the bigger the sept, the further apart are the Father and Mother, which at weddings may clash with the idea that the couple should be near both the Father and the Mother. I had an idea of (sometimes) the 7 images being all together in the middle of the sept room, all facing outwards with their backs against a big pillar which supports the middle of the roof.
  6. Either Jon Snow/Targaryen or Young Griff / Aegon VI to meet Daenerys Targaryen and a lasting love to start, and ??? they in the end become king and queen?
  7. Near the end of A Dance with Dragons part 1 someone, listing the fate of various Westerosi wildlife, says that the unicorn was nearly extinct. But I found in one of the books a drawing, said to be a unicorn, showing a thickset hairy animal with one midline black horn without spiraling. There is a theory, in the real world and repeated in WoIaF, that the horn became white and spiral by the description being changed by whalers who wanted to get a better price for narwhal tusks. The Roman author Pliny describes unicorns living in India. To me, his account 100% certainly is a somewhat travel-and-retelling-distorted account of the Indian Rhinoceros.
  8. As regards things or animals named after GoT / WoIaF characters, I have come across this link about a cargo plane named Rhaegal-A.
  9. See " Why ‘Game of Thrones’ is actually dangerous for China’s rulers" for how "Game of Thrones" is censored in China. Putting some GoT / WoIaF names into Google Translate in English-to-Chinese mode (traditional, not simplified) , gets translations into Chinese characters. Sometimes they are merely a jumble of irrelevant Chinese words that sound more or less the same, but sometimes the translation looks suitable: "Drogon" becomes 德羅貢 (Pinyin "déluógòng"), which means "morality Luo tribute", but "drogon" becomes 德龍 (Pinyin "délóng"), which means "morality dragon". "Dragonstone" in the English text automatically becomes 龍石 (Lóngshí), which means "dragon stone". This may mean that Google Translate learned Chinese from English texts with those names in and translations into Chinese that humans had made. "Daenerys" Google-auto-translates as 丹妮莉絲 Dānnīlìsī "red Ni Li wire/silk". "KIng's Landing" Google-auto-translates as 君臨 (jūnlín). Those two characters, if met together, are back-translated as "KIng's Landing", but if met separately, are back-translated as "monarch" and "face".
  10. Is there anywhere a full description of "A Game of Thrones: The Board Game Second Edition"?
  11. https://www.westeros.org/GoT/News/Entry/16307 seems to announce a forthcoming WoIaF / GoT theme display or theme park. One consideration is that if the display includes the inside of a sept, then some of the visitors may use it as a prayer-room, perhaps praying for help for real-world people, not only praying for help for story characters, and if so, they should be allowed to have suitable peace and quiet.
  12. A Feast for Crows gives much more detail for the Crackclaw Point events. The Crackclaws (= the people of Crackclaw Point) kept local independence as many small petty kingdoms or chieftaindoms; from time to time one or another of them conquered the rest but soon lost power. Until Aegon I came. Then the Crackclaws saw what Balerion did at Harrenhal, and bent the knee to Aegon I. Aegon let them become direct feudal subordinates of the king, and not with layers of overlordship above them. That made them very loyal to the Targaryen kings including in the Battle of the Trident.
  13. I am near the end of "A Feast for Crows", and this query arises: The Ironmen are complaining that no good has come from them occupying The North, and refer contemptuously to shingle and turnips; but none of them notices the huge amount of shipbuilding timber in The North! Those 5 books (7 in England) contain various flashbacks to events in Targaryen times, including Alysanne's dragon ride to Winterfell and The Wall; and GRRM likely extracted and expanded that matter when he wrote "Blood and Fire" later. But "Blood and Fire" does not mention events on Crackclaw Point in Targaryen times, which are described near the end of "A Feast for Crows".
  14. In one of the WoIaF books I found a funeral scene, where a dead man was laid in front of the image of the Stranger.
  15. The traditional European image of the dragon with front legs and back legs and wings, = 3 pairs, has become less popular with palaeontological discoveries of real pterosaurs, using the wrists of their wings as front feet. Some also point into difficulty in getting a form with 3 pairs of limbs to evolve from real-type early reptiles. But see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Polymelia#Origin :: the real early Devonian fish Mesacanthus shows that three pairs of paired limbs/fins are possible; an evolutionary glitch that produces a third (central) pair of limbs is possible, and that extra pair could evolve into wings.
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