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  1. In A Clash of Kings I found another bit about the Faith of the Seven: each year there is a Maiden's Day, and on that day special hymns are sung, and nobody except virgin women and girls are allowed in the sept.
  2. https://awoiaf.westeros.org/index.php/Beric_Dondarrion says that in A Clash of Kings "Beric's group meets smallfolk plagued by the ravage of Lannister forces but does not trouble them, and he attempts to pay for the food they take. [A Clash of Kings, Chapter 26, Arya VI.] The outlaws slay Burton's column of westermen in a trap. [A Clash of Kings, Chapter 7, Catelyn I.]" Does "the outlaws" here mean the same men as "Beric's group"? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elegant_variation
  3. I once caused comments by getting a name wrong and writing "the Artisan" for the Smith. But about halfway through "A Feast for Crows", p407 UK paperback version, chapter "Brienne V", the wandering septon Meribald (who always walked barefoot, obeying a vow made as a religious penance), thanked "the Cobbler Above" for making the skin of his feet as hard as leather. When queried, that there was no god with that name, he answered "There is, lad ... though you may call him by another name", and explained, saying that the Smith may as well have been named as the Farmer or the Fisherman or the Carpenter or the Cobbler ... "What he works at makes no matter ... Just as the Smith is one aspect of the Godhead, the Cobbler is one aspect of the Smith.".
  4. The rules that I got from No Name Publishing, are at:- http://www.aappleyard.com/temp/cyvasse_aa_rules.htm http://www.aappleyard.com/temp/cyvasse_aa_alternate_rules.htm I arranged them into .htm format including .htm tables. I welcome all comments and criticisms and pointing out errors.
  5. In the part of "A Feast for Crows" where Ironmen are occupying The North, a character has a poor opinion of the riches of The North: he says that little good will come from occupying so much land far from the sea, and mentions or shows gravel, turnips, tree seeds, and suchlike, But the story does not mention there that, surely, for a seaman, one genuine useful product of The North is shipbuilding timber. For a start, they likely could make thousands of ships from the wood in the trees in the Wolfswood. And also, the farmland would supply much food to resupply ships.
  6. Nowadays in English, "sewage" is foul water, and "sewerage" is providing a place with foulwater drains, but I have heard the two words used to mean each other..
  7. Do you think there is any point in starting a public discussion about cyvasse here? Have you any comments about the de-jure and de-facto copyright legality if I uploaded my version of No Name Publishing's sets of rules somewhere and linked to them here? Google searching for the word "cyvasse" finds "about 22,500 results", so there is some interest out there.
  8. Looking at the dates in No Name Publishing's Youtube page's list of videos gives me the impression that No Nme Publishiung has lost interest here.
  9. Is anyone still interested in cyvasse? It is a chess-like game mentioned in several places in GRRM's books. Various people in the real world have been trying to set up sets of rules for playable games compatible with what is about cyvasse in GRRM's books. I have accumulated various web links with some of them, but many of them seem to have dropped off the internet, such as going 404. I downloaded copies of them. I have tidied them into .htm file format. I have not yet uploaded my versions of them anywhere, as at date (1 February 2021). My versions derive from what was on "No Name Publishing's main site. No Name Publishing has a Youtube page at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6Ai6M0o1WSxqxH_CsBuFxg . Is No Name Publishing still running this topic? Or what is happening? Is there any point in me venturing to decide that No Name Publishing's rules are "abandonware"? Should I upload them somewhere or list them here? Or what?
  10. I read that in the real world and in reality, Pope Sixtus V had a chronic bandit problem in the Papal States, and that he had convoys of food carried about, and the bandits robbed it and ate it. But this food was all poisoned, That ended that bandit problem.
  11. The bodies may be contagious to handle if they got dirtied with dysentery discharge.
  12. GRRM seems to have missed a chance for a dramatic "Dracarys" moment: at Astapor in the dysentery ("pale mare") plague getting Drogon to quickly burn up a mass of highly infected contaminated dead bodies. Afterwards, she would have to persuade Drogon to go for a swim in the sea to clean himself. As for flying transport, she rides on Drogon's one pair of wings, but the "pale mare" rides on the wings of milllions of dung-bred flies. At a safe distance, a priest of one of the local religions says funeral.
  13. I know that fan-fiction is off-topic here, but some fan-fiction likely shows the way that some people think that the book or movie timeline will run after the last of what has been published. For example, some fan-fiction shows Jon Snow as surviving and becoming next king of Westeros. 5 dragons came to Dragonstone with Aenar, and presumably Balerion was the youngest of them. Likely, to the 5 add any eggs or hatchlings, or "young drakes" (as one book called other dragons which were too small to be ridden) (or at least those that were too small to fly that far and had to ride on a ship) that came with them. Likely, on the 5 dragons, according to their size, as well as their pilots, also rode as many extra men that they could comfortably carry that far, to help to get Dragonstone ready for the ships arriving. I have seen a drawing of two Valyrians, one of who had a small black dragon hatchling riding on his shoulder. That image gave me ideas of Daenys having her history-changing dream in an armchair with newly-hatched Balerion sleeping on her shoulder. And a saying "Even Balerion was once a hatchling", meaning "Most things must start small".
  14. For speculations about the fate of Princess Aerea Targaryen, see these two Youtube videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nRwE6XAnzKE The Most Shocking Death Won't Be Shown On TV! What Happened To Aerea Targaryen & Balerion? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WDeMAp5B-a8 ASOIAF Theories: Firewyrms and the Strange Case of Aerea Targaryen
  15. Some book descriptions and Game of Thrones scenario Youtube videos that I have seen, make me wonder :: does a dragon make only what fire that it can make with the fuel that its metabolism can make out of what it eats? Or does it have some unseen connection with the fires of the centre of the Earth or suchlike?
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