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  1. It was for the information of readers.
  2. Anthony Appleyard

    References in WoIaF books

    References to pages in the WoIaF books are often in the form e.g. "A Dance with Dragons, Chapter 22, Tyrion VI.", But (my copies of) these books do not include an index of chapters. At the start of each chapter is that chapter's character name but not a number after it. Please where is a complete list of the chapters in the WoIaF books and what page each chapter is at?
  3. This hoax is explained at https://www.radiotimes.com/news/2017-08-31/people-are-obsessed-with-this-trailer-for-a-modern-day-game-of-thrones/ . There is a longer full version at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JPVIJlKfAOs which shows that the hoax video was part of a gimmicky advertisement for a Dutch series or program called Zontag met Lubach (= Sunday with Lubach) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zondag_met_Lubach .
  4. Anthony Appleyard

    The Stepstones

    https://awoiaf.westeros.org/index.php/Stepstones What detailed maps are there of the Stepstones showing the names of the component islands?
  5. Anthony Appleyard

    Bookkeepers and WoIaF books

    A nuisance that Tolkien fans have had in bookshops is difficulty finding Tolkien books because the bookshop shopkeeper has put them in the science-fiction section. Do people wanting World of Ice and Fire books run into the same nuisance?
  6. Anthony Appleyard


    Gared was a ranger of the Night's Watch: see https://awoiaf.westeros.org/index.php/Gared . It seems to me that he was treated unfairly; compare, in the real 1914-1918 war when a common treatment for posttraumatic stress disorder seems to have been a firing squad rather than nursing.
  7. Anthony Appleyard

    The use of House symbols

    Book story matter mentions people displaying the Targaryen 3-headed dragon symbol, as a flag or otherwise. But there are two meanings for a heraldic symbol. With real-world Scotland, there are two symbols: (1) The white-on-blue saltire (X-shaped St.Andrew cross), it correctly heraldically means "I belong to Scotland" or similar. (2) The red-on-gold rampant lion in a double ornamental frame, it correctly heraldically means "I am the king of Scotland", although Scottish football fans often display it nowadays. Are there two versions of the Targaryen symbol, for these two meanings?
  8. Anthony Appleyard


    The best order in a song or poem is not necessarily the best order in a sept. Weddings tend to attract big congregations, and the most convenient arrangement to get a big congregation in and out easily at a wedding would seem to be with the entrance directly opposite the images of the Father and the Mother - and a wide enough door..
  9. Anthony Appleyard


    The song is at https://awoiaf.westeros.org/index.php/The_Song_of_the_Seven "Seaman" :: Here I meant a man in sailors' waterproofs, not a merman or similar part-man being. When I have seen septs, they seem to be 7-sided. But I would guess that more conveniently the building would be 8-sided, leaving the eighth side for an adequate-sized entrance with e.g. a cloakroom or porch to leave wet outdoor coats in bad weather, and to stop wind-driven heavy rain from wetting the worship room.
  10. Anthony Appleyard


    Likely, to avoid a disquieting tone in the happiness of a wedding, the Stranger was not adjacent to the other side of the Father or of the Mother. It is to be wondered if circumstances ever pushed an area into expanding the Seven. For example, if any Andals while still in Essos ever moved to the coast and sailed or sea-fished much, some may have been tempted to add a Seaman to make eight, as a protector of sailors and ships.
  11. Infertility trouble happens in the real world also. In Britain, King George VI and his wife Elizabeth the Queen Mother had only 2 children, both daughters. The history of British royalty is plagued with childlessness, and long successions of stillbirths and neonatal deaths. It happened with George IV and his successor and brother William IV. Henry VIII for all his 6 wives only had three surviving children, and all 3 died childless. And British royalty never married kin closer than cousins. After Queen Anne died with no surviving offspring, the country had to look in Hanover in Germany to find an heir (George I). And we in the real world had no "blood of the dragon" to have to preserve. Historians in former times sometimes blamed venereal disease; but, thinking more cleanly, it may have been incompatibility between the husband's genes and the wife's mitochondrial DNA's genes.
  12. Anthony Appleyard

    Queries about dragons

    I suppose that it had to happen :: I just now came across an advertisement for a "Game-of-Thrones-themed motor scooter": its metal or plastic covers were decorated with a computer-printed pattern of dragon scales.
  13. Anthony Appleyard


    Astronomical orbit stabilizing tends to need millions of years. I suspect that on the world of these stories (some people call it Planetos), even when in the future it reaches a scientific and technological and industrial age, magic will persist and need to be factored into scientific discussions and considerations -- the same as that in the world of the Star Wars stories, which has technology up to space travel, "The Force" still exists and needs to be factored into scientific discussion and considerations.
  14. Anthony Appleyard


    In the original book series (A Game of Thrones) and those set afterwards, the seasons seem to be very long, and a winter can last several or many years. In the prequel book Fire & Blood, there are many mentions of ordinary annual seasons like in the real world. In discussion on this forum and elsewhere I have seen statements or guesses that the dragons are part of the fire-and-heat part of the scenario's world's inbuilt magic, which helps to control how warm the climate or weather is. If so, it could be that under the early Targaryens,. there were plenty of dragons about, and this kept the magical effect on the weather steady, and thus the effect of time of year versus the tilt of the planet's axis had a chance to show itself, as in the real world.
  15. Anthony Appleyard

    Meanings of Valyrian names?

    I have been comparing High Valyrian names with the High Valyrian to English dictionary. https://wiki.dothraki.org/High_Valyrian_Vocabulary I found: Daenerys :: dāez [daːɛ̯z] dāerior : adj. II free. Jaehaerys :: jaehio [ˈɟaɛ̯hi͡o] : n. 3lun goddess (female deity) ( < jaeh- + -io.) Aegon :: āegion [ˈaːɛ̯gi͡on] : n. 3ter. iron [7]