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Prediction: Jaime's fate

Angel Eyes

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On 3/24/2023 at 1:09 AM, Mithras said:

Bran talking through the trees and interacting with the plot is just Monty Python levels of bad writing at this point. GRRM originally had such ideas but he is moving away from them. Recently we saw an example of this process in an early version of the Brienne chapter. Originally, a murder of crows would appear at the last moment and save Brienne from hanging but GRRM dropped that and had Brienne save herself. A similar process is taking place for the glass candles. In the original drafts of AFfC Prologue, glass candles were much more prominent but GRRM cut down a lot of stuff about them and wrote to his editor that he is "losing confidence in the whole concept of glass candles".

I suspect that Bran saving Brienne has been swapped out for him saving either Jaime or Theon in TWOW.

Where’s that quote about the glass candles from?

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