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NFL 2021 - The Houston Texans v Deshaun Watson


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2 hours ago, Tywin et al. said:

Sure, but in this situation if you assume it’s gospel that the first two picks are Lawrence and Wilson there’s no reason to be deceptive if you know who you want unless you’re trying to marginally diminish the value of the Falcons’ pick. Is that worth annoying your fan base? I guess Maith could be right and they’re doing this because they might be playing mind games with the Jets, but that seems rather unlikely given the Jets seem pretty locked in on Wilson.

Wilson screams bust to me.  He had an amazing season playing against dog shit competition behind an NFL caliber offensive line.  We've never seen him play well against a top defense.  He's much like Drew Lock in that respect.  Both guys lit up shit teams in college and played like garbage against the good ones. 

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1 hour ago, DMC said:

I think this is irrelevant to tipping your hand on who you're gonna pick.  Who cares what the fans think?  I'd be more concerned with what the Panthers, Broncos, Pats, etc. think.  There's no reason to give any of them the advantage of knowing what you think.

I have trouble really seeing the advantage to SF of making the Panthers or Pats wait. 

In 2012, when Washington traded up to #2, they made very clear they were picking RG3.  They did some lip service about "if Luck falls to us", but everyone knew that wasn't going to happen.  In the case where there's a clear #1 and a clear #2, it really doesn't matter whether you admit who your pick is or not.  (Nevermind that the best qb in that draft was taken in the third round). 

In contrast, in 2016 the Rams traded up to #1 and the Eagles traded up to #2.  Neither team officially announced who they were trading for, although as the draft got closer and closer it was widely held that the Rams would take Goff and the Eagles Wentz.  Nothing official, and there was still the chance someone was lying, but draftniks all agreed it would be Goff/Wentz and they were right. 

This year, Lawrence at #1 is very comparable to Luck in 2012.  Wilson at #2 is similar to Goff/Wentz, where it seems like everybody knows it's gonna happen even if it isn't official.  I think that the Niners are just being cagey because they don't want to be surprised by the #2 pick if something weird happens.  Because they definitely don't want to say "Lance is our guy, we love him" only to have him off the board at #3.  That would make them look very bad. 

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10 minutes ago, Karlbear said:

HILARIOUS if true:



I have trouble believing that the Packers could possibly be that stupid.  They were some extremely questionable officiating away from the SB this year, and Rodgers could be at least a top 5 (if not top 3) quarterback for at least 3-4 more years, with another 3 years after that of above average play being totally plausible. 

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