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Video Games - Waiting for a New AAA Game (that isn't Elden Ring)


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47 minutes ago, Ran said:

I'm guessing the moment in Cyberpunk 2077 where you

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Arasaka comes after you and Takemura, and you fall through the floor while Johnny yells at you to run for it is some sort of homage to this, since there's no prompt or guidance suggesting you can get back and save Takemura.


That's actually a direct homage to a moment in Deus Ex: Human Revolution


Your dropship gets shot down and your pilot Farah is trapped in the wreckage. You've bailed out and are a few hundred feet away and it's a "heroic sacrifice" moment. But, you can just turn right around and rush back to save her. It's tough, because she's under attack from a lot of enemies including battle mechs so you need a reasonably effective combat spec to do it, and it's virtually impossible to do it if you're going for a 100% ghost/nonlethal run (though there are some YouTube videos of people doing it and it's crazy), but it's perfectly possible. Save her and she's basically your friend for life and crops up throughout the rest of the game. Fail to save her and another pilot takes over and everyone is very sad.

Slightly annoyingly, because so few people ever saved her, they decided not to mention her fate in Mankind Divided.


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CP2077 actually has a bunch of hidden options, some more impactful than others, to the point I think it actually hurts opinions of the game with people that never actually try anything other than what the quests explicitly tell you to.

But I'm pretty sure Wert is spot on about that particular one being a direct homage.

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