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George R. R. Martin on The Unsullied

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On 1/27/2024 at 8:19 PM, Craving Peaches said:

Other guy who seemed to think they could just chase the Dornish around the desert.

Oooh you can its just never ended well for anyone :)



But overall feel the unsullied are just too small a force to do much with

now  they can be used in all kinds of  special ops   you can dream up like taking  small strategic postions (esp as they can mountain climb) or kamizaze attacks ( even a few hundred could keep an enemy army awake while yours sleeps.sound)  but most likely they will form a oversized bodyguard detail for dany (she has learned with jorah and her father + jamie king/queensguard cant be 100% trusted) and provide the professional backbome to a force of slaves!

someone to ensure camp is set up right, drill them in weapons and marching and formations, someone to march fast enough ahead of main body to secure positions so the bulk of  slow moving former slaves dont get them.pinned into an unfavourable.battlefield etc etc


The more we look at the small numbers astopor can produce esp when we scale it vs the old giant scale  wars vs valyria we can assume the old unsullied had 2 main roles , 100%loyal bodyguards and a sucidial force used to possible rush sleeping/downed or injured dragons for the old ghiscari (if fanatic peasants at kingslanding could kill a few we can assume roboslaves with spears by the hundred can too!)  It would make  a sort of sense that they are dulled.to.pain as they may need to continue stabbing even as they burn to death!

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