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Tyrion's bastards

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3 hours ago, Hippocras said:

Reforging Valyrian steel requires a sacrifice. If his armour was made from Brightroar, Gerion's sacrifice would have allowed it to be reforged. It is not actually confirmed that Euron really went to Valyria. He is a big time liar after all, and pretending he did would serve his purpose. But let's say he did. He went there, and that is where he encountered Gerion who, for whatever reason, had been unable to leave but had found Brightroar. Maybe. He would have needed a Qohorik blacksmith though.

Not sure where they got that detail, but even so, it does not negate the possibility that they crossed paths, Aerea Targaryen was missing for two years when she took off to Valyria, we don't know how long Gerion took to get there, and it is even possible that Euron crossed paths with Gerion on an earlier trip before he was exhiled. So the relationship of Gerion's departure to Euron's exhile is not all that key.

I also sometimes wonder who Victarion's salt wife was, the one Euron seduced or raped. The Ironborn tradition is that salt wives are "won", so it is likely that Victarion "took" her as part of his actions during the Greyjoy rebellion. The Ironborn were not doing much fighting after that. Meanwhile we know that Gerion's mistress Briony, mother of Joy Hill, is dead or gone, and that Gerion sailed a great deal, making it at least possible that Briony was someone he met on a ship or at the port with the Lannister fleet. If so, she would have been in the path of the Ironborn when they rebelled, making it possible this salt wife was Briony. That would be an interesting twist.

I thought Victarion killed her.

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50 minutes ago, Angel Eyes said:

I thought Victarion killed her.

Yes, he did. my point is simply that if there ends up being some kind of twisted mind torture game going on that Euron was playing against Gerion, not just Victarion, that murdered salt wife being Briony would add an extra dimmension.

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