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The Small Stuff That Doesn't Need, or Even Want, a Thread. #6


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6 hours ago, Fragile Bird said:

Lard gets hydrogenated as well. I did not mean shortening. We used to use Crisco all the time when I was growing up, butCrisco fell out of favor once people understood about trans fats.

Oh wait, that’s in the US. Trans fats got banned in Canada in 2018. Mind you, RhaenysBee is in Europe, so the lard there probably isn’t hydrogenated either.

If I were to procure lard, my go about it would be a phone call to my aunt to get me a jar of lard from whoever has pigs in her village, so little chance of hydrogenation. 

Shortening however doesn’t even have a name in my language and the only way to get it would be shipping from the UK at post brexit tax and custom price. Which is the reason why I buy, roast and purée an actual pumpkin for autumn baking rather than five times the price for a can of Libby’s. 

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