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What if Tommen and Margaery had a child together?

Angel Eyes

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So taking the concept of for want of a nail, how would the show have progressed if Tommen and Margaery had conceived a child on their wedding night during "High Sparrow" (Season 5), ala Ned and Catelyn? Cersei naturally wouldn't like it since she considers Margaery the "younger and more beautiful queen", but from then onward?

Assuming good writing of course.

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Cersei might not have liked the thought of it, but still, a grandchild is her own flesh and blood.  Both the Tyrells and Lannisters would have wished the child to survive to inherit the throne.

So, I think it likely that the alliance between both Houses endures.  Dany would thus have found it far harder to launch an invasion.  At the same time, the show would not have to rely upon silly contrivances, in order for her to throw away her military advantages.

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