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Do you agree that Eddard Stark/Ned is Near Pure Good?


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3 hours ago, Nevets said:

I'm well aware of the quote.  There is nothing about Gared saying anything, or that whatever was said is in any way important to the story.  Even if Martin wanted to hold it back, he's had ample opportunity in the last 4+ books to tell us.  I can't imagine what difference it would make now.  

We are dealing with a work of pure fiction.  So I am reluctant to add material, or fill in gaps, for events we witness through a POV.   Ergo, Gared said nothing.

Well, then your phrasing is really weird. 

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Ned Stark is basically the Ms. Rodgers of this series. I know he kills people, but he's over all I really kind and honorable person. So whenever a character does something questionable, I always go over in mind, if it was something he would do.

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