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House Dondarrion

Mafia Game 48- It's over

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I can't be bothered to change skin

I been out all day. And I have just found out Arryn has had internet connections.

So as she is now cult there is only one place she can cast her vote I am calling the game. with Arryn placing a proxy vote for Stark.

Final Scene Created by Kat 12 hours ago.

There are only 4 survivors plus Blackfyre left as they ascend a hill overlooking the Subdivision of the Others.

“at last,” breathes Dayne. “you’ve all been trying to kill me since the beginning, but i will help rescue our women and children.”

Reed looks at Dayne. “I have calculated the probability of our rescue,” he says, pushing his glasses up the bridge of his nose, “and it is precisely 0.”

John Blackfyre sits on a rock, cleaning his gun with a bemused look on his face, as Reed begins to explain.

“You see, Dayne, you have two choices here. You can either help Stark out, and never see your wife again, since she’ll probably kill you right after this, having no particular need of your assistance—or you can live in peace and harmony with Arryn and me.”

Arryn looks up. “Huh? What?”

“I hypnotized you last night,” says Reed. “Did someone forget to tell you?”

Arryn’s eyes widen. “Oh, that,” she says. “Yes, well, of course Dayne. Jooooooin us. There are supply drops and all the DHARMA beer you can drink. There’s no life for you on the mainland. I have seen the future. Shun the nonbeliever. Shhhunnnnnnn.”

“I’m not an Other, I swear!” says Stark, turning away.

“Oh yeah?” sneers Reed. “Then what about that walkie-talkie you had hidden in your luggage? We found one just like it in Blackwood’s! And you were protecting Blackwood for days, just nodding along with everything she said!” His eyes narrow and he points accusingly at Stark. “You killed Tully, hero of the innocents!”

“Shit,” says Dayne. “I guess I don’t have a choice. I’ll stop hiding my identity, which was sort of a pointless exercise in lying in the first place. You have me convinced, Reed.”

“But I am a master of mercy,” says the teenage Reed. “Stark, you may rejoin your people. Go, run back to Ben and tell him to watch out. We know what he did and we’re coming after him. Hahahahaha.” He cackles nasally.

Stark’s eyes widen and she starts off, half-running, half-tripping down the hill. Reed laughs again. Then all is tufts of dirty white fur and roaring and blood with Stark’s final screams.

After the polar bear has eaten its fill, John Blackfyre goes to Stark’s corpse. In Stark’s hand is a wallet containing pictures of her dear friends, Greyjoy and Blackwood. Dayne rummages through her backpack, but there is nothing there aside from a notebook and an extra sweater. “How…? The radio? Where is it?”

Reed shrugs. “Lucky guess,” he says. “Now John, Dayne, Arryn, we shall camp tonight at the hatch.”

Blackfyre wipes off his gun one last time, sighs, and follows after.


I can't spoil you but I'll give you all the orrigional roles next post

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The Others:

Blackwood (Lany)- killer

Stark (a_homeless_harpy)- killer

Greyjoy (Garden Gnome)- cult-proof killer


Tyrell (Halo)- Dharma op #1


Arryn (Shadowbaby)- vigilante

Baratheon (Weekapaug)- soldier

Bolton (Mexal)- doctor-priest

Lannister (Ser Spider)- martyr

Dayne (Thiocyanide)

Frey (Gertrude)

Crakehall (Filter)

Reed (Whiskeyjack)

Manderly (Mentat)

Martell (TheMalcolm)

Swann (Masonity)

Tully (Piper of Chaos)

Westerling (Ante)

Please remember to clear out your PM boxes.

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Good game guys.

I'm sorry for spamming it up but I had to live past Day 2 for us to have a chance.

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Thanks for playing, everyone. :)

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