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leaked script


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For what it's worth, I did a storyboard concept here based on the first three pages.


To be honest, I never really got past the prologue in the screenplay so it wouldn't spoil the real thing--I'd prefer to reread it after watching. For running time I think they've made some pretty good decisions in the screenplay. I think the changing of the Will/Royce ending is a little bit more interesting to keep the camaraderie of the Nights' Watch more clear through onscreen action.

Speculation: It's my belief that the screenplay prologue will be revisited before credit close, something like--

"Fade from darkness to the cold wastes of the North. Zoom in through trees, slowly revealing the dead, cold bodies of Will and Waymar. Pause on their pallid faces for two beats. Their eyes flutter open, revealing deep unnaturally blue eyes. Cut to black, end."

I really wanted to draw this in, but ran out of time. I expect to see something scripted to tie up this loose plot end of what happened to Will and Royce in the pilot, though.

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Everything I recall from the script seems to still be there pretty much intact. What is it you think has changed Padraig?

There was the question about who dies in the opening Bran chapter change.

And didn't Catelyn's attitude to Ned becoming Hand change?

And there probably was a couple of other things.

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