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  1. I don't understand this whole argument. I'm sure I am missing something about how things are done in the US. Instead of paying an employee's health coverage, why can't the employer pay a tax direct to the government (based on its number of employees) to cover health? That's how a lot of countries work. I'm sure implementation would be more complicated but that basic idea is simple. (Yes, some companies would say it can't afford to pay more taxes but that's an implementation question).
  2. Thanks for the support. Weird times. She is from a very blue state, so could be worse...
  3. A source of "truth" turned out to be a reporter from Infowars (when I dug into it). Even I know enough about Infowars to run a mile. She is living in Ireland, so its not like she is fed this stuff on a daily basis. Anyhow, i'm done.
  4. Well. After exploring this a little more. I was very likely naive. I have engaged but people rarely change their minds from that sort of position. We all know that at a general level. I just thought I was "special" enough to show one person the light. There probably were warning signs in the past that I missed. It's depressing.
  5. And everyone else. Thanks for your input. That's very useful. Apologies for the very basic questions. I'll be more educated at least! Nothing is surprising me unduly but I didn't have deep knowledge of this.
  6. Its a very good question. I've know this person for years. I never got the impression that she had these beliefs. American politics isn't my normal topic of choice though. I probably will have to re-consider certain things if things continue as they are. But I wanted to make one attempt. It was the most bizarre conversation i've ever had. I spent the initial 5 minutes convinced I was been teased. And then I realised...she is serious...
  7. I hope people remember who I am. Because this post could come across as a complete troll. And its not that. I've been here years! Just never in the politics thread. But this is definitely a weird one... So I was having a very rare political conversation with a very good friend of mine (an American citizen) who has lived in Ireland for years. And I was shocked by what she implied. BUT, I wouldn't be the right person to debate these topics with her. I'm no expert on American politics. But, I would like to send her info. So if people have any links to info on the below topics, can they share? It can argue either side but i'd rather not have supposition and exaggeration. The topics are... Is the Green New Deal good for America? What are Harris’ views on defunding the police? How much does the Democratic party control BLM (or vice versa)? Do police arrest violent criminals and democratic politicians let them go? (I tried to deescalate these 5 statements but there is no way of doing that for this one without losing all meaning). As a whole, how often are BLM protests violent? Thanks for any info! I originally planned to just google stuff myself but I would never be sure that the stuff I find isn't click-bait. I'm not going to debate anything here. Just take any links and run!
  8. Really sad to miss NZ this year. I hope DC and Chicago can happen. Then its Memphis v Chengdu for 2023. Glasgow for 2024. And then Brisbane v Seattle for 2025. Although, a lot can change for 2025 yet (witness the demise of Nice for 2023).
  9. I already had an attending membership, so i'll keep it. They deserve it. But yes, not sure how much of it i'll actually see given the time difference.
  10. Brian Herbert and Kevin J Anderson. Surprising.
  11. Barely 11 months to go. Anyhow, i'm planning on being there. Despite the weather, i'll probably go for 3 weeks. I doubt i'll get another chance to visit for a long while!
  12. Great note. You could link to GRRM's appearance page to give people an idea about where GRRM (and thus probably the BwB) will be in the coming months and years? www.georgerrmartin.com/appearances/
  13. It is more complicated than that I think. Most of the big events happen in the second half of the book, so you don't want to end up with a very unbalanced series. OTOH, you don't want them to have to rush through the book also. Good luck D&D. I hope they get a chance to figure it out. :) For the King of the North scene? Not sure.
  14. It does strike me that some people are assuming they are been negatively rated by other certain individuals, when nobody can be sure who is doing what to do (except Admins?). I can see how that can be discommoding and could lead to trouble. I don't think anyone thinks this system is tyrannical. Maybe annoying, frustrating, childish, petty etc.
  15. Great job so far D&D. Hope you are having as much fun working on this project as we are having speculating about it. :) I like Brude's idea about having GRRM play somebody dead every season. A nice twist on the prologue idea. Playing Jon Arryn would be neat too.
  16. Besides, Jaime alone looked after almost the whole royal family once. That worked out very well. :) This time he has 1 extra.
  17. Yup. That or helms. Sounds like the cheaper option. No point casting people who don't say anything.
  18. Its been confirmed that the Stark kids are around 3 years older. Robb is 17 for example.
  19. They must have an option on Dinklage anyhow. I can't see why the actor would be interested in the role just based on the pilot. Things only get really interesting for the character later on. :)
  20. Nice. McCarthy is a great choice. The Station Agent and the Visitor are great movies. The latter got Richard Jenkins an Oscar nomination this year. I'm surprised that people picked who would play Tyrion. Good job all. :P
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