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  1. For me this was the best episode yet (and I thought last weeks was better than the first). I gave it an 9/10. I was very impressed with all of the new scenes, mainly Cersei with Joff and best of all Robert with his two knights. Those worked really well, as did Syrio's scene with Arya.
  2. For the final episode, personally I like "The Music of Dragons." (It's the final phrase of the book.)
  3. Hi! Are you the same Brude that rides herd on the GoT discussion on IMDB? If so, thanks!

  4. I found this article/open letter about Dothraki in Scientific American from a Harvard grad student in psychology, who is also a fan of the books. He was hoping that you guys could do some experiments with the language to help them test some theories about the ability of humans to learn languages.
  5. Since it's a raven flying from the Wall, I assume the Maester will be Maester Aemon.
  6. Well, Tolkien didn't have a beard but I think he made up for that by smoking a pipe. That's Gared and the role was already cast, the actor is Richard Ridings.
  7. This was my favorite suggestion when we discussed this in some thread somewhere, it would be very funny. It seemed to be a popular idea with others, too. I think he should be some dead person in every season. Season Two he can be bloated, hanging in a crows cage somewhere in the Riverlands, getting his eyes picked out by a crow or maybe a corpse floating by in a river. Season Three he should be one of the wights attacking the Fist of the First Men and Season Four he could be one of the dozens (hundreds?) of people the Brotherhood Without Banners hanged as traitors. I suppose if he's a Stark retainer (a court scribe, perhaps, as Ran suggested? or maybe he's Eddard's court scribe?), it could easily make sense to see him on a pike later in the Red Keep as suggested above. That way he could have his cameo in the pilot AND later as a corpse. :thumbsup: I do have to wonder why do so many of Martin's fans seem to want to see him as a corpse on screen? I guess he's infected us with his cruel sense of humor.
  8. After some discussion with a couple of the Board Moderators (thank you Stubby and Xray), we have come up with a new, we think sensible, policy about how to handle spoilers in the Entertainment forum. Here are a few simple rules: SPOILERS Comments in general-discussion threads about films/TV series that are currently airing or in theaters need to be spoiler tagged. If you are unsure about how to do this, click the "BB Code Help" button that appears at the lower-right when you post a new topic or reply to another post. Otherwise, the entire thread itself needs to be labeled for SPOILERS in the thread title (please use ALL CAPS so it is not missed). Please avoid any kind of spoiler in a thread title, even if the film or TV series is old. This is a blanket policy. There is never a reason to put a spoiler of any kind in a thread title. This goes as much for a movie that came out last week as it does for a movie that is 60 years old. Please remember that TV series and films do not necessarily play in other countries at the same time they are playing in yours. Just because everyone in one country has seen a certain movie or show, doesn't mean people everywhere else have had that same chance. This board is very international; please respect the needs of everyone. Use common sense: A special thread was created for U.K. boarders following the airing of The Wire on BBC2. Boarders were asked to refrain from spoiling any episodes that hadn't aired there yet, but anything that had aired was fair game and did not require spoiler tags. That was a sensible policy for that single thread. Just because Jean Luc Godard's Pierrot le fou is 45 years old, be careful with spoilers because it's doubtful more than a handful of people here have seen it. However, revealing the name of Luke Skywalker's father probably isn't going to cause anybody on this board any heartache. Nobody should have to worry that they're going to have a series or movie spoiled in a thread about another branch of media entirely. We think that these are sensible policies that are not too hard to follow and will allow for the continued free flow of opinions and ideas, without ruining the first-time experience of watching shows, movies and other media. If you would like to discuss these policies, or have thoughts about additions or changes, we can start a new thread to do so. Thank you!
  9. I think you are forgetting some of Pullo's darker moments - like when he murdered Eirene's fiance in cold blood or just how bestial he could be in a fight, monstrous really.
  10. I responded about that in another thread some days back, and I agree with HalfHand. The first article that mentions him only says that he worked with McCarthy on his two movies, but doesn't say he was selected. Another article/blog entry seems to have picked up on that and assumed it meant he was the DP. He may yet be the DP because of his connection to McCarthy, but I don't think the two articles that mention him are proper confirmation - they are both not serious sources for such information. Edit: here's the post were I responded about that.
  11. No, Snoop-Dogg's joined the cast.
  12. You know her? Very cool. She's one of the best in the biz! "Summer of Sam" and "Eternal Sunshine" are probably my two favorites of her work (I just rewatched "Eternal Sunshine" last night for like the 20th time). Not to many female DP's out there, but she's great.
  13. Dave & Dan, Have you guys selected a Director of Photography yet? Also, any word on what house(s) will be doing effects, building props and models and such?
  14. I have to imagine that there would have been more than just 3 total Kingsguard going north with them if the whole family is there. Five sounds more likely, with two to hold down the fort (literally) back home.
  15. I'm going to guess Jorah, as it's by far the most major role of the knights mentioned in the pilot (besides Jaime, whom we know was already cast).
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