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  1. apovsic

    Mirri Maz Duur and Drogo's wound

    So I read the previous thread (well, first 4 pages) and it seems that most people consider only two extremes: MMD wanted Drogo (and his child) dead from the beginning or she never wanted theme to die. However, what if the truth lies somewhere in between? What if she initially wanted to help Drogo, but later turned against him. I'm not claiming that this is defiantly what happened, I just think we should consider this option. So, after Dany saved MMD she was really grateful (I'd guess that you will be grateful if someone stop you from being raped) and really wanted to help Drogo in gratitude for being saved by Dany. But then she when the emotion calmed down and she started thinking, she started to hate Dany and Drogo. Yes, she was saved, but for what? She was a slave, her people were dead. Drogo was to blame for slaughter, but Dany was to blame for extending her misery. And thenDrogo fell from the horse and she was called into the tent. She quickly realized that Drogo will die and then Dany asked her to save him. When MMD told her that he's gone and Dany proposed blood magic, maybe something clicked in her and she started her revenge. I guess she knew (ok, this is crackpot) some sort of magic that demands to sacrifice something or someone really close Dany to bring Drogo back. Maybe she known that it will be Dany's child (sorry, forgot his name) or she didn't (she really wanted just someone close to Dany). So, she claimed that the horse is needed, even thought it was completely unnecessary and then she started a ritual, which would in the end ensure that Dany (or someone close to her) will enter the tent (yeah, I know, crackpot). So, what I'm saying that even if Jorah wouldn't carry her into the tent, something would happen that will result in Dany losing someone close (probably the child). And of course MMD knew all along that Drogo will turn in vegetable, so more revenge for her. OTOH I don't know where to put the fact that she forbade to enter the tent. Maybe it was part of the ritual that the victim come into it uninvited? Well, I should stop before I wander to deep into this ...
  2. apovsic

    Mirri Maz Duur and Drogo's wound

    Thanks for the thread.
  3. So when Drogo is wounded at the sacking of the city and Mirri Maz Duur offers to help him, did she really want to help him or was she already tried to kill him? She gave him some treatment that causes him to feel "burning" inside, so he tore it down an replace it with some other treatment that "cool down" his wound. He also drink a lot of alcohol which Miri forbade. And then after few days, he fells from the horse and his wound is infected. It seems that Mirri realy tried to help him to me and he could be saved. Or I am missing something? Also Mirri didn't want to preform blood magic and was almost forced to do it. So why is Dany so harsh on her (I mean burning her alive). Or was this only her revenge for her unborn child?
  4. apovsic

    Your favorite 'hateable' character

    I actually "feel" for all the POV character, I just get in their mindset, when I'm reading their chapters (except maybe GoT Sansa), so I'll go for Cersei here. I was literally pissed when she was captured by HS and hoped that she escaped from septas. When reading here chapters I vividly imagine Marg as backstabbing bitch and after that I say to myself "Dude, wtf were you thinking?!" Also Victarion. Here I have no regret after reading. I really hope he somehow manages to take Euron down.
  5. apovsic

    Small Questions v. 10105

    Thank you very much.
  6. Was he really? I thought Renly tried to set up Rob with Marg?
  7. apovsic

    Small Questions v. 10105

    First I don't buy, just from her action after of the chapter. Second could work, yeah. Anyway, can you give me some link to those topics (if you have it), so I won't usurp this topic?
  8. apovsic

    Small Questions v. 10105

    Sure. So I'll take your explanation. I can't come up with any better (in universe).
  9. apovsic

    Small Questions v. 10105

    Or maybe slip of tongue (well in this case, pen) of Martin? It reminds me on the AFfC passage, when Arianne starts her plot and thinks (or discuss) that the lion is dead, but on the next page she learns that Tywin is dead.
  10. Oh, it isn't? Damm ... <put the tinfoil hat down>
  11. apovsic

    Small Questions v. 10105

    Yeah, but in that case, shouldn't the phrasing be "if her son sat the It" not "when her son sat the IT"?
  12. apovsic

    Small Questions v. 10105

    Thanks. Now I wonder; why Dany thought her son will sit on the IT so early in the series?
  13. apovsic

    Small Questions v. 10105

    Just to check something. I have my translated copy of GoT and in first Dany chapter she's thinking about Drogo's bloodriders and she starts thinking about kings guard and that she'll need a reliable people who will protect her son, when he sits on Iron throne. Can someone quote me this passage and confirm that it's the same in the original?
  14. apovsic

    Did Arianne Love Oakheart?

    I opened this topic some time ago :link and it seems that most (although that is hard to said based on only around 10 answers) is that Arianne did have some affection to Aerys, but wasn't in love with him.
  15. apovsic

    Saddest Asoiaf Quotes

    Well, no. His last word is "Sharp".