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  1. If I've heard it correctly, he has some back pain, due to crash in first stage.
  2. If you ever wonder how it is to run a marathon on a treademill, just read this thread. It has a lot of words put in but it doesn't move anywhere.
  3. I really hope one day my team will be as as shitty as Liverpool with all of their shitty players.
  4. I could go maybe a mile on a really good day.
  5. Does anyone else use Strava? And if that is true, are you interested for Westeros.org "club"?
  6. Had 45 km trail race yesterday, with 2500m elavation. However it was a joke compared to walking down the stairs today
  7. It was really hard watching him, especially at the end, when he was almost crying on the bike
  8. You run quite a lot of milage for your results. Is there some deeper plan behind this or do you just enjoy running?
  9. Just for info - what was the pace? How easy are the easy run. I know some runners that have 4.00/km as easy and there are some that have 5.30/km and all run 10 km around 35 min give or take minute or two.
  10. Why would plotting against Targaryens make you a villain?
  11. No fat pink mast. 0/10 I'll now stop watching the show.
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