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Official Game of Thrones Poster


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GameOfThrones_Poster_01_M.jpgDo we really have to say anything else? This is a gorgeous image, and sells the series very well indeed! A wistful, melancholy Ned, the Gothic Iron Throne, the sword, Cersei’s line, “You win or you die”... Perfect. This official poster will be used to publicize the series in the run up—just a bit over a month away - to the premiere of the show.

Any thoughts? Share them below! The one curiosity we have noticed is the fact that the sword is not Ice. It’s the arming sword that Ned uses instead, when he isn’t using the ancestral weapon. It would have been nice to get that in there. However, we’re guessing its size did not suit the composition very well, and it’s an excellent composition.

Oh, and it’s been pointed out to us that the crow… has three eyes (you see two, but one happens to be in the middle of its head!)

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Really beautifully done.

I'm sad, though, knowing Ned's fate in the first book.

It almost makes me wonder who will make the poster next season? (Provided we get a 2nd season).

I had a dream, btw, that they did make it to season 3. It felt so real. Maybe I'm psychic! At least for season 3, we can hope for Jaime on the poster.

As for season 2, Tyrion perhaps? Cersei? Hmm. so many to imagine on there. If they are as beautiful as this first one, then they are going to continue to dazzle.

Now, if only I can print this out giant-style and wallpaper my room with it.

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I like season 2 for Tyrion. His chapters were my favorite in the second book, and he really played a huge role in how the events in that book turned out. Also, the use of Tyrion would nicely parallel with Eddard, although Tyrion doesn't lose his head, he does suffer a terrible, almost fatal injury has fall from power at the end of the book.

I'm of a mindset that they'll have to split book 3 into two seasons, but I'm not sure where exactly they'll split it or who to suggest for it! There's too many possibilities. Maybe we'll get some multiple posters.

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To me, ACoK is all about the 5 Kings - so that's what the poster should be (with the major characters related to them). Say, 5 different posters:

- Stannis on throne with Mel and Davos standing on either side

- Renly on throne with Brienne and Loras on either side

- Joff on throne with Cersei and Tyrion on either side

- Robb on throne with Catelyn and one or more of Blackfish, Edmure, Rodrik or Bolton

- Balon Greyjoy with Theon and some of Asha, Aeron, etc.

Maybe not realistic, but it's the most awesome-tastic poster strategy I can think of.

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